The Cornerstones Page

Improvement is “fueled” with four Cornerstones of the system --

• Focus
• Fitness
• Fire
• Positive Force

Traditionally, people have treated these topics - especially Fitness - as stand-alone areas for improvement. What they don’t realize is that these four areas of life work together (or against each other) to determine how “sparked” their lives are. Here’s how the fuel improvement:

To make any lasting change or achieve a meaningful goal, you need to have FOCUS. You have to know what you want, why you want it, and how you’re going to make it happen. Without a plan, goals rarely happen by accident. Time used to create a mission out of your goals, develop a driving vision, and get your values in line is time well spent.

Good FITNESS - both mental and physical - can create what amounts to an unfair advantage. Living longer and stronger gives you the chance to do more and makes the whole process more fun. With a strong body and mind, you have the energy and clarity to do what you need to keep moving forward. Grandma was right - to go far, you have to eat your veggies, get off the couch and go outside, and not worry so much about the small stuff.

Making improvements in your life can be as tough as it is rewarding. That’s where FIRE comes in. Fire is the strategy and energy you use to put your plan into action and stay on track. The passion you put into your goals becomes the momentum from achieving them. It’s where you learn how to lead yourself to achieve your goals. You can be the most focused person in the world, but you still need the confidence and motivation to succeed. Consistent action, backed by a positive attitude and personal motivation, creates momentum that can’t be stopped.

We all want to make a real difference. We all want our achievements to mean something. How can we make that happen? By being a POSITIVE FORCE. By using personal improvements to help improve others. What you bring to the table in the other Cornerstones shapes the type of force you can be. By leading, serving and teaching others, you gain learning experiences that inspire you to set more goals and keep getting better.


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