Simple Calorie Burners in an Hour

It’s easy to want to count the calories when beginning a workout program. But, you don’t need to run 10 miles each day to effectively burn calories! It is good to consistently engage in physical activity each and every week. This will create a solid base from which you can build a successful exercise program. The following simple exercises can be included as a part of that program.

The number of calories burned during an activity depends on both the weight of the person, as well as the intensity. The following are estimates for the number of calories burned for an average 150 pound person during an hour of activity.
  • If you are walking briskly, expect to burn about 300 calories.
  • Basketball is a great way to spend calories. We have all seen how the pro players sweat! You can burn well over 450 calories like this.
  • If you have to clean your house, why not do it with optimism? Light cleaning consumes about 240 calories an hour.
  • Do you have a green thumb? Well, your love might have some unexpected positive side effects. Gardening uses about 324 calories!
  • Golfing on the weekends is a favorite pastime of many. 385 calories are burned if you carry your clubs! Fore!
  • Put a stationary bike in front of the television. You’ll be burning 380 calories an hour while you catch up on the latest news.
  • Are you a fan of the aerobics class at the local gym? You should be, because this activity uses 405 calories for just an hour of sweating.
  • Also, that elliptical trainer can burn an amazing 630 an hour!!
  • Even ping-pong has healthy benefits! This activity uses up 280 per hour.
  • Any person with children knows that chasing after these little ones can burn calories. The number probably depends on just how wild that kid is, but that can certainly count.
  • Hey, if nothing else, even sleeping burns calories. You’ll be using up 45 for just an hour! But that’s not an excuse to take a nap!