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Resource Guide for Runners

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Running is a common type of exercise used to improve physical fitness. As a cardiovascular activity, it offers a number of health benefits that include weight loss, stress reduction, improved bone density and lower blood pressure. The benefits of running are greater for heavier individuals; people who weigh more will lose weight faster, given the same pace and distance. Running is also an ideal way to maintain one's weight and current level of fitness. Before they start running, people should do proper warm-up exercises, choose the right shoes and clothing, and know what time of the day and what weather is best for running.

Take the First Steps

The Road Runners Club of America provides advice for novice runners, including how to find a club for runners and how to start out by taking it easy at first.

Running Resource Guide

Running offers great health benefits, but it also carries a high risk of injury. The Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma explains what injuries can happen and how to avoid them.

How to Start Running

Click this link for a guide to running for beginners. It talks about how to train, what running form to use and more.

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Running

Starting gradually, planning a routine and learning the three styles of running are some of the tips found here.

Running Tips and Resources

Oregon Health & Science University talks about getting started with running, racing advice and injuries.

The Runner's Guide to Preventing and Treating Blisters

Good nutrition and warm-up exercises may not protect runners from blisters on the feet, which can ultimately get infected. Greatist has an article that explains three ways that one can treat or even avoid blisters when running.

Winter Running Tips

Go to the Rush University Medical Center's website for advice on how to be safe and comfortable while running outside during the winter months.

Three Tips for Safer Running After 50

According to studies, running 51 minutes in a week adds three years to one's life. The UC Berkeley School of Public Health explains how to get the maximum benefits from running here.

What Should I Eat After a Run?

Read this article for tips on proper nutrition after short and long runs.

What to Eat and Drink Before, During, and After a Run

Visit The Telegraph for some advice on what runners should eat to get the best results out of their routine.

The 25-Minute Strength Training Workout That Will Make You a Better Runner

This page offers helpful tips for beginners on a strength training exercise that can help improve one's performance.

Running Tips for Beginners

Click this link for a guide to getting started running properly.

Eight Tips for Running Safely and Comfortably (Enough) While Pregnant

U.S. News & World Report provides pregnant women with information on how to run safely while carrying a baby. It also includes a list of warning signs that indicate when running can be hazardous.

Five Ways to Avoid Knee Injuries While Running

According to an article by Fox News, injuries to the knee can happen to up to 70 percent of runners. Go here for information on what knee injuries are most common and how to prevent them.

Six Running Tips to Keep You Safe This Winter

Visit the ABC News website for an article that provides ways to go running safely during the winter. It covers proper shoes and clothing, how to remain visible to cars and running against the wind.

Your Guide to Running at Any Level (slideshow)

Go here for a 17-panel slide show about different types of races that athletes can participate in.

Dress for Running Success: What to Wear for Spring Training

Spring weather can change dramatically when one is outside running. This article talks about how to dress properly, including wearing water-repellent shoes and running sleeves that can be taken off when temperatures rise.

Finding the Right Running Shoe

Not all shoes are fit for fitness-based running activities. The University of Connecticut talks about what shoes one should look for when getting dressed for running.

Eight Tips for Running With Diabetes

The Joslin Diabetes Center has a page here with tips on how people with diabetes can get the most out of jogging or running.

Walking and Running Safety Tips

Visit Mount St. Mary's University's website for information about how to stay safe while running outside.

The ABC's to Preparing for Potential Weather Conditions

Reducing exertion levels on hot and humid days is one of the points that the Boston Athletic Association makes here in an article about preparing for unfavorable weather conditions.

Five Tips for Running in the Heat

Men's and women's bodies react differently to heat. Learn about how people can pace themselves properly while running when it's hot.

Running in the Heat Safely

Proper hydration and running at sunrise or sunset are some of the ways that runners can help themselves stay safe during the summer months.

10 Tips to Prevent Running Injuries

Learn about how to run without suffering injuries by reading this article at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Children's Hospital website.

Four Best Strategies to Help You Avoid Running Injuries

Every year, up to 65 percent of runners will suffer an injury, according to the Cleveland Clinic, which provides this article that outlines ways to prevent these injuries.

Safety Sheet for Walkers, Joggers and Runners (PDF)

Runners have to use caution every time they go out for a run, and the information in this fact sheet can help by providing valuable tips on safety.

Cool Running

Get information about running-related news and tips by clicking this link to the website Cool Running.

Women's Running

Click this link to visit the website for Women's Running magazine.

Runner's World

Competitive and casual runners can find useful running-related articles and information when they click this link to Runner's World.

A Guide to Common Running Terms

People who are getting started with running should visit this page to learn about terms related to this activity.

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