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How to Release Your IT Band with a Foam Roller

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In this video, Coach Nicole demonstrates a myofascial release technique for the IT (iliotibial) band. Foam rollers are more and more common in gyms and sporting goods stores these days. Now you can learn how to use it yourself! Be sure to check out our foam roller exercise demos (which include additional myofascial release techniques for other muscles) for more ideas.

Member Comments

  • I have been running intervals for a year or so now, we are doing a half marathon in two weeks. Two weeks ago I started with pretty bad knee pain in my right knee. I am using the foam roller and hoping this helps. I have been using one before watching the video so am hopeful this is going to help correct this issue. - 3/6/2014 12:09:48 PM
  • Nicole' That was good information. I did not realize there were differences in foam rollers related to the color. That IT band is painful, but the rollar is releasing the tightness. Thanks - 2/13/2014 9:46:31 PM
  • This actually felt good on both sides of my hip! - 1/30/2014 12:49:29 PM
  • Please print instructions or subtitle - the computer I view this on at work has no speakers - 1/11/2014 7:06:38 PM
  • How do we print off the instructions? I haven't seen where they are written out. TY! - 1/10/2014 5:48:52 AM
  • I have used the foam roamer exercise for the IT band. It is quite painful. don't put your full weight on the roller. you'll thank me later. ...for now; your welcome! - 1/9/2014 3:33:20 PM
  • I'm going to buy a foam roller today and try this. I've had IT band issues in the past & it's something I'm mindful to stretch as much as possible. Unfortunately, there's not too many stretches I've seen out there (1) for the IT band, so this adds some nice variety for me. Thanks! - 1/9/2014 3:06:36 PM
  • Thanks - got a foam roller for Christmas & I think this will be a good excercise for my lower back pain. - 1/9/2014 11:41:36 AM
  • This was VERY helpful, Nicole. Thank you! - 1/9/2014 11:16:10 AM
  • Good info! - 12/3/2013 11:19:40 AM
  • This TOTALLY works.

    I ran for the first time several weeks ago ... and the next day my right knee was hurting. I iced it because I thought my injury was with the knee itself.

    However, when I went to the gym, my cycle instructor saw me rubbing my knee and talked to me about it...she said it might be the IT Band ... and showed me the foam roller exercise.

    It was like magic ... the knee pain went away! I do this all the time now. - 11/10/2013 8:41:02 AM
  • I got my foam roller at Walmart. This exercise hurts like H-E double hockey sticks. I appreciate the video because now I think I'm rolling too slow. I've had this issue for years and it affects walking and running. When I'm walking the IT band snaps over the hip bone when I bring my foot forward and "clicks." When I run, it makes my knee feel like it's going to give out. I was amazed that the same tendon can cause both of these problems! I've also heard it described that stretching the IT band is like trying to stretch a leather belt. No wonder this exercise hurts! - 10/25/2013 9:37:35 AM
  • OMG! Can't wait to try this. First time I've felt a need to have a foam roller. - 10/5/2013 2:24:16 PM
  • Great video. Thanks - 7/13/2013 4:39:42 PM
  • I love this! but what size roller should be used for this?? - 4/17/2013 11:52:30 AM