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habit forming chart

System : Fire : Habit Forming Chart

Three keys to forming new habits are consistency, rewards and motivation. It has to be something you want, done regularly for a decent period of time. A streak mixes all three ingredients to this recipe at once. Think of a small streak you can start today, something you’d like to turn into a habit. One of our clients simply chose to see how long she could go without soda pop. Our founder is in the midst of a 1,000 day exercise streak. Streaks are all about building momentum, so start with something you’re pretty sure you can succeed with. Then see how long you can keep it up. Make it fun and challenge yourself!

6 Steps To New Habits

1. Print up this page. Hang it somewhere that you’ll see every day. (fridge, bathroom, by your bed, office)
2. Choose the habit you want to add/drop. If you’re looking to drop a bad habit, try to include a positive substitute.
3. Using two colored markers, track your success by filling in the block. Red = Did it. Blue = Missed it.
4. Most habits take 3-4 weeks to really take. That’s why each row has 21 blocks. You can stop at the end of the first row and move on to another habit, or keep your streak alive and fill up the whole page (30 weeks)!
5. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have 100% success. Keep trying and enjoy your progress.
6. Remember to reward yourself! Some good reward milestones are marked on the chart for you.

Habit I want to add/drop:  Why I want to do this:   What will happen if I don't:
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