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I purchased a rather inexpensive one at Walmart. I was surprised how many calories I burned by the end of the day. Moreover, I WANTED to walk more because the proof was in the numbers! So, ya get more motivated. I even walked during breaks at work.

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It tells me how many calories I burned, steps I walked, how far I walked, etc. The brand I have is: GOWalking. Make sure you read the manual because you have to enter how big your steps are. I did not do this on my first day so it showed me that I burned a lot less calories than I actually did.

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    A few weeks ago, Celebrity Apprentice had a task that had the contestants do a promotion for Walgreen's - it's called Walk With Walgreens - and not only can you get a FREE PEDOMETER by asking for it at any Walgreen's, there is a website where you can track your walks. I don't use their website - but I DO use their pedometer. It's the first time I ever had one - and I was surprised to see that I logged in over 3000 steps yesterday (my first day.)

  • The trick is to remember to use it daily, I am going to attach it right now to my MP3 to remind me. - by LADYJAMERI
    I used to use a pedometer, now I have a FitBit Charge 2. As soon as I get up in the morning I put it on. The one I have can even be worn in the shower. The Fitbit syncs to computers, phone app and the Fitbit website. It very accurately tracks a variety of things, such as steps, calories burned, and how many flights of stairs, activities, sleep, etc The FitBit Charge 2 has been very motivating for me. It also allows you to add friends and challenge each other. It is great cheering each other on when we join a daily challenge too. - by CHER2SHINE
  • I agree with this. I loved having a pedometer, then I got a FitBit which is so motivating. - by DRTOVAH
  • I agree with this. I loved having a pedometer, then I got a FitBit which is so motivating. - by DRTOVAH
  • I was just about to buy a Fitbit Force when the item was recalled, owing to a small number of people having wrist rashes and the company recalling them all (the wrist fitness trackers, not the people!). I am hanging on, waiting for the re-launch of the improved/corrected Force - nothing yet! - or the launch of whatever Fitbit is bringing out to replace the Force. When that happens, I'll be sure to follow your example.

    emoticon - by CHEBBA
  • I purchased one at Wal-Mart also but unfortunately I could not read it properly and kind of left it behind.

    Joanna - by HYATTI1
  • good! - by LEANMEAN2
    Thanks for sgaring. - by BANNERMAN
  • i lose mine - by SASSYTHING52
    emoticon - by GODDREAMDIVA1
    emoticon - by GODDREAMDIVA1
  • Thanks - by DELLMEL
    Great idea! - by VAINVT
  • Thanks for sharing. I have a pedometer but I really cannot get it to work. I have to try again to see where I have gone wrong. - by AMBER461
    Thanks for sharing.
    - by BANNERMAN
  • emoticon - by DELLMEL
  • emoticon I love having it on. It motivates me to keep walking I try to aim for at least 5000 step to 10,000 when I exceed that I pat myself on the back :] - by LADYJAY714
  • I just got a little one..not even sure if it's programmed right~ but I am going to start using it. I am way too sedentary, but trying to move a bit more each day.

    This was a great encouragement, Thanks! - by PYNETREE
  • I have a Sportline purchased from Walmart. It also counts steps, miles, calories burned, has a clock and can be used as a stopwatch. It also has a goal setter on it so you can program it to reach your goals for the day. I put mine on in the am before going to work, but with standing in one place most of the day, it doesn't count too many steps. I stand behind a cash register most everyday, and not too many steps during that time. but it is good to use one everyday, and strive for 10,000 steps. that equals 1 mile on mine. emoticon - by DOTTYDO
  • emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Keep walking and keep sparking!
    emoticon - by NVR2LATE2BFIT
    I need to find mine and start using it again - by LCRUMLEY81
    This has inspired me to use mine as I am very "sketchy" with it's use. Great morning reminder. Thank you. emoticon - by ISLAYY
  • I did have one of the inexpensive kind of pedometers as well from Walmart but now I have to replace it so I don't have to count while losing count emoticon - by ZESTFUL60
  • emoticon emoticon - by DJHUMPHREY
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by GODDREAMDIVA1
  • I have a FitBit Ultra and it is small. I get up in the morning and up it on and wear it all day. The Fitbit synchronizes to my computer and the Fitbit website. It tracks steps, calories burned, steps, and how many flights of stairs. You can use an activity mode to track how far or how many steps you take. It also has a sleep mode where it can determine how well you sleep. I love my FitBit. - by CAREYBOSTWICK
  • emoticon - by RAMONARS
  • You go for it.

    Joanna - by HYATTI1
  • TERID816
    I use the WalkStar app on my iPhone. Once you get it calibrated to your walking step length, it works great. emoticon - by TERID816
    I just bought one too - by NKOUAMI26
    emoticon - by ONEATATIME3
  • Wished I had worn one yesterday...did so many hospital visits, stores, and a Dr,.appointment...whole lot more walking than I usually get. But, I tend to only grab the pedometer for an exercise walk. Stupid right? - by PYNETREE
  • I have downloaded a few pedometer Apps on my IPhone.
    Does anyone know which one is the best? - by DJHUMPHREY
  • Depending on who you have insurance with, you may have the option to receive a free pedometer. I received one from BlueCross a few years back. :) - by LANEE24
  • Congrats on getting your pedometer and they are a very handy tool, good luck with it. - by CBRIGGS1956
    I have one, but I have problems with it. Mine will not stay on and I work in a lunchroom and it gets in the way. I am trying to find a smaller one. I seen one at Wal-Mart that I want to get. - by PRAYINGHANDS35
  • I wear my everyday
    - by CMORISAK
  • I love my pedometer!!! It really makes you aware of what you are doing or not doing. - by CRACKERJACK55
    Shopping malls are good places to use a pedometer. You don't realize how many steps you are taking while having fun. emoticon - by KITTYPNC
  • I love my pedometer as it spurs me on to get in those extra steps. I have been thinking about a fitbit.....will have to look into that for next time. I sure would not want to lose it! - by LYNCHD05
  • Thanks for sharing - by LEANMEAN2
    I use one myself and it helps me know when I need to do more. Also a lot of positive reinforcements.
    emoticon - by FRIENDOFBACH
    I have a great one an Omron Walking Style - purchased from Amazon. Really great and sturdy; it tracks regular steps, aerobic steps, miles and had 7 days of history! I clip it on first thing when I wake up in the morning. Definitely recommend it. - by JULIEHICKMART
  • I found one that you can put in your pocket & it works really well for me. I dropped too many of the other ones to count any more. - by CHEYENNERAE
  • I have been using it for 3 or 4 years. I was getting my 1,000 steps in a day but now I am lucky if I get 5000. I have been in pain... but I am resolved to do other exercises and walk for the hour even if I do not make the steps. emoticon
    I cannot run as I have injured my feet in the past...
    but I am thinking about doing water aerobics too...
    emoticon - by MIAJOEB
  • I bought SMARTWATCH at Walmart, as well. It works, I put it on EVERY morning, and take it off before bed! It helps to push myself. Not only did I buy mine, but I BOUGHT ONE FOR MY DD, SIL, DH, and two Grandkids, ages 4 & nearly 8! Example the best teacher! Love it! - by FLPALM
    I've never used a pedometer but I just bought one and am excited to try it. Hopefully it will get me walking around more! - by KARENANN815
  • I KNOW! Don't ya just LOVE your pedometer! I now have a job where I walk to train station, then 1.5 miles from train to work, plus on my feet all day, so add up TONS of steps, miles walked, burnt calories, grams of fat used. I emoticon it! - by GINGERVISTA
  • Ii might try again, I havent had good luck with my pedometers - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • I got one two weeks ago, I only wear it at work to remind myself to not stay chained to my desk. I love seeing how many steps I can get in from 7 to 4

    emoticon - by 03BFISCHER
  • I actually made myself a list and put this on it as soon as I read this! emoticon - by ANDRAYAYA
  • I need to get another one but this time I'm going to try a good one, everytime I get a cheap one it doesn't work for long
    - by CMORISAK
  • I love my pedometer. After starting out with an inexpensive one, I got a fitbit, which measures steps, miles, floors climbed, and calories burned. It is like having a little coach right on my hip, and very motivational. I used to walk a mile a day; now I find myself walking 4 - 6 miles a day. Pedometers are great little tools!

    emoticon - by PUDLECRAZY

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