Easy Vacation Exercises

We love them, we look forward to them, we talk about them for weeks before and weeks after – vacations. Those 1-2 weeks of the year when we get away from it all – work, responsibilities, car pools. Unfortunately, there is something else we tend to leave back at home – exercise. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of ways to stay on top of your routine, even when you are far away from your exercise comfort zone.

Easy Exercise Equipment
There are a few, simple pieces of equipment you can take with you on your trip that you can get serious use out of (and trust us, they won’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase). The first one is an exercise band. With an exercise band, you can do dozens of different exercises, hitting all areas of your body. Here is an example for both the core and upper body, but feel free to experiment and create your own.

Three other pieces of equipment are ankle weights, a stress ball, and a jump rope. You can strap on those ankle weights for leg raises, calf raises, or other leg exercises. You can even strap them around your wrist and do bicep curls. A stress ball works your forearms. The beautiful thing about using a stress ball is that you can do it anytime, even when you are driving! With a jump rope you can, well, jump rope and get your heart rate pumping.

Oldies but Goodies
There are plenty of exercises you can do anywhere, which require no exercise equipment at all. First are two oldies but goodies - pushups and sit-ups. Pushups are underrated as an exercise for your chest and arms, while sit-ups are important for your core. Feel free to turn your sit-ups into crunches, which will hit your upper abdominals as opposed to your lower abs.

Lower Body
Two good leg exercises are calf raises and forward lunges. For calf raises, all you need is a raised surface. A step works great for this. The front of your foot is on the step while your heel hangs over the edge, parallel to the ground. Standing straight up and holding onto something for balance, rise up on your toes, lower down by dropping your heels, raise back up, and continue. Try it on one foot at a time, but if you're having trouble balancing, use both feet. Here is a visual.

While calf raises work your lower legs, forward lunges will work your upper legs. To do forward lunges, stand with your knees 6 inches apart and your toes facing forward. Step out 2 - 2.5 feet with one foot and then lower your body straight down until both of your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Then stand back up and repeat. Click here for a demonstration.

Work that Core
Besides sit-ups, there are numerous other exercises you can do that will work on your core, which is your lower back and abdomen region. Also, an exercise that is vital, yet overlooked, is stretching. Just 15 minutes a day is great exercise. Check out various stretches by clicking here.

This article was reviewed and approved by Joe Downie, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach.

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Great article! Thanks! Report
Thank You for a great article. Report
thanks Report
Every tomorrow has two handles.
We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety
or the handle of faith.
- Henry Ward Beecher Report
Thank you for the article! Report
great. Report
Good article. Report
Good to keep up the exercise even while on vacation. Report
Thank you for this information. Report
Going on vacation next week, and for the first time I'm making staying fit a priority. Even if my calories don't stay in check every day, I don't want to come home to my usual routine struggling because i ignored it the whole time. I'm bringing my three most imporant pieces of equipment, my yoga mat, my kettlebell, and myself.
The mat will help with not only motivating me to do some yoga daily, and believe me, taking anxiety disorders on a vacation, you need to relax a little.
The kettlebell will help burn a lot in small amounts of time, while keeping my strength up.
And of course, there's me! Bodyweight exercises, dancing, swimming at the beach, walking the boardwalk, your own body is the easiest equipment to bring anywhere! Report
Perfect timing!! I'm getting ready for a Florida vacation at the end of February and have started putting things in the other room; after reading this article, I've included the exercises (printout) with two exercise bands. I'm thinking about taking a jump rope and a folding hula hoop as well. thank you!!! Report
Great article. I will be going on vacation in a month. Report
I always love exploring the hotels gymand using different kinds of equipment. In the morning there's rearely anyone else there so it's like my own gym! Course on vaca we usually walk everywhere and do a lot of swimming....reall
y helps since I do a lot of eating! Report
When we went on vacation in May I took along an inexpensive portable DVD player and several programs on discs. The programs were easy to do in our motel room and the player and discs took up very little suitcase space. I was attending a conference and did modified lunges and similar moves during the break. I only gained 1 pound, and that came off quickly - it was probably water being held by all the salt in the restaurant food. Report


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