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Wendy's Large Chili
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One of my lunch go-to meals. Very filling and a fiber boost.

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10/9/2016 9:39:19 AM

It is a healthy, filling lunch; sometimes I have a small chili and a side salad.


6/25/2014 7:08:29 PM

I enjoy the chili at Wendy's. It is filling and reasonable on calories. However because of high sodium in all the Wendy's foods, I only get a large if I am not eating anything else except a side salad and ice water. I also avoid their hot sauce packets due to excess sodium.


1/21/2013 10:38:20 AM

This has always been one of my favorites


10/19/2012 6:12:06 PM

KGWINDER's SparkPage
This is my go to for fast food - I get it with onions on top and PLEASE NO CHEESE!

It will fill you up and keep you satisfied. I sometimes go for the small size, but the large size takes away any temptation to get a sugar drink, or dessert.

Also I try to eat to leave some leftover, as this is the perfect next day salad topper for a mexican salad...just add tomatoes, avocado and green onion.


11/8/2010 5:17:33 PM

This chili has it all! Not only is it healthy as all get out, but it taste like homemade chili! Definitely a keeper on my eat out list.


2/11/2010 8:26:26 PM

TOCONNER's SparkPage
I do not like to eat fast food, but when we must I go to Wendy's for a Chili. It is so filling and really good plus a real find for my daily fiber count.

We also when traveling look for Wendy's were a side sald and Chili can make the perfect lunch.


2/11/2010 10:40:30 AM

WHGRN60's SparkPage
One of my absolute favorites. Any time I am on the road and need a quick meal, I look for a Wendy's. This has the perfect ratio of carbs/fat/protein, and is a great source of fiber as well.


12/19/2009 9:21:25 AM

I love Wendy's chili. It is full of veggies and the flavor is great. I have bought 5 bowls and brought it home to re heat and serve. It always gets raves!!!

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