7 Exercises to Work Your Whole Body

Ever gone through a workout and afterwards said, "That was great, except I forgot to work my triceps," or "I should have done a set of leg lifts"? Here’s a workout that will have you thinking, "Why haven't I done this routine before?" The following 7-exercise workout will target every major muscle group.


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1. Wall Squats with a Ball is an awesome workout for your quads and can also help with posture.

2. Dumbbell Lateral Raises will work your shoulders and arms.

3. Dumbbell Reverse Flys on a Swiss Ball is a great workout for the shoulders and upper back, areas that are often neglected.

4. Crunches on a Ball add a kick to regular crunches and work your abs. 

5. Pushups on a Ball is the classic chest exercise, with a little bit of a twist.

6. Hamstring Flexion with Ball is a great exercise to strengthen your hamstrings and calves, and improve your stability in your core.

7. Swimming is a great workout for your lower back. It requires no equipment so you can do it anywhere.

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Member Comments

Wish I had room at home to do these. Can do most at gym. Report
Good ideas Report
All of these exercises can be done without these particular pieces of equipment. Just gotta adjust them a bit. Report
Great ideas! I thought the 'swimming' was referring to actual swimming at first...which is great because that's how I get my cardio. But it's referring to an exercise done on the floor. lol oops.

I may give this try this week. Report
I would love to partake in swimming. I miss having a pool nearby! Report
This article assumes everyone has access to a fitness ball. If you don't, too bad. Report
I do the 5 X 5 workout. It is faster and I have a very busy life. Report
Have to get the ball and weighs. Report
Good workout ...adding to my tracker Report
definitely time crunched most days. have the necessary equipment. so thanks! Report
Love the photo of the lady squatting the barbell..but it isn't mentioned in the article!
If you really want to workout do the
squat shown in the photo, plus some
chair dips,
deadlifts and
pullups.. that is all you need.. .Too bad though, I can't do the pullups, but I try. =D Report
I think this is just the exercise plan I need to get me really motivated to exercise consistently! Report
I wish i had found this sooner. i have been trying to come up with exactly this plan. I have them printed in a folder. I just hope I can find it again Pat in maine. Report
Wow! I really love the workouts shown here! I must get ball and some weights. Report
SlimKim80, thanks for the "Swimming" input......I would normally have skipped right over that thinking that is was swimming in a pool, not a floor exercise. Txs again!! Report


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Joe Downie
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