Have You Heard of Meat Glue?

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Not all meat may be as it appears. Dr. Mercola reveals how consumers may be deceived by meat scraps being "glued" together and sold as a prime cut.

What do you think of meat glue? Will you ask about it the next time you buy meat? Should it be illegal?

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Yea - makes me more thankful I have access to real farm-grown grass fed cattle & lamb and free range chickens. I wonder how many restaurants still use meat processed this way. Oh and the video on the page isn't working as of today, but here's a link that still works (for USA at least) : https://youtu.be/hXXrB3rz-xU not sure if the link will work in html link>https://youtu.be/hXXrB3rz-xU /link> . Otherwise, you'll need to copy and paste into a new page. Report
OMG !!! Report
Seriously?! Just when you think the food industry can't stoop much lower they go and show off their skills. I just don't understand how they sleep at night. Report
There is obviously more than one reason I became a vegetarian 8 years ago. So glad I did! Report
Yes, it should be illegal. That is absolutely disgusting. Report
This is scary stuff. I created a petition for the FDA. Please sign it.

/ Not banned in the EU. I was suspicious after recently buying 'steak' with the muscle fibres going in odd directions. I now buy a joint and cut the steaks myself. Report
It's no wonder there are so many allergies and health problems these days. Even when you think your eating something that should be unprossessed they add glue and liquid filler to it. Report
I didn't realize that this practice existed. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This practice makes me think about not eating meat. Report
I agree with all the comments of nasty, disgusting, gross, etc. Even though I am single I never buy pieces. I buy the whole roast and cut my own steaks with an electric knife and freeze them individually, I buy the whole turkey, buy the whole tenderloin, etc. Even that is still nasty, so I don't buy much. I am looking forward to buying 100% grass fed beef, a 1/4 at a time, that's the ONLY way you know what you're getting unless you raised it yourself. Report
I saw this article when it was first published. I think it's totally disgusting but not surprising considering the way things are going these days. I do like meat, but it's gonna be totally local and grass-fed from now on. Our CSA has a meat option that we've been enjoying, and there's a local farm with beef, pork and chickens that I'll be visiting very soon! Report

According to the usda, formed products or those listing transglutaminase enzyme (TG enzyme) supposedly adhere to the guidelines listed above and is required to be listed as such in the US. The reason for wearing masks is that because enzymes are protein bonding agents and you don't want to glue your insides. We have natural acids and enzymes that digest our own food, but you wouldn't want to inhale them or in concentrated form, either.

That being said, I'm glad to have something to look for on the labels. If it's not being labeled, then where are the food police that we pay our taxes for? Report
I would say that if it's going to be used, the FDA here should test it, approve or disapprove it, a safe alternative should be available, and the meats that use such a method should cost less than actual prime cuts and be labeled. Report
I am totally grossed out by this. I don't like meat that much, but I dislike not knowing what I am eating even more. This is just terrible. Does anybody tell the truth anymore or is it really all about making a profit? Now I just want to grow my own veggies in some organic dirt and never leave my house to eat. Report
What do you think of meat glue? Will you ask about it the next time you buy meat? Should it be illegal?

I was very surprised that meat glue even existed; I am sure I've had a meat glued steak at one time or another. I thought end pieces were used for ground beef.

Believe or not...I am on my sixth meatless day; so meat may not be in my diet anymore.

I'm not sure if meat glue should be illegal; but it should definitely be on the food label. Report
I like my steaks rare, so this was quite disturbing, since the bacteria is on the outside of the meat, and now you are putting a bunch of outsides on the insides, like ground beef, so it would need to be cooked more thoroughly. I wonder how many cases of food poisoning have occurred because of this practice. I am so sick of companies deceiving their customers. I think if a restaurant or company uses this product it should be fully disclosed on labeling and menus!!! Report
apparently meat glue is nothing new.....yet it sounds new.......
I did a google search and according to wiki its been in food use for some time now...heard of imitation crab meat? sirimi? It's been used to make mild and yogurt creamier and make noodles firmer.
Other search claims its the simple science of cross-linking two amino acids together. Those being glutamine and lysine. (You can goodle those two things too.)
Interestingly enough, the creators (or sub-creators) of this "wonder glue" are the same creators of MSG. (hmmmmmm.)
So, very interesting to say the least.....
Here are some of the web pages I gathered this info fromL


/ Report
My husband is a chef and this stuff is widely used in the restaurant industry in the USA. He works with it on a weekly basis when prepping some of their meat products. However, he did say that they only use it when making "stuffed" meat products such as stuffed chicken or pork loin. They do this to hold all the stuffing in place better. I'm sure as Americans we're eating this on a daily basis. You'd be surprised what the FDA will allow in our food. Report
Oh Lordy! Is this outlawed in the U.S.? I'm dating a vegetarian and I eat much less meat around him, but shenanigans like this make me resolved to slowly stop all together. Report
that is absolutely disgusting!! I am going to make sure veryone I know hears about this, both sparkers and non-sparkers. This makes me not want to go to a restaurant ever again!
This is sad and disgusting! Why is it we allow things in the US that the EU has banned. Another example is BPA. Scary stuff! If anyone has info on how to tell and avoid, hit me up. I would love to know. Report
Stuff like this is why I decided to go meat free six years ago. There are just too many nefarious practices in the meat industry for me to feel good about eating it. Plus, I've always been a little paranoid that I'm not cooking it properly, or that I'm not cleaning up properly after preparing it, so I just figured I'd be done with it. Report
That just turns my stomach! Report
How can they do this!!! This is disgusting!!! Report
I saw this about a month ago and was horrified-now I only buy meat if there is a bone attatched. Report
I did not eat any meat during Lent and I felt much better. I think I may choose to go meat free... one day at a time..until I know this practice is banned. Report
I first saw the use of "meat glue" on an episode of Iron Chef US and immediately thought that it could be used in this way by unscrupulous corporate interests. I'm sickened by what the food industry is exposing us to in the name of profits for a select few...and the whole industry, from farm to table, to regulatory agencies are involved. The best I can do is to research and buy locally grown/raised whole foods when I can and get to know my local farmers, butchers, and purchasers at the local co-op. Report
This is HORRIBLE! Why doesn't the FDA actually care about Americans? Ammonia in groung beef, glue in steaks...what else are they keeping from us? Report
SO glad I'm a vegetarian... definitely making me meat-eating boyfriend watch this.. how vile! Report
Definitely should be a law against this ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Report
This is so deceptive! I wonder how much of this I have eaten? Long term effects? My daughter decided a couple of years ago (at age 8) to not eat meat. I am starting to think my little girl is on to something! I am glad that we get our beef and pork from local butchers, and will be looking into local poultry farmers, this is out of control! Report
How can this be legal? Isn't it false advertising? What they are doing to our food is just scary, no wonder that we are having so many health issues. All the chemicals that they are putting to raise better crop, pesticides and antibotics to live stock. Perhaps we should reform our farming practices before our national health care, it may actually make us healthier. Report
I've never heard of meat glue before. Looking for a local butcher now... Report
Wow. This more than justifies going to your local butcher's shop rather than the grocery store. I must say that I am fortunate to live in Europe where my butcher has both cheaper and better quality meat than the supermarket. And I trust him. I've been buying my organic Thanksgiving turkeys from him for years. Report
I went about 5 years ago and helped with my family butcher my own hog & cow and we processed our own meat - we cut it up, packaged it and everything. It was the best meat I've ever had. I know the family who raised these hogs & cows - so I am thinking I'm going to contact them again and we can do this again - so I know what meat I am getting. It was a bit of a daunting experience - I really didn't care for the hanging carcass and the smell and cold but I did know that it was a freshly butchered animal! Report
I am so tired of not being able to trust anything I buy. Should I quit my job, start my own farm and slowly not pay my bills? It's just ridiculous. I watched a documentary a few months ago about the meat and chicken we are purchasing and I just want to go vegan, but then they will next tell us that our vegies are being sprayed with some toxic stuff. And who is to prove to us that buying "organic" is really what we think it is?
I am so tired of feeling like I am robbed at the grocery store, spending an enormous amount on food that is apparently scrapped, glued together, and/or infused with ingredients that aren't listed. EWW. We deserve better options. These products shouldn't even be allowed on the shelves. Report
Uggghhhh! Another reason to avoid meat.

I'm reading more about this now . . . It doesn't have to appear on labels! Yogurt & milk may have it too, to "improve taste." Another reason to drink organic milk & make my own yogurt from it.

Whole organic chicken, organic beef with the bone in, & wild-caught fish don't have transglutaminase. Report
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! But NOT surprising!!! I wonder if Jaime Oliver knows about this and can expose it!!! ............... more and more I'm eating veggies!!! ......... Report
Is the meat glue only happening on conventional meat or is it allowed for organic meat, too? I've started slowly going organic even with the meat that I bring into my house. I'm horrified that this is tolerated and accepted. But maybe with enough people learning about this and reacting as strongly as everyone here will instigate the change. Look how many products now are shunning high fructose corn syrup and are back to using just normal sugar. Report
I'd never heard of this before! Amazing what people will do to increase their profits. Report
Wow this is a scary article. One of those don't tell me what I am eating kinda moments. But I am glad I watched the video otherwise I would have never heard of this. I wonder what else there is out there that the industry is doing to our food? Report
That is nasty. Thankfully I do not eat meat a lot. Report
Interesting. I'd like to know how common it is in the United States. Which companies use meat glue, which don't? When I pick a piece of steak up at the grocery store, what are the odds that it has been glued together? Without that information, I can't really make an informed decision.

Also, I'd like to know what to look for. When I buy meat, I can see it through the clear wrapping, so what are tell-tale signs that it has been glued.

I'm not necessarily against the use of meat glue, but I think it should, at the very least, be listed in the ingredients. Report
A very good reason to become a vegetarian, which I am not but this could push me in that direction. Report
That's nasty. Should be banned and it's not operating with integrity. We are people just like they are. This is totally messed up! Report
I too watched this on the site when I got it right from Dr Mercola. I was totally disgusted and upset. It should be against the law here as it is in the other countries. It is just another of man's inhumanity to man. Feeding us something we had no clue about and goes against our principles, beliefs and standards. It should have to be on a special lable affixed to ALL meat that it is in so we can tell them we won't eat it. Report
Yes I have read about meat glue. It was not surprising to me since I have been studying what the meat, dairy, and farming industry do to make a profit.

Looking forward to watching the documentary "Forks over Knives" soon. Report