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I have found since I began wearing a step counter that I do move around more. I make extra trips, take the long way, etc. Yesterday I made 19,000 steps, including my workout. I think I have finally broken through my plateau and begun moving in the right direction again.

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This seems to be one of the best motivational tools for keeping me moving that I have ever tried.

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  • I love my pedometer! My goal is 10,000 steps a day. When I reach my goal for the day I put a colorful sticker on my calendar. I love to see all the stickers on my calendar at the end of the month. Silly....but it works for me!! emoticon - by HOCKEYMOM173
  • Love my Fitibit! - by PUDLECRAZY
  • I wear my fitbit and find it so motivating! - by DRTOVAH
    Thanks for sharing. - by BANNERMAN
  • emoticon - by KHALIA2
    I just got one on Monday at my MOVE class. This is a nutrition and weight lost weekly meeting I attends for veterans. I wear the pedometer every day. It stop tracking at 12AM. and start a new day. I haven't have the 13000 or more but I like to see my steps add up. The first day I had 2556 and 2979 the second day. This is good for me with my vascular and knee problems. I see the doctor next week to see if I can do more without doing any damage. - by BLUEFOO
    Love my Fitbit1. I work at Lowe's so I usually get at least 8000 just at work. The remainder of my ten thousand goal is gardening or if the weather is bad on the treadmill. I especially like that it also includes flights of steps. Since I am goal oriented I find excuses to go up and down to my finished basement more often. I wear it to bed each night in it's special wrist band and have discovered just how much the kinds of foods I eat during the day affect the quality of my sleep. Had it almost a year and a half and have given one to my daughter and daughter in law. Since we are "friends" on the Fitbit web site, we have quite a competition going. Motivation all around. - by SANDYH2OMO
  • emoticon I just got my Spark step counter and this is my first day putting it on. I plan to rise each morning and putting my step counter on.. - by DIAMOND102
  • Someone put a pedometer app on my phone. It definitely has me up and moving! - by ECONLADY
  • I wear my pedometer and my goal is 10K steps, also. It really makes a difference. - by LUVSBULLDOGS
  • I LOVE my FitBit! I have totally changed my activity level because of it. I actually was walking about 5000 steps on a good day. I was finding it very challenging to get to 10000 steps and now I walk between 11000 to 19000 and it doesn't seem like it is taking too much effort! My best day being 31000. I was given the FitBit as a Christmas present and I bought an IPod. These two pieces of equipment have completely changed my life around! I also work in an office and don't get many steps in during the day so what I started doing is going to our park district (near work) at lunch to walk. It's an indoor track so rain or shine I am there. On really nice days I am walking the neighborhood around work. Can't tell you enough how my life has changed because of the tracker and the IPod. I never take it off except to charge it. It has become an extension of me! - by SCRAPPYGAMBLER
  • I have lost my Fitbit. Back when I got it, I wasn't really using it that much. Now that I'm motivated again, it's vanished. :(

    I've been back and forth on whether to buy another one. All of the positive stories about pedometers may have just pushed me into a decision. emoticon - by RUNGIRL1973
  • I need toon find mine and start using it everyday. I think it would help motivate me to get my exercise in. But I am not sure if I have a good one or not emoticon - by SWEET2NURSE2003
  • emoticon - by DELLMEL
    emoticon emoticon - by LOVINGKATE
  • I'll buy on by the week-end! Thanks for the tip - by MONTREAL12
  • I'm still looking for a "working" ped. A Spark friend told me what to buy but I deleted her message! ;(. I just walk and don't count.... emoticon - by BLONDIE218145
  • I need to revive this practice..I did well for awhile with my fitbit
    Misplaced it and lost the behavior - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • I need to revive this practice..I did well for awhile with my fitbit
    Misplaced it and lost the behavior - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • FITBIT ROCKS THE WORLD! well at least my little part of it!! ;) - by KEVINMACSR
  • i love mine - by ELINTY
  • I have one but I cannot get it set. I had it for the past three years. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. - by AMBER461
  • emoticon emoticon - by HERA22VA
    Great tip! Thank you! - by SHANNONY84
  • I bought a really good pedo from Amazon a few years ago. It last a long time before it bit the dust. I never did buy a new one. I think this is a good reminder for me to get another one. - by CECELW
  • Thanks for the tip - I'm off to buy a pedometer! emoticon - by LMSWIFT
  • I love my Fitbit and wear it every day. I have my daily goal set at 18, 000 but normally get closer to 20,000+. I walk during my breaks at work and never sit down once I get home. - by DLDMIL
  • Thanks for the great tip! I'll need to do that too - by SJKENT1
  • It's great - by DELLMEL
  • KAB7801
    Love my pedometer - by KAB7801
  • I wish that I could walk for exercise.
    The pedometer sounds like fun. - by LEANMEAN2
  • I just got FitBit in May and I love it. Go to to read about it. I do 10,000 steps most days at work but this FitBit does so much more and there is a web site for tracking and another community as well just like SP (which I love as well). - by MDDR5657
  • I love my pedometer and it is true that you do tend to move more to make up your steps. My goal is 10,000 a day and I sometimes will get off a bus a few stops earlier or walk the block just so that I can achieve all my steps. If I don't I simply walk around the house to get up there! - by ASTRALL
    Thanks for sharing. - by DEARTOMYHEART
    I wear one all the time and it has really helped me!
    emoticon - by FRIENDOFBACH
  • CHUM48
    I keep forgetting to wear mine
    1 - by CHUM48
  • I have broken a few and have major problems with the thing resetting multiple times a day so I too would welcome some advice on getting a good one! - by LYNETTEMOM
  • I love wearing a pedometer and find it motivating: BUT I have bought 4 or 5 of them and they either break or are not very accurate (when I wear two at a time, there are VERY different results!). I wish they came on an elastic bracelet that I could wear on my ankle. The waist ones don't work with dresses. I've tried pinning them to my underwear but that doesn't really seem very impressive.
    Any suggestions on a really good one? emoticon - by DAMETEMPLAR
  • I love mine. It keeps me on track most days and shows how much I really move during a day. - by LAURAKOHORST
  • I have to get one! I'm sure I'd walk more and move around more knowing I was wearing one and had a goal to reach. Thanks for all the comments :) - by PIZO78
  • I'm addicted to my pedometer! While on vacation one day I almost reached 35,000 steps and couldn't believe it! I had to take it a little easier the next - by PCASEY7
  • What kind of pedometer do you have?
    I have not had much success....with mine..I have tried 2-3 different kinds - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • I got a free pedometer from the Walk With Walgreens program (which was a task on Celebrity Apprentice.) I don't know if they're still available - but because I got it free, I have one for the first time ever. While I do ST and SOME cardio every day, I am not a distance walker - but I do like seeing the steps add up. - by MI-ELLKAYBEE
    Good to see steps add up. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon - by HIGHNOON
  • i love my pedometer. I put it on first thing....oh I have better go get it.....and wear it all day. It seems some days it is so easy to get those steps in and other days not so much. But that really is the makes you realize how little you have moved so you add those extra steps somehow. Being aware is awesome! - by LYNCHD05
  • sounds like a plan to me - by ILOVEJIM851991
  • I'm with DG. I keep a pedometer in my pocket all the time, and it's just incredible how little I walk. I work from home on the computer all day, and I try to get up and walk in place, do sidesteps, knee lifts, or kicks while my students are talking, but it's not possible for most of the day. My last few days: 4297, 3249, 1405, 978, 1822, 2200, 1504. Do you folks who get up over 10,000 steps work or do you have the chance to take long walks during the day? For me, the 4297 was at my farm yesterday - back and forth from the shed to the vegetable garden, down to the river to throw the stick for the dog, back again... and 3249 was mostly Saturday night when my favorite radio show is on and I dance for a good long while. But still, nothing close to you folks. I'm stumped! emoticon - by TWILAQ1
  • Same with my M2, it's like a pedometer on steroids lol it has a light that completes a green circle when you reach your activity goals. It funny at he end of the day if it's quite green I have been known to jog in my bedroom till it is lol.

    Whatever it takes : ) - by ACURVYLADY
  • It's a emoticon tool, isn't it? I, too, put mine on first thing in the morning; take off before bed. Walking w/friends, they always ask me how far we walked, etc. They KNOW I 'won't leave home without it.' emoticon
    So far--without running a race--my highest count in one day is about 25K. emoticon - by GINGERVISTA
  • That is some stepping for one day. I can do some stepping, but I don't think I've done that many yet. Well maybe if I go to the amusement park. lol I have a fitness monitor and love all the data that it gives me and keeping track of my steps in one of them. Let's keep moving! emoticon emoticon - by FITWITHIN
  • Any suggestions for a good one? - by MRSTABER
  • I wear one too, but usually only when i am walking on purpose ,not all day.
    maybe i should ,to see how many steps I actually take. - by INGMARIE
  • I just got a new one...hoping to see myself moving more now that I have one to wear.
    - by CMORISAK
  • How do you accumulate so many of those steps when you have a sit down job for 8 hrs? I wore mine the other day at work and only added about 400. I even got up and wen to other people's offices vs emailing - by DGFOWLER
  • Congrats on hitting 19000 steps! I think wearing the pedometer makes it fun - you constantly challenge yourself to do more steps.
    Thanks for sharing. emoticon - by MIGCIN
    I am new to Spark. I just bought my first pedometer yesterday morning. I put it on right away and started walking. I too was finding myself taking the long way, and making extra trips already in my first day with a pedometer! What I used to consider efficient use of my time, already seems like counter productive laziness, fitness wise. I logged 13000 steps my first day, and I'm quite proud of it! It's nice to know I'm not the only one being encouraged to walk just by putting it on! Thank you for the secret! Peggie - by PEGGIET
    I agree! I like seeing my step count add up! - by MRS_ROBOTO

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