Coach Nicole's Favorites: Lunges with Ball

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In a this series of videos, Coach Nicole demonstrates some of her favorite exercises--moves that she actually uses to stay in shape. You commonly see people doing squats with a stability ball, but lunges with a ball are a little less common. However, using a ball improves your form and helps you get more out of this exercise.

About the Lunge with Stability Ball Exercise
  • Fitness Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Equipment Needed: Stability ball and dumbbells (optional)
  • Type of Exercise: Strength training
  • Muscles Worked: Legs (quads, hamstrings) and butt (glutes)
  • Safety Tip: Keep your back straight and your abs engaged. When lunging, make sure your feet are spaced far apart so that you can lower straight down without leaning forward. Begin without weights and add dumbbells to this exercise as you get stronger over time.

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