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Partner Chest Toss with Medicine Ball Exercise

Partner Chest Toss with Medicine Ball

Starting Position Stand face-to-face with a partner, at least 6 feet apart. Place your feet hip-with apart or stagger one foot in front of the other (for more stability). One person holds the medicine ball (or unweighted ball) in front of the chest, keeping elbows bent.

Action EXHALE: Keep your body still and push the ball forward and toss it to your partner. INHALE: Catch your partner's toss in front of your chest and return to the starting position to complete one rep.

Special Instructions Practice extreme caution with this exercise, which requires good hand-eye coordination. Try it with a light or unweighted ball first and gradually progress to a heavier ball. Try to toss and catch the ball in line with the chest (not overhead or near your abdomen) as much as possible.

Muscles Worked: Chest