Have You Heard of Meat Glue?

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Not all meat may be as it appears. Dr. Mercola reveals how consumers may be deceived by meat scraps being "glued" together and sold as a prime cut.

What do you think of meat glue? Will you ask about it the next time you buy meat? Should it be illegal?

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thats nasty we cant even eat real meat anymore we might as well go kill the things ourselves Report
With proper labelling, I have no problem with this. It would seem logical that it would be at a discounted price, but I have no concerns with eating it or serving it to my family. Report
I first saw this about a week ago when it was forwarded to me by a friend. I have been in combat and seen some things that would gross most people out, but the thought of eating beef that has added pig-clotting agents to it nearly made me sick to my stomach.

That night we changed our planned grilled filet mignon to a bean based stew. We have since re-started eating beef, but I bought a whole tenderloin after my butcher told me that he didn't buy that "fake meat" from his supplier - even though it's much less expensive and he could discount it from the real deal and still make a greater profit.

His comment, "Anything that makes my stomach churn is not anything I'm going to sell".

We have since bought some beef, but I've bought whole roasts and carved the steaks from them myself (my two-year experience as an apprentice butcher so many years ago is turning into a neat bit of knowledge to pull upon).

My sons and I have talked about going together to buy two sides of beef and having it hand cut.

I don't know how these people can get by with this sort of thing because it's a slap in the face to people with religious dietary restrictions, PLUS I have always been told not to even use the same cutting board to cut beef, pork, chicken, fish, or any two species at all, because of the distinct possibility of cross-contamination.

I've sent both of my Senators and my Representative an email with this URL for them to see. I have asked them take on the meat industry and introduce a bill making this practice illegal.

Please join me in telling our folks in Congress this should not be a practice tolerated in our country. They can make hamburger out of meat scraps, but not fake filet. Report
This was news to me. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Report
Ewwwwwwwwwww .......that is gross...... Report
Its been approved in Canada too. Report
Ok, now I'm definitely at least going to practice being a flexatarian! I don't eat that much meat anyway, but it will sure as heck be less now!!! Report
I'm so grossed out right now. Report
I had figured out before that some of the steaks I get are pieces stuck together but did not know how they dd it before. Report
I'm glad we eat very little meat and what we do get is either from our neighbors who raise them, or go to the local butcher who only sells natural and organic meats, poultry and seafood. Report
It doesn't surprise me at all. I buy all local meat. In the U.S. I fear it is only the beginning. I also am growing my own chickens. This is crazy, insane and disturbing. Report
That was totally disgusting!! I so very glad that I have family that raises beef so the chances of my getting this is less that most people. We need labeling laws! Report
I subscribe to Dr Mercola's email list, so I had heard about this before now. I think it should be illegal because they are committing fraud in that the product being sold is not what it claims to be. I don't eat much meat and never buy it since I live alone and am unable to prepare it--and I'm beginning to think this is a blessing. I wonder what kind of substance "meat glue" is and what happens when it is ingested. Is it even safe? This is scary stuff. Report
A friend sent this to me on email. I am so happy I eat very little meat. Its all the more reason not to eat it at all. EWWWW! Report
NOW I know the saying "once over the lips, forever on the hips" is true...it's glued on! I laugh, but its not funny. SICK. Glad I live on a farm grow my own, and buy from neighbors. Report
I am so glad we are trying to grow more of our own stuff and can what we can for the winter. Wish we were still out on the farm. Report
Makes me glad I'm vegetarian! Report
yuck!!!!! Labeling should definitely be required!!! Report
I saw this on Dr. Mercola's site. Absolutely disgusting. One more reason to eat less meat. Or none at all. Report
I don't know if it should be illegal though I definitely think it labeling should be required. Especially if you use pork glue on beef or vice versa for allergy and religious reasons.
Very interesting, thanks for the information! Report
"Cheaters never prosper".............IN THE END.

ewwwwwwwwwww Report
This reaffirms the choice I made in 2003 to never ever eat meat again. Report
No, I had never heard of meat glue and now I wonder how much of it I have consumed unknowingly. Disgusting and deceptive!! I resent excessive regulations, but regulating this sure seems worthwhile. Report
@ Ivylass: Yes, it's happening here in the States. Google "meat glue in the US":

I realize the perception is that we have strict standards here in the US. Unfortunately that's not necessarily true. We have genetically modified corn in 80-95% of our corn supply. We have a little FDA standard called GRAS - Generally Recognized as Safe. Not proven safe. Huge difference. In other words, they don't bother to look at it until something bad happens that's proven to be associated with the food, like a salmonella outbreak from eggs about a year ago or so.

Then, when something like that happens because chickens are living in squalor on large scale chicken factories, they pass the Food Safety Modernization Act...and do armed raids on small-scale producers.



As of 2007, local foods were a $5 billion/year industry, and growing.

They represent a threat to industrialized farming and producing practices because local foods are perceived to be healthier & safer for the environment than large-scale produced food. Meat glue is just one of many reasons why people feel this way, and are turning to smaller-scale producers.

But small farmers don't have the big bucks to lobby government like the big AG companies do. I'm guessing that there's pressure to keep the burgeoning business of local foods "in line" or even a serious effort to squash it completely. Regulations are so ridiculously strict that people can't even bring baked goods to the farmer's market unless they were produced in an industrial kitchen! I know local producers by me that are forgoing the farmer's market this year, because they're afraid they'll be raided and shut down for not having some obscure permit or huge, detailed plan for recalling foods in case someone gets ill (see the actual Food act for more details on this). People are actually afraid for their livelihood.

There's a lot at stake here, and meat glue is just one aspect of a system that I believe needs to be completely overhauled. I hope this information is useful, and I'd like to encourage people to look into it for themselves if they haven't already. Report
No idea! This should be illegal. Selling without telling is never a good thing. We should know what we are eating and an opportunity to make a good choice. Report
NO, I have never heard of it.....It should be stopped NOW!! It sounds so disgusting!! Report
Back at you LEONALIONESS. To you, my comment may be outdated but it nevertheless is correct and I am not "drinking a glass of Haterade" of Whole foods. You even admitted that Whole foods still carries frozen products made in China. You quoted
"As of this summer (2010), we are no longer sourcing any of our Whole Foods Market 365 Everyday Value food products from China EXCEPT for frozen edamame (shelled and unshelled, organic and conventional). This means that out of more than 2,000 365 Everyday Value products right now, only ten are from China." So Who is making sure the products grown in China are safe and Organic? certainly not their government. I understand that you work for WFM and want to defend them but that does not give you the right to discredit MY opinion of the company. I stated that they had frozen food from China that they were claiming was organic. I also stated that there were no regulations in place in china to ensure this. Please do yourself a favor and get your head out of the WFM sand. Report
yes, this should be illegal. Report
I see this is from Australia. I'd like to see if that's happening in the US. I believe the states have very strict guidelines. Maybe SP can do a follow up to see if it's happening here? Report
It makes me sad to realize that my generation was the last to enjoy the "luxury" of growing up eating real foods. Report
They only care about making a profit. Look at all the non-food items that are out there now! My guess is 65% of the "food" sold in food stores sell items that have been processed or refined in someway. What percentage do you think are "non-food" items in grocery stores? Report
OMG not even fishand chicken are safe out! I guess that I will really be sticking to my fish from traderjo's! Now I will be making sure of what I eat even from the regular grocery stores! Report
Ugh, disgusting!!!!! Report
Yet another deception foisted onto the public. I have no problem IF it is clearly disclosed to the consumer prior to purchase. Personally I will avoid glued meats. Report
I had never heard of this and I worked for Kroger in the meat dept for 40 years before I retired. But we cut our own meat right from the primal cuts so I know they are fine but makes me wonder about the little bacon wrapped "fillets" that come in pre-packed and are pretty cheap and don't taste that good. We use the small cuts for stew beef or stir-fry meat or grind into burger. I don't know about other grocery chains, I won't buy meat at Walmart anyways. I don't like meat that was pre-packed a week ago. does make you wonder about restaurants though. Report
YIKES.... Report
It's another example of money and greed - companies making money at our expense. This makes me very glad I don't eat beef or pork but now I will be eliminating the rarely ingested chicken (unless it's an organic whole chicken) - especially from restaurants. Ewwww is a very appropriate response. Report
Yet again another reason we should not be eating meat. GROSS! Report
Shisters! My husband did not believe me when I showed this video to him. What a shocker unbelievable the lengths they have gone to and I cook my meat medium rare! I buy from Kansas City steak and Tony Little bison for my husband and I when they are on sale. I trust them and since it is just the two of us and they are individually packaged it is economical. Report
This is nasty. It should definitely be illegal everywhere. And there need to be better labels on meat and seafood. Report
Wow! This is gross! Things like this just make me happy that I buy grass-fed, free-range meat straight from the farmer and never eat just "regular" meat when out at a restaurant. Thank you so much for sharing this enlightening video! Report
Ewww. I don't think there's any way to avoid the gross stuff in store-bought food anymore. Unless we all start raising our own meat and growing our own fruits/veggies - which even then the pollution in the air/rain/water will still kill us!
The thing is to just be choosey about stuff when and where you can - there's just no avoiding completely all the harmful stuff in our environment. Report
No matter how closely we read ingredient labels, it appears there are things not listed. This concerns me, and I will ask when I buy meat that is not from a reputable or organic source. While I don't think it "meat glue" should be illegal, I think any additives, including injected water, needs to be listed on every product. Report
thanks for the post. What an eye opener! I will be very careful when selecting my steaks chicken & pork. Report
Yuck, glad I don't like meat in th first place! Report
Whoa! As usual, money-grubbers leaving their customers at the door of sickness,, YES, illegal unless labeled with explanations and hazards should be thoroughly tested!! Report
Disgusting! Probably is another cancer causing product. Report
The movie won't show up on my computer
Walmart is the WORST place to buy steak from.I like Winn-Dixie or Publix for the grass fed beef,it is expensive but since it is not eaten that often or that much cost is not a factor. Report
The deception bothers me--especially since there are people who are allergic to or for religious reasons avoid certain products (like pork) who may be getting these without knowing it. And beef also worries me for the reasons they say--we often don't cook steaks all the way through and we have been taught that it's safe to do that as long as the outside of the meat is cooked. But if it's put back together, than the "outsides" run all the way through the meat, not just the part that touches the grill. Report
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