Big News from SparkGuy: 'The Spark Solution' Available for Pre-Order

By , SparkPeople Motivation Expert, Founder and CEO
At SparkPeople, it's really hard to keep a secret. Our news is usually so good that we want to share it with you, our members, as soon as possible. But this secret is BIG and finally the time has come for me to share the news with you!
SparkPeople wrote another book!

The Spark Solution is a two-week diet program to jump-start weight loss and total body health. The idea behind it is simple: Why waste time experimenting with weight-loss tactics that don't work? With The Spark Solution, you could spend the next two weeks jump-starting your weight loss and setting yourself up for long-term success. Whether you want to lose 10, 50, or 100 pounds, this book will set you up for a lifetime of healthy living by helping change the way you think about weight loss and setting goals that you'll stick with.
With The Spark Solution, you'll get:
  • A three-part plan to make over your mindset and optimize your metabolism while building momentum that will allow you to reach your weight-loss goals
  • 14 days of 1,500-calorie eating plans, with three easy, delicious meals a day plus two snacks--packed with foods that will keep you satisfied  while helping you burn calories
  • A program based on research into what worked for our most successful members--and what didn't work for those who gave up early on
  • A custom workout plan from Coach Nicole that helps you maximize your efforts--without spending hours in the gym
  • Dozens of delicious and filling ALL-NEW SparkSwaps recipes (created by Chef Meg) that are ready in 30 minutes or less
  • Daily motivation to keep your enthusiasm high, tips from people who've lost weight and kept it off, plus the latest research in nutrition and goal setting distilled into simple actions that will help you reconsider how you think about healthy living
And it's from the SparkPeople experts you know and trust. The book was written by our head dietitian Becky Hand and editorial director Stepfanie Romine, but it was really a team effort. I wrote the introduction. Coach Nicole developed the workout plan. Chef Meg created the recipes. Coach Dean contributed to the motivation section. And all of you contributed in some way. We surveyed our most successful members to find out what worked and what didn't--and that became the basis of the program our experts created for the book. You are "The Spark Solution"!

The Spark Solution will be releasing on May 7 in both hardcover and e-book versions, but you can get over $45 in FREE gifts (including 500 SparkPoints) by pre-ordering your copy today!

End the yo-yo diet cycle for good with a program that's proven, with built-in, no-fail tactics to ensure you're successful. No more deprivation and no more relying on sheer will power alone. With The Spark Solution, there is no next time, only this time! You're just 14 days away!

As a way to thank our community for helping us Spread the Spark, we're offering special gifts to those who pre-order the book!

Pre-Order Today to Get $45 in Free Gifts NOW
You can reach your goals with help from The Spark Solution!

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