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What “fitness feat” have you always wanted to accomplish? I think we all have something in mind, a seemingly insurmountable task that we just wish, for whatever reason, we could do. You see other people accomplish it with ease, and you secretly wish that you were them—even just for a minute—to know what it feels like.

I remember, as an overweight kid, when it was time to do pull ups for the President's Fitness Challenge in gym class. Oh no! The embarrassment of not being able to perform one repetition! I even had a hard time with the bent arm hang, which was supposed to be easier than the actual pull ups. How I wished I were like the “skinny” kids who could proudly perform several pull ups without struggling.

Do you have a similar experience? Whether you were unfit as a kid, or just like to keep challenging your fitness level now, your dream may not be as far out of reach as you once thought. This new series of articles will offer training tips for some common fitness goals for men and women—pull ups, real pushups, and even running a mile! With some hard work and dedication, you can do these things and more! To make your fitness dreams come true once and for all, click on the links below for detailed training programs that will get you there, step by step.

You Can Progress to a Pull Up
You Can Do Perfect Pushups
You Can Run a Mile Without Stopping

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