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Press Release Template

Local Member of Weight Loss Website Wants You to Join:

-- By SparkPeople PR Team
Copy and paste the information below this line into your word processing application (ie Word, Works, etc).

For Immediate Release

Attn: Health/Lifestyle Editors

Contact: (Your name & contact info)


 (Explain your connection to the community and tell your story about how you found
City, State- Date As a [local community member] I wanted to spread the word about a great online community that I found.  A while back I was searching for something to help me lose a little weight, during my search I stumbled across a completely free weight loss and healthy living website,  I’ve been a member of for _____months and so far I’ve_________(Insert accomplishments here). 

 (Explain  what SparkPeople offers)
SparkPeople provides all users with a personalized nutrition and fitness plans along with access to hundreds of articles, and an active community of support from others trying to live a healthier life.

 (Explain your personal experiences with SparkPeople)
I’ve been using the website pretty consistently since I joined.  Since the site focuses on healthy sustainable weight loss, I’ve been able to…(if relevant, Insert any ways that SparkPeople has changed your life or lifestyle.)  When I’m having a rough day, I visit with my online support group through their message boards and get some encouraging thoughts in return.

(Explain how others can join)
To join for free just visit, and then be sure to say hello to, MYUSERNAME (my username) on the message boards.

 From Press Page
“ is a leading free weight loss website that teaches frustrated dieters how to stop dieting for good make the transition to a permanent healthy lifestyle.  Boasting an international community of supportive members, has created a comfortable, positive environment for people to find the information and support they need to manage their weight without gimmicks or pressure.” Contact for official quotes and comments.


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