New YOU Bootcamp: 8-Minute Upper Body Sculpt

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About this Workout
This workout is part of SparkPeople's New YOU Bootcamp Workout plan. Coach Nicole has created an easy-to-follow upper body workout that you can do anywhere, with a pair of dumbbells and a stability ball. These targeted exercises and stretches will help you develop tighter and firmer muscles over time. Free of complex choreography, this workout is appropriate for people of many different fitness levels and abilities.
  • Length: 8 minutes
  • Equipment: Dumbbells, stability ball and mat (optional)
  • Type of Workout: Strength training (toning) & flexibility
  • Muscles Worked: Chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back
  • Fitness Level: Beginner to advanced
  • Impact: No impact
  • Safety Precautions: Better safe than sorry! If the dumbbells you're using cause poor form or pain, use a lighter weight (or no weight at all) whenever necessary.
  • Extra Tip: Always engage your abs (by pulling your naval toward the spine) to help support your body and maintain your balance on the ball.

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