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If you have allergies or little kids, use a neti pot once or twice daily. Bacteria attacks your sinuses first, so by keeping them clear, you will stay healthy!

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  • I've had two different doctors recommend the neti pot. Now every member of our family has his or her own. I really don't like doing it, but it makes such a difference it's worth it. It is scary for me, every time I do it--there's something very unnatural about pouring water into your nose--but I've had doctors tell me it's safe, so I don't worry too much about it. It really does work extremely well, but I recommend using half a packet of the salt mix the first few times, and gradually building up to the full packet. - by BESEVEN
  • This is one of the best secrets I have discovered in my life. I not only used to be on antibiotics 10 months out of the year I have had 2 sinus surgeries to facilitate drainage. I prefer the squeeze bottle with the prepared saline packet that is also ph balanced.Remember to used distilled water because we don't need chlorine, floride, etc up our nose.This is a really cheap remedy for us chronic sufferers. - by JDFAN448HS
  • I, too, am a convert. I had a sinus, chest cough with horrible post nasal drip for over a year. I used the neti pot for about two weeks, twice a day and all my symptoms went away. My husband uses it for dry sinuses in the winter. - by GRACEMCDOG
  • My allergist suggested it too. I don't always think of doing it until I start getting stuffy. Then I'll use it twice a day and no more sinus infections (or at least very few) I've gone from needing antibiotics 5 times a year to maybe once. - by TONI2011
  • I use the neti rinse ... the bottle. - by RANDIIDAWNN
  • I heard about the neti pot on Dr. Oz, so I gave one to my son because he has sinue problems. He uses it regularly and told me that it is the absolute best gift he has ever got. His sinus problem was serious, but not now. emoticon - by OHMYGOD49
  • I learned to use one in a yoga class and know I should do it regularly but it is another one of those good intentions....... - by LYNETTEMOM
  • When I use my neti pot, it WORKS EVERY TIME!!! It even clears up a cold quicker for me!!!! emoticon - by CHARIKIM
  • Love my neti pot, it helps a lot. emoticon - by SHYCAT2011
  • One of the best purchases I ever made. No more trouble with allergies (a lifelong problem... and I have pets) - by ANNIEL617
  • I love saline rinses. I have the NeilMed positive flow system which is easier to use than a neti pot, which is a negative flow system. - by BECCABOO127
  • I do love the neti pot. Using it every day has kept the sneezes at bay! I have a traditional ceramic one.
    I didn't even realize they made plastic ones until reading the stream of comments. I'm going to get a plastic one so I can do this in the shower! (And for easier travel use.)
    Bout to use mine now
    Seasonal allergies kicking in! - by SOULOFADANCER
  • I have never tried a Neti pot, but I think next time I get stuffed up I will have to give it a shot! - by PUPPETPRINCESS
    This little contraption is the best thing every invented! I work in a pharmacy and was not fond of the idea of running water through my nose at first, but about a year ago I got so congested that I needed something to flush everything out and I decided to try the Neti-Pot. Wow, what a difference. I use it once in awhile when my allergies act up or feel like I need to clean it out. Right now I have had nasal problems and I used it again today to force out all the stuff that I know is in there. Breathing much better and I don't sound like I'm holding my nose when I talk. - by USFGIRL86
  • Costo also sells a system by McNeil which is also being promoted in my ENT doctor's office. Comes w/2 bottles and 250 packets of saline mix. It works great. - by VALDEOS
  • Really helped after I had Knee Replacement surgery. All the oxygen and stuff they shoot up your nose dried me out terribly. I had all sorts of dried bloody gunk that kept coming for weeks. I used the squirt bottle on the advise of a friend whose daughter uses it for sinus infections. It took care of all the gunk. And now with the approach of winter and all the dryness I will start using it once again. Just be sure you use the prepared soda/salt packages. Mixing your own in wrong proportions can be painful. - by MARYELLEN301
  • STORMY724
    In the winter, when the heat is on, the inside of my nose feels dry and brittle. Also, I get post-nasal drip. I used to get lots of colds (when I taught school ---far fewer since I'm retired.) Extra moisture from a neti pot in the nasal passages is helpful with all of these problems. For those who are reluctant, a simple alternative (not as good, but somewhat helpful) ---when in the shower, breathe in some of the shower spray through your nose. Or heat a pot of water to boiling. Remove from the stove, then make a tent over you head with a towel and breathe in the steam. - by STORMY724
  • what the heck is a Neti Pot? - by PURPLEKITTY57
  • I tried the squirt bottle for the first time about a year ago after the doc recommended it when I had the worst sinus headache I had ever had. I was leary at first, but I will never go thru allergy season again without my squirt bottle. I could not believe the improvement. - by MILDEXSPI
  • If you have a lot of trouble using a neti pot, check with your doctor. The problem could be a nasal obstruction making it impossible to use one. (Happened to someone I know.) - by TEDDYTEDDY
    Love my Netti. Was very helpful this past winter. - by RLTOHOTTOTROT
  • I agree too!! I use a squirt bottle, but it is a life saver for stuffy noses! - by BAJANSEN1
  • Neti pots are great. My Allergy doctor recommended this. It has certainly helped me. - by VOGLERKOONTZ
  • Oh that seems scary. What if they stuff gets backed up or something>?? - by PURPOSEPOWER95
  • I use my neti pot all the time. It is so effective! I was constantly stuffed up before and felt like I couldn't even breathe. The Neti has really helped with this. It really helps during allergy season and I do think that I get less colds because of it. - by NHGRL68
  • Neti pots are a great idea. They can be difficult to get the hang of but they sure are effective. - by NORASPAT
  • DAISY2203
    I agree! I have a neti pot and also another nasal cleaning system. I started to "snort water" when I was a teen to keep nose bleeds away. Until I began to do that I would suffer with nose bleeds everyday... now I get one 2 times a year if at all.
    It has also helpped keep our family much healthier for the reasons you mentioned. - by DAISY2203
  • I agree, I used to have sinus infections that would last for weeks. This really works and I would and do recommend the neti pot to everyone. - by LLEEINIA
    I have a Neti pot for each twin --- we swear by them! They really help and this week has been really bad in South Texas. - by MOMM4LIFE
  • I LOVE my Neti pot - a coworker turned me on to them. I got the plastic "travel pot" because I didn't want to drop a ceramic pot in my shower. I have had significantly fewer allergies & upper resp illness in the last few years. - by DESERTDREAMERS
  • This is SO TRUE! My allergist suggested it and since doing it twice a day, I have only had NO sinus infections in two years. I used to have 5-8 every year for the past 40 years. I strongly recommend it!! - by TRISHP1961

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