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Part-Time Vegetarianism is Gaining Ground

I consider myself to be a part-time vegetarian. Itís a movement thatís gaining new ground, designed to encourage people to go meat-free on certain days of the week.
Posted 8/27/2010  4:02:48 PM By:   : 304 comments   40,208 views
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Speedy Suppers: Coach Nicole's Mini Frittatas

We're going to continue to bring you Speedy Suppers each week, so share your recipes! This week's recipe is Coach Nicole's Mini Frittatas.
Posted 6/18/2009  12:15:51 PM By:   : 117 comments   23,465 views
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Meat-Free Fridays: Lenten Lentils

Lentils are a cheap and versatile protein source. They're a great choice for Meat-Free Fridays!
Posted 3/6/2009  5:52:24 AM By:   : 98 comments   44,055 views
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Meat-Free Fridays: Lean Lenten Fish Recipes

If you observe meat-free Fridays during Lent, use this as a time to experiment a bit with your menus. Bypass the fried fish for something healthier!
Posted 2/27/2009  3:00:00 PM By:   : 100 comments   24,318 views
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