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Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad with Grilled Chicken and oranges only
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1/27/2012 9:18:27 AM

GHALEY11's SparkPage

I love this salad with grilled chicken and no dressing.


7/27/2011 8:58:56 AM

MOM1014's SparkPage
This is one of my favorites.


10/24/2010 5:31:17 PM

TARHEAL's SparkPage
A good choice but a little high in sodium.


6/24/2010 1:07:19 PM

I love this salad!!!! I do lighten up on the dressing but do have the almonds!


2/11/2010 10:42:31 AM

WHGRN60's SparkPage
My #2 favorite at Wendy's. I also use only a small amount of the dressing. I do add the almonds though, as I prefer nuts in my salad, and these are a healthy option.


1/20/2010 2:49:23 PM

CHANILYE's SparkPage
I love this salad. If I use the dressing that comes with it I limit myself to half the package at most. The flavour is strong so you don't need much.

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