Spread the Spark in '08

Happy New Year and Happy New YOU from SparkPeople! As you may already know, one of the reasons SparkPeople.com can offer so many features and tools for free is because our members do an amazing job helping us "Spread the Spark" to their family, friends, co-workers and even complete strangers!

There is no better time than the New Year to talk to your friends and loved ones about health, wellness, and fitness since they've got New Year’s resolutions on their minds. That’s why we’re asking you to help us kick off 2008 by Spreading the Spark!

We know it can be awkward to tell your friends and loved ones to join a "weight loss" program. But with the launch of SparkAmerica for 2008, now everyone can use SparkPeople to get healthier and reach their goals, even if they might not be interested in our other nutrition and fitness tools.

Here are a couple quick things you can do to get the word out so that your friends and family members will join you in their own journeys to health:

1. Email the People You Know and Care About
Craft and send an email yourself, or let us do the work for you! We've created some sample emails that you can copy & paste into your email program and send to anyone in your address book. Feel free to use these however you wish—send them as is, or read them for ideas on how to craft you own message. 2. Tell Your Friends, Family and Co-Workers about SparkPeople
Word of mouth is the primary way that people learn about SparkPeople, and it helps us keep our marketing costs low so we can focus on improving the site even more! So when people ask you about your secret to success, or what your goals are for 2008, be sure to mention that you use SparkPeople.com to reach your goals!

We thank you again for continuing to support SparkPeople, and wish you the best of luck with your goals in the New Year!
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Member Comments

Great. Report
I told all the people I know who might be interested about it last year and 5 of them have signed up.

This year, I will pass information to more people, whether I think they are interested or not. You never know who might actually just need that kind of a boost right now. And, in all honesty, I've yet to see anyone get offended. But if they do, I figure it just proves that maybe they actually need a site like this. Report
One of my goals is to get at least one person a day to sign up. How many days in a year!!!!!! If everyone did that, just imagine. Two days ago, Five joined!!! I found when I am afraid to share and do it anyway, that is when the people sign up. SPREAD THE SPARK!!!! You may never know whose life you are changing!!!
nancylee46 Report
I've told one of my friends with financial problems that help & support are available for free. I'll keep spreading the word. Report
I want to do an IM on AOL today to invite my friend from Illinois that lives close to Springfield, and tell her about Spark People,
from susieq1947 Report
Saw a dietician on morning TV talking about setting realstic goals, tracking progress and fired off an email to the TV station with a description I wrote recently about SP. Report
Great article. Report
I have spread the spark to everyone I know! I even told my Dr. about it and he was going to check it out. He was very interested especially when I told him about the food tracker. Report
dear sparkpeople
today i was serfing to find some good tips and tricks to get my post pregnency weight loss which i am trying hard to put off but impossible.while opening different pages i fortunately found sparkpeople. the good newa is it is free to all who are keen to get a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle too.i am sure that if i would follow the easy steps ofhealthy eating i would definitely be able to make changes to my health and fitness.i will try my best to spread the spark among my family and friends.wish you all the best for your success in 2008.Happy New Year.
thank you Report
SparkPeople is so exciting to me that I tell everyone I know! Even my health care providers have joined...so they can tell more patients about it! As I enter 2008, I intend to keep on spreading the spark! Report