10 Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes

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10 Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes

By Melinda Hershey, Staff Writer

Comfort food doesn't have to be loaded down with carbs! Whether you're watching your blood sugar or just trying to cut back on carbohydrates, these quick, easy and hearty recipes are sure to fit right into your weeknight cooking rotation.

DIY Rotisserie Chicken

Skip the whopping sodium counts of pre-cooked grocery meats and make your own slow cooker rotisserie chicken at home! This recipe yields a tender and flavorful bird without all the salt or extra oil.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Meatloaf

By using a water bath technique, this slow-cooker meatloaf comes out moist and tender every time with a golden brown crust!

Marinara Chicken & Veggies

This is one of our favorite go-to meals for busy weeks! You'll pack in some serious protein for minimal carbs with this nutritious and easy one-pot chicken dish. We like it served over spiralized zucchini noodles.

Slow 'n Easy Vegetable Curry

Slow cookers aren't just for meat! Cook this veggie curry low and slow for a fantastic flavor. Add some hot chili powder or chopped jalapeno if you like a little kick.

Cabbage Roll Casserole

You won't even miss the carbs in this hearty sausage and cabbage casserole! Serve it over cauliflower rice.

Low-Calorie Potato Soup

You'd never guess this creamy potato soup doesn't have any heavy cream in it! Its low sodium count also makes it a heart-healthy choice.

Perfect Pork Chops

Add this sweet and savory pork dish to your regular dinner rotation! We love these chops served with roasted root veggies.

No-Fried Beans

Make these slow-cooker beans overnight to pack for lunch the next day! Mix with shredded chicken and stuff inside lettuce wraps for a filling, low-carb meal.

Better Beef Stew

We love the versatility of this slow-cooker beef stew recipe! Just throw in any veggies you have on hand, then set it and forget it!

The Easiest Chicken Ever

This healthy chicken dinner is a delicious way to get your veggies. Serve in a low-carb tortilla alongside a green salad for a filling meal.

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8/7/2014 2:43:09 PM

The potato soup is called low calorie soup and it is. Only 140 calories for a serving. As to the carbs not all of us are afraid to eat carbs. We need them to fuel our minds and bodies. I will try the potato soup myself. It looks good.


8/6/2014 8:07:00 AM

Maybe i'm confused or i just don't understand what a LOW CARB diet is..... Potatoes, Flour etc.... that's not a low carb diet at all!


8/5/2014 9:31:16 PM

In my opinion, these are not low carb at all. I exchange turnips that only have 8 carbs compared to potatoes that have about 37 in soups etc. Turnips take on the flavor of anything it is cooked with and my kids couldn't tell they weren't potatoes.


8/5/2014 3:20:06 PM

Not a bad selection. I'd say more moderate carbs, though.

Although that potato soup.....:D


8/5/2014 2:15:26 PM

TJMOAG's SparkPage
Great ideas especially with school starting again and schedules get busy with extra-curricular activities going on.


8/5/2014 2:14:20 PM

SHEL_V2's SparkPage
MOST of these recipes are not low carb, having too many carbohydrates and sugars for a diet that is in the range of 50 from carbs per day. The meatloaf includes bread, ketchup (with sugar) and brown sugar. The cabbage roll recipe includes rice cooked with the meat in the slow cooker. The curry includes potatoes and carrots. The beef stew has potatoes, carrots AND flour. Even the pork recipe calls for sugar!


8/5/2014 10:24:04 AM

B-NANA's SparkPage
Directions need to state that you should use a round crock pot which has a removable ceramic interior. (is there any other kind?) AND that the 8" baking pan should be placed on TOP of the crock pot. Something like a double boiler. The water is in the crock pot. The meat loaf is in the baking pan over the water. The lid needs to fit snugly on top of it all.


8/5/2014 9:33:32 AM

Sorry nothing I like. Alot doesn't look diabetic friendly


8/5/2014 7:14:42 AM

MOM1014's SparkPage
All look yummy!


8/5/2014 6:36:41 AM

Hey Spark - I don't think you understand what "low carb" means. Potato soup? Seriously? How is that low carb?


8/5/2014 4:55:31 AM

TUBLADY's SparkPage
What is the range for low carb? These are low carb, not NO carbs.
I try to eat low carb, but veggies, fruit have carbs. So I limit what I eat in that area.
I don't feel it's bad to eat one carrot if in beef stew.
I think these recepie ideas give you an idea what can be cooked in slow cooker.
It's up to you what ingredients you use.


8/5/2014 4:08:29 AM

SEAWAVE's SparkPage
Perhaps they have a different definition of low carb? Very disappointing...


7/26/2014 2:06:04 PM

MARGE1215's SparkPage
Haha, agreed @tiptoethru2lips. So many of these recipes have potatoes or lots of carrots (hello, sugar). Maybe they meant "low calorie" though I'd hardly say that for some of the recipes, either.


6/29/2014 12:15:58 PM

I fail to see how a soup based around potatoes is low carb


6/29/2014 12:15:58 PM

I fail to see how a soup based around potatoes is low carb

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