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Netflix: Cheaper Than Cable, Endless Entertainment Options



Instead of paying large monthly sums for cable or satellite television, we use a Netflix account to watch movies and our favorite TV episodes. Online "watch instantly" options are great and provide endless entertainment options.

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The cheapest Netflix package is about $10/month and they often offer free trials and other deals. You may even know a friend who already has Netflix who will share their "watch instantly" login information with you for free! You can also get workout DVDs through Netflix.

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  • You can watch thousands of on Demand movies and TV shows from Netflix ON YOUR TV FOR NO EXTRA COST if you have netflix already and you already have internet and one of the following:


    certain Blu-ray Players
    certain HD TVs
    TiVo - by RMEMECH
  • cheaper than netflix is the library. In ohio i can go online and order any movie i want including new releases. they put me on the waiting list and notifiy me when it comes in and i pick it up. FREE FREE FREE FREE. - by NEELY0918
  • I have netflix and cable. But notice that neither me or my son actually even watch cable. My son likes the idea of picking what cartoon he wants to watch right then and there. I actually plan on cancelling my cable this week, because I'm spending money for something I don't even use. - by SHANA6981
  • My husband and I do this. We do miss cable, but right now money is very tight and we have found we don't miss it that much.

    I would add that if you plan to do a lot of streaming through your XBox or 360 (we stream to our big 1080p HD TV through both and they look GREAT!) you might want to invest in a faster internet connection or run an ethernet cable to the machine directly. This prevents choppiness and helps ensure you have good video quality. - by AUDREYHK
  • Just joined Netflix (in addition to Blockbuster), and found every "Very Long Wait" and "Unavailable" Blockbuster selection (with the exception of three movies) AVAILABLE on Netflix! Don't know how I'll do with the "Watch Instantly" function, but I'm willing to give it a try! - by MIMAWELIZABETH
  • STORMY724
    I just noticed a comment someone made about captioning. I love captioning.

    My husband & I miss a lot of dialog. If we are watching instant play or DVDs, we often back track to listen again if there is no captioning. But there are times when we play back a line 3 or 4 times and still don't get it. We've been using closed captioning for years (when available), even though our hearing is supposedly "normal." One thing I like about captioning is that it will even tell you what is being said by someone in the background of a scene (or on a radio or TV in the background) ---dialog no one would be able to hear or even notice when watching. At times the choices a director has made for those tiny details are interesting.

    Sometimes if I am watching something I've seen several times before, I turn on Portuguese, French, or Spanish audio and/or subtitles to brush up on my foreign language skills. - by STORMY724
  • I love Netflix! - by DONYELLMC
  • Now they have a full netflix app for the iPhone too :) Instant movies in my pocket! I could see myself watching my favorite TV shows at the gym (once I can afford a membership) while using a treadmill. - by BOHOBONFIRE
    I would like to get NETFLIX rather than renting, but unless you have a CC or DC you wouldn't be able to have the service and I am not so sure I want them to have that information. Just the fact of the Identity theft risk involved. If there was another way I would definitley use the service. - by LIVINGONMYTERMS
  • I have used NETFLIX like this in the past. I just wish they would hurry up and get captioning added to all of the streaming stuff. Without it I can't make this a primary means of entertainment. - by BACHKE
  • I agree but better yet is having a VCR and DVD player and just buy movies out of the $5.00 bin at walmart or go to Goodwill for movies! That's what we do! emoticon - by MEMORIES7
  • I love netflix. I don't have local or cable. I get Netflix through Roku so I have access to YouTube, weather, news, etc. I"ve had the same Roku unit for almost ten years. - by NANALYNN24
  • like some others, i am lucky to have a FANTASTIC public library system where i can get a lot of DVD's free. I also joined Netflix for $8/month 1 DVD at a time and streaming included. absolutely NO reason for me to spend $ on cable, satellite, or dish. - by VCZK2TJ17
    I recommended getting off of cable and switching to something cheaper. I watch almost all of my shows online. Most news stations will keep some episodes running until the seasons is over. I wish I could get my mother to do that to save us money, but apparently we're getting the "best deal" with a bundle: internet (which we both use, but me more), tv, (only her), and the phone... that we haven't used yet because the phone lines are crappy. $120 a month? It's been over a year!

    We need a cheaper alternative for entertainment. I wish she would listen to me. - by GIVEMEFRIES
  • We have NETFLIX and it is on the PS3 in the living room and on my IPHONE so I can watch via the wireless from there
    My library in Ohio only allows you to put a hold on movies that are older than 6mths You can't get new releases held in Hamilton County.
    Of course I have basic cable too, no animal planet, HG tv or anything,,, just the local channels Cspan and public TV,, but it is enough for me to watch the news with.

    Thanks for the tip! - by MAW_OH
  • AMY31313
    Too true! I love Netflix. It has what I actually watch. I can get local news and other things over the Internet, and I also use the library (like someone else said here).
    I can watch everything or find everything on my laptop or hook it up through Roku. Done and done! - by AMY31313
    I have Netflix. I see programs on TV are not on Netflix and when my husband comes from home the control is for him and Nestflix. emoticon - by NAOLEE
  • I had cable and Netflix but I canceled my cable last year. I love Netflix, I can watch what I want when I want. It's a great service for me especially when you're trying to budget, cable was just too expensive with a bunch of channels that I never watched or cared about. - by SLIMJIM_07
  • I just did a free trial last month and now its $7.99/mth for me here in Canada. I like it but it doesn't really save me any money because I would download torrents or not bother watching anything at all. But I do believe that for others it is an excellent money saver. Plus, if they know how to hook the comp or laptop up to the TV they can watch right on their TV screen. :) - by KAYLEIGHJ1978
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Netflix. It's BETTER than cable in that it's like their "on demand" feature but you don't have to pay extra for it. Plus, they are adding to it all the time AND organize shows for you AND your family based on your own ratings. It's aweswome and A LOT cheaper than cable. Go Netflix!!! - by FUNHEALTHLOVE
  • Yes, it's a good deal! emoticon - by CATHEMARIE
  • STLUCY622
    Isn't sharing your Netflix login with a friend ethically the same as co-opting your friend's or neighbor's cable? I'm a big Netflix fan (been using it since 2002) and I'd hate to see them suffer because a lot of people were using their service without paying for it. - by STLUCY622
  • Got the Netflix but have yet to get rid of the Cable :( - by TWEAVER8
    I love Net flix, I have not had cable for years and years and mostly read at night, or rented a movie, but I prefer netflix, I am a night owl and awake a lot of the night so it gives me some thing to do.. - by THOLMES
    We've been doing Netflix Instant Viewing (plus getting 1 DVD) for nearly a year now. We do not miss cable/satellite one bit! And we certainly do not miss the $99+ a month cost!!! emoticon - by GREENMAMA10
    I LOVE Netflix, it's awesome, would love to ditch the high cable bill, but not so sure the hubby would agree to that! - by MONNIEK
  • This is great, HOWEVER, I spent New Years Eve at a house with only Netflix, no cable, and we didn't get to see the NY ball drop to signal the new year. If they were more coordinated we might have been able to synch up with something online... but alas, we did not.

    My point is that you need to be okay with this, and other unexpected "losses" where you might need to supplement your viewing "Instant" queue with other entertainment. - by WOLFKITTY
  • Sounds great and will give it a try! - by GEEKSMEGGLY
  • STORMY724
    We have Netflix and enjoy watching instantly and the DVDs that are shipped to us. However, we also use the library (free videos & DVDs). As someone else mentioned, we can order them online and pick them up when available. Our large county-wide library system has movies even Netflix doesn't have. Also, you can watch some movies and TV shows free on There are commercials, but usually they are 30 sec. long ---and only one, not ten ads together as they are on live TV. And, you can watch shows you missed on many network sites. We don't have cable, but I've been watching the new Conan O'Brien show on If I miss an episode of The Event, I can watch it on - by STORMY724
  • I LOVE Netflix! It is so much fun to look at a favorite actor and find work I haven't seen. - by REVELATIONGIRL
  • I agree for most of the comments but to me net is for people who have time to watched tv emoticon - by VIUDANEGRA
  • Netflix has workout DVDs too! Many of them can be viewed instantly - no waiting for the disk.
    In our house, it's Hulu and Netflix instead of cable and movie rentals. When you can get Netflix for less than 10 dollars a month, it's a really good deal. - by THENEWMICHAEL
    NETFLIX is awesome! Not only have I discovered tons of new shows I never would have watched if I had to watch them one week at a time (Arrested Development, Mad Men, etc), I love being able to pick up my XBOX controller and browse my Instant Queue anytime I'm bored. The only thing is that some shows that are currently on TV can't be watched on other sites (like Hulu or whatever) and then I need cable to see them before my friends spoil them for me! - by JUDYFUNNIE
  • Great post Nicole! I love your idea of sharing your log in with close friends! emoticon - by FEADHEAD
  • this is something i will look into - by CEPEARL
  • I have no TV connection. I have computer. And I have a DVD player I watch borrower movies on. How do I get anything on laptop? Or DVD player? - by EGRAMMY
  • Love netflixs! I also love that you can stream instant watch movies on the wii. - by TISHTOTS
  • Check out your local library. They may borrow movies as well as books. We have allot of free movie nights at home this way. emoticon emoticon emoticon - by JEANIECOLLEEN
  • I took subscribe to NETFLIX it is cheaper then renting from blockbuster. - by MARIA49
  • love netflix- have portable DVD player and can watch while on the treadmill- great way to pass the time when u can't be outside! - by DENRNAJ
    We have blockbuster and Red Box kiosks in our area. I'd like to know how much it is comparable to Netflix. If you watch a lot of movies, I can see that maybe Netflix is the way to go. If not, RedBox or blockbuster because it's a dollar a night.
    - by MISTYSMOM06
  • My son streams Netflix through his PS3 while at college and hubby and I get the DVD's in the mail. It works well for all of us at a lower cost. We still have cable so we can enjoy the 15 sports channels. - by HIKERJOHNSON
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I just cancelled dish network because of it! - by LAGREBE
    I used to have blockbuster but we are now a red box family. It is only a dollar at at time. We don't have much watching movie time, so it works out well for us. :) - by DONEWSP
  • We do have cable, but no premium movie channels. I subscribe to the lowest cost Netflix and it suits our needs perfectly. We have Dish Network and watch news and sports on that. - by AEHEGE
  • i love netflix. i try my hardest to watch 3 movies a week to get a bang for my buck. if i don't wanna wait for a certain movie, i will just use redbox. just need to remember to return it the next day LOL. - by IDMOMOF5
  • MOM111555
    i do blockbuste online that u can get movies in the store and in the mail for 20 a month - by MOM111555
  • That's how I get all my "TV" shows in- we don't have cable, so no reception for the past 4 years. DH & I do an occasional weekend marathon of a favorite show as a treat! emoticon - by SPRING1973
  • I use NEtflix solely workout videos. If I like it, I buy it!!! - by WE_PA_FIT
  • I agree. I LOVE NETFLIX. I have been a menber since 12/08. Best enterainment for your dollar. - by LYNNDAROB04
  • ok - by SHIRLEYSAUL
  • I also subscribe to NETFLIX and its a great way to try out different workout DVDs. I have a yoga DVD coming as we speak!! If I like the DVD, I'll buy it. Its nice to be able to try 'em before you buy 'em. emoticon - by SUNQWEEN21

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