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Local Woman (or Man) Uses Web to Drop Pounds

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City, State- Date For years I (like most of the population) have fought with weight issues and tried endless numbers of diets in the quest to drop the excess weight.   I spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours jumping from fad diet to fad diet; I’ve tried low carb, low taste, starvation, and even a diet pill or two.  The results of all my efforts seem to follow a pretty simple pattern: losing a few pounds, losing all motivation and then gaining all the weight back and more.   

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However, within the last few months I’ve stopped dieting and started changing my lifestlye; all thanks to the guidance and support I get from the free website, (

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Some of the reasons that I love is because it has educated me about tracking and drinking my water, and doing my cardio.  I feel like I have finally found the path that will lead me to my weight loss goal.  Also, I enjoy the message boards so much because I really get to know some of the other members of the website.

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I think this website can help many of the people in this area who are struggling to lose 10, 20 or even 100 pounds.  To join for free just visit, and then be sure to say hello to MYUSERNAME (my username) on the message boards.

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