Updated: 'DWTS' Men: Lose Weight, Ladies!

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UPDATE: The men are defending themselves and said their comments have been taken out of context. Read on to find links to their explanations!

We recently debated the hypocrisy in the media when it comes to a star's weight. Cheryl Burke's recent weight gain made the two-time Dancing with the Stars champion a tabloid favorite. Now a fellow female dancer, Lacey Schwimmer, is also coming under fire for having gained a few pounds over her summer break.

The source of the latest criticism of both ladies' figures: their male counterparts on DWTS.

"When I first saw these women this season, I said, 'Guys, you know the camera adds 10 pounds,'" said fellow dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, in the latest issue of TV Guide. "'You have to do something about this."

That's harsh!

Now the men are speaking out:

Maksim's comments

Do you think the men's comments were misconstrued, or do you think they are just covering their tails now that they're in the middle of a maelstrom of negative comments? As a former reporter, I can tell you that quite often, the media are blamed when legitimately quoted comments cast a bad light on the person who said them. However, I do know that words can easily be taken out of context. What do you think?

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Great thanks Report
I can't really comment on the issue as I never watch it. But I have always felt these sorts of things say more about the person making the comment than their intended target. If its anything like any other dancer I am sure that they are in better shape than the average woman. Report
I read the rebuttal for the comment made by Maksim on the his website. I do believe that what people say are taken out of context. Unfortunately, when high profile people say things, they don't know what will come back and bite them. It is best if they cannot say anything nice, don't say it at all. Then they know they are safe. Report
The camera can add weight, BUT those ladies are in amazing shape! They have no need to fret about their appearance. I was upset when I read of the media backlash at Lacey & Cheryl gaining some weight. Report
What's the big deal? He stated a fact. They gained weight and that's what he said. He wasn't hateful about it. Why is everyone acting like he is criminal? Report
I think they look great, and no one should call them fat! I'd looove to look like any one of the ladies on that shows! But I also think that the way people, especially women, react to a situation like this is completely stupid. A few guys make a rude comment, and suddenly everyone acts like all guys are insensitive jerks? I don't think so! There are plenty of guys who would never say that, and there are plenty of women who make insulting comments. Report
not all men feel that way, most don't......he's trying to hide his short comings by putting somebody else down,,,what a putz.!!!!!!!!!! Report
I used to dance in high school. One of the reasons I stopped going to my studio is that people were calling me fat. Looking back on some pictures, I did notice one thing about me that stood out from the other girls on stage: I had curves, they did not. That didn't make me fat, just feminine.

There is so much pressure on women to be perfect, to look perfect, and it's not fair. The media only makes it worse with things like this, preying on a celebrity who's gained a few pounds and maybe needed to in the first place! It is HEALTHY and NATURAL for a woman to be curvy!

What about the men? Does anybody else ever notice on these "Lean Cuisine" commercials or low fat yogurt commercials and what-not the women all look like they could already be super models. I look at these and say "Give me a break". Then the husband walks into the room and is clearly a little heftier. That's like sending a subliminal message that it's okay for a man to be a little beefier, but a woman has to be a stick? Then the DWTS men pull garbage like this, knowing that the public is listening? No wonder so many women in this country have eating disorders!

Wow, I really didn't mean to get up on a soap box. I digress... Report
All those woman are beautiful and in very good shape. When they gain a few pounds it is definately noticeable because they don't have anywhere to hide it. Max is a pig in the male sense! I Report
Damn Mattel and their Barbie dolls that created, for us, an unrealistic standard for what the ideal woman should look like. I once read an article that gave what Barbie's measurements would be if she was real... 34C - 17 - 33. Now tell me what part of normal women does this portray? 1/2 of a %? Love yourself and be happy and healthy...try to keep toned and eat sensible...one thing we can't do is fight what our genetic code of body shape and bone structure is!!! Report
When a lady gains 5 pounds a certain amount of people complain that they gained wight. But when a male gains 15 pounds, how come I never hear anything about it? Not as many people complain about the the male counterparts. Thats stupid in my opinion. Report
I never want to be a celbrity! I sympathize with all those whose every move is documented by a media gone out of control.

Being in the public eye these women should expect that someone is going to pick on them for something. It's unfortunate and unwarranted, but it comes along with the celebrity type job they chose. Report
I wish I had their problem. Report
I read about this in Us Weekly and it had me so mad. Both of these women are beautiful and healthy. Leave them alone. Report
I have been to the filming of DWTS many times and am always amazed at how the "chubby" girls are actually very fit and by most standards, skinny. Both these girls are no different.

The camera undoubtedly adds weight to the dancers but I feel that it is inappropriate and plain rude for others to point out the fact. I'm sure that these girls are more aware of their weight gain than any other person on earth and does not need to be put in the spotlight.
#1 - The last time I was as "fat" as these female dancers, I was NINE years old!

#2 - The link to Louis' comments no longer works. I'd love to hear what he has to say. How ironic - of all the male DWTS pros, I have always found Maks and Louis to be the most arrogant.

#3 - I can't imagine in what "context" Maks' comment would be appropriate!!! Report
I don't think either of the men left these comments in a high profile enough place to be covering their tails. I brought the comments to Stepf's attention, and none of the media outlets that pointed out the original article has brought the men's comments to light. Both of these men are media savvy, if they had just wanted to cover their own behinds, they would have done so much more publicly.

Sharon Report
I think this is typical male behavior. My husband comments about other women's bodies all the time, and I think, if he thinks she has a big butt, what does he think of me? He just doesn't think. Report
I agree with VANNASMOM!! The guys need to hit the gym, women shouldn be toothpicks!! Both my girls 6 & 12 think they are fat, I have pics on my page, they are thin, they say but my abs arent defined like XXXXXX!! Makes me sick! I weigh 206 today even at 248 my husband would pick me up carry me around and throw me if he wanted to!! (We horse play a lot!!) Muscles are some thing you can build up to be able to pick up more than your own weight, men should know that!! As long as a woman is comfortable with herself and her weight, she is beautiful!!! Look at Queen Latifah, she isnt thin, she is confident and beautiful!! You just have to know how to carry yourself!! Report
Kind of funny that I came upon this blog. Just last night my husband and I were discussing a woman who performs in wrestling. She is not a size 2 but she is not fat either. She is also NOT on roids or any of that stuff. She has a healthy body, little bit of a pooch and she has solid thighs. I love that she is in the sport, for me makes it better to watch. At least there they let people be real.

Now, although, I may make some people a little ticky at this comment. Unfortunately, when it comes to the world of ballroom dancing, there is a thing about size. It is partially because of the moves they do and the other part is the outfits. I don't agree with it, however, it is kind of one of those things, when you have been doing it as long as these women, you know the culture and the expectations. You know that there is a certain look required. You know that there are 50 women who want your job today and could be there in your place in less than a heartbeat. It is an unfortunate side to the dancing business. I find it humorous though, people will complain about the Dancing with the stars people, but noone says a thing when someone is kicked off of the Rocketts for gaining a pound. All of their costumes are purchased in one size you fit or you don't dance. You have to be a certain height or don't apply. Some people may say but it is the Rockettes........well this is Dancing with the Stars. Again. Hundreds of thousands of women want to be on this show. They have trained their whole life for it.

I guess what I am saying is that dance in and of itself is a culture of its own. Being in it, you know what is expected of you and you really can't be surprised. I used to be a dancer. I had men who were 300+ pounds tell me I had too much junk in my truck and my thighs were too thick. I was a size 5 and 5'4" tall. It is the culture. It is the thing about dancing. It is what sucks. But if you really and truly love to dance, then you learn to deal and address these issues. It is truly unfortunate, however, it is a reality when you dance. It is one of those things. Report
What a load of bull! These women look great. In standard ballroom dancing lifts are not generally allowed so that reasoning for Maksim's mouth is out the window. Even if it were allowed these women weigh what 115-120 pounds if those guys can't lift them then maybe they need to be the ones hitting the gym. As a society we are way to harsh on celebrities, the tabloids splash every weight loss or gain across the covers. While I understand that it is what sells their magazines it is giving our children a distorted image of what a healthy weight should be.
Both of these ladies are fantastic!!! When I look at their figures, that is what I want to look like and am striving for. This is what healthy women look like, we were meant to have curves. The DWTS male dancer's comments just go to show how warped America's sense of beauty really is.

Kim Report
To only be in the cardo shape & look like the ladies on DWTS!!
It's one of the things on my bucket list Report
The ladies should tell the guys to buzz off. It may hard to do but in the long run listening to your critics and always doubt yourself is harder on you. All the dancers are superbly trainer competitors. Be proud at what your body can do! And ignore people critiquing it. Report
OMG, if that is what fat looks like then I must be morbidly obese, they should be told to stick it where the sun dont shine!!!!! Report
Oh, good grief.

This is a big soapbox of mine anyway, I think it is absolutely ridiculous that *this* is what the media wants to call "too big." I mean, it has basically gotten to the point that the only way a woman is allowed to gain weight is through breast augmentation, and that is pretty much required.

I mean, seriously, they just need to get over it and focus their bitterness somewhere other than a beautiful woman who hasn't even gained enough to be unhealthy. Report
If these ladies are considered "FAT" than I hate to see what they consider THIN!!! Report
They look amazing, I think they look more athletic NOT fat with "extra weight". They are what real women are - healthy and curvy. Report
My husband just happens to think that Lacey and Cheryl are the sexiest women on the show.... Report
I wish I was as "fat" as these women! I could understand if they were the partners of actual dancers, not celebrites on a game show, and the extra few pounds might affect how their partner is able to dance with them. But come on, to say they have a problem-these women are still more fit & athletic than the majority of the population. Report
I think they look great! That is why most of us gain weight because guys make their little comments and we keep adding to our weight. Report
I think the LAST thing these girls should do is let a rude comment from ANYONE influence the decisions they make about their bodies. They are professional dancers whom, I'm sure, are very cognizant of their appearance, and their health. Maksim and the media should be the ones under fire for disrespecting these fine women! Report
What's truly amazing is that we have a space station and can get internet right to our cell phones that are so small they fit in our pockets and still we haven't figured out how to make a camera that gives us a true picture instead of making everyone over 85lbs. look "fat". and then we all have to comment on how much weight the camera adds! Report
Those guys are nuts! Report
& yet no one in the media comments on the overweight partners these ladies usually end up with on the show--men who are usually surprised that they end up losing weight & getting into better shape by "just dancing"...damn double standard!

the ladies are fine as they are! Report
I think it's great that Cheryl and Lacey are "real" and set an excellent examples for our daughters -- it's ok to be bigger than a Size 0 and be healthy and beautiful and athletic! Misty May-Traynor is an Olympic athlete and she isn't a Size 0 - she's healthy and beautiful. The guys need to shut up! Report
HOW DARE HE! I can't believe he said those words aloud! Holy crap man, right there...a prime example of why eating disorders are on the rise! The fact the "mental filter" didn't kick into threat level RED while he was forming his statement, is only overshadowed by the fact that it didn't go into damage control overdrive immediately after it left his mouth! Sickening. Sad. Report
They are completely beautiful. So their bodies decided to go closer to a normal weight when they aren't dancing for hours on end every day. So what? It'll probably all disappear when they start dancing anyway! They don't need to punish themselves. Report
Their bodies, their business. I just pray that they, and everyone, is healthy. Report
I watch the show every once in a blue moon and I really struggle with watching shows where everyone is nipped, tucked, botoxed, and emaciated...and for that male dancer seems to think that it is perfectly okay to voice that comment...can you imagine what he "really" thinks then...what would the show do if there viewership went down 25% because of the comment...hummmmmmmmm

SPARK Your Attitude The Best Is Yet To Come! Report
I truly think that it should be a personal decision to lose (or not lose) the weight, and I hate that these comments will have an effect either way. Report
Chery Burke, in my opinion has the best figure of all the women on the show. And if the camera adds 10 pound, I can only imagine what the other women look like in person. A little anorexic maybe? Not an attractive look. Report
If they are comfortable with their weihgt, keep it on!

However, if you are going to be a dancer and have a partner who has to lift you all the time, you will have to consider what he can lift! Maybe the man needs to be told to go beef up at the gym instead of the laides losing? Report
For the love of puppies, this is ridiculous. No wonder AN is on the rise.

Twiggy stepped up in a time of voluptuous women to say that ALL body types were beautiful, and instead we heard that her body type was, and we tossed the types we had. If Marilyn Monroe were around today, we'd call her fat. It's ridiculous.

*end rant* Report
I think that the choice of dance costumes they have been wearing does make them look heavy on camera. I know they don't have a choice usually about what outfits they are assigned to wear. I think they both dance great and look great, but maybe need a new set of clothes for the show. Report
These women are hot as they are and to be able to dance the way they do implies that they are relatively healthy. I say if it ain't broke don't fix it. Report
It depends. If their weight gain is putting them in the normal range with healthy BMIs, then keep quiet men! Otherwise, support them instead of criticizing them to lose a few unhealthy pounds. For the most part, some of these stars are way too skinny so that they can look "normal" on camera.... I say, let the chips fall where thy may and let the American public see that these stars are human! Report
Both of these women are incredibly beautiful, whether they've gained a few pounds or now. It's ridiculous that these men would subject them to such criticism. As both of them are dancers and very active, I'm sure they're still fit and healthy. If it became a health issue, that might be something to mention. In the end, they're both great dancers, and we should praise them for all the hard work they've done to get there. Report
Wow, that's really rude! It would be one thing if he said it was affecting their performance, but he's only talking about how it looks on camera. In that case, it seems to me that it's none of his business! Report
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