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On days that I don't feel like exercising or think that I don't have time, I remember that I ALWAYS feel better after I've exercised. I never regret taking that 30-60 mins to exercise but I've often regretted skipping it.

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  • I ALWAYS feel better after exercising and yet sometimes I DRAG MYSELF to begin. Why oh why? Anyhow, you are right. DO IT ANYWAY because exercising DOES WORK. - by RUSTYSHAW1
  • I completely agree. And on those days when I just don't 'feel' like exercising I tell myself just do it for 30 minutes. I even give myself permission to go at half pace because something is better than nothing at all and ususally once I get started I do the whole darned work out anyway. emoticon - by STPJUDGE
  • I just had a team member ask if we felt better or worse after exercising. How happy I was to answer with a resounding YES, and a copy of this SECRET! Thank you Mary.. - by SHEILAS6
  • I agree 100% with you. It's so easy to talk ourselves out of exercising. When we follow through on our commitment, it not only makes us feel better, I think we feel proud that we honoured our own sense of pride. - by IRENEHARPS
  • Thank you for sharing as I feel the same way, even if I am having a bad day with my chronic issues flaring up, I still find time to do something and I always feel that much better for doing it... I stand with you and cheer you on your journey! emoticon emoticon - by JUDITH316
  • I'm sure many people can relate, I know I do. I will beat my self up for a couple of days - by BILLTHOMSON
  • I agree! - by GAL2202
  • Me too! - by MSLOUIE3
  • emoticon Yes I feel better after completing my workout, let's emoticon - by JUDITH316
  • I agree with you. Exercising does make you feel better. - by GAL2202
  • Yes! This is absolutely true. Thanks for the reminder. - by WBERRY57
  • I know what you mean. Exercising makes me feel better too. - by GAL2202
  • I agree! - by GAL2202
  • You do feel better when you exercise. I walked 25 minutes today and yesterday I walked 35 minutes. I am 58 years old. - by GAL2202
  • SAME HERE! Sometimes I just have to force myself to put on my shoes, then I feel so bad once I'm all dressed that I just "have to do it"! Works every time :) - by JLSMILE00
  • I definetly agree! Sometimes my arthitis in my lower back would prevail. But I would begin exercising a different area, and before I knew it the whole body kicked in. Maybe because of the warmth in the body from the exercising caused the joints to kove, but in either event, I was glad I started which was the hard part. But the ending results paid off. I got the exercise time me, I felt energized and not defeated if I had not done anything. And I got the reward of feel better in my herniated disc area. I was pumped! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by INSPIRED1314
  • This is some great information. to know,. I really needed to here this. I try to walk everyday. Sometimes I feel at the beginning that I won't walk to many minutes but I end of walking more. - by GAL2202
  • On the days when I am feeling like a super slug, I start by doing one spin around the neighborhood with the cutest dog EVAH! This takes me about 10 minutes. Sometimes that is all it takes to create that spark for more exercise. If not, well at least I got in a half-mile walk and fresh air. - by AKA_GAMERMOM
    That is true! I never say gosh I feel crappy after I exercise. I usually say that before though - by FREETOBEME1976
    Isn't this the truth. emoticon - by REDROSEBUD4
  • That's so true and I've never thought of it like that before. I always regret not working out when I told myself I was going to. But I never regret working out. I'll think of this the next time I try to talk myself out of it. - by SREA19
  • I am putting this quote in my motivation journal! "I've never regretted taking the time to exercise but I've often regretted skipping it." -- CLASSIC!!! - by CHANARO
  • I so agree with you ! - by ZOEYBLU
  • TRUE THAT!!! The rush you get after really good cardio is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! - by SORCHA89
  • SO true!!! - by FINGERSCROSSEDC
    This is so true! - by APPLEBELLS
  • I definitely agree. - by XIOMI1209
  • So right. Have just worked through something like this for the last few weeks. Work and study committments gave me the excuse to cut down my regular gym visits and I ate more. Now that I am making myself go no matter what it seems easier to eat less and I am back on track. When work and study piles up again as it will I will just get up earlier to exercise and/or organise myself better the night before. It can be done - by PETALDEAR
  • *MADGE*
    I totally agree. Even if I only take a short walk I think it is better than nothing. - by *MADGE*
    Totally - by BRANAUBREY
  • I agree with Spark Guy - tell yourself you will at least do 10 minutes. If you do more it's gravy. This works like a charm for me. I haven't missed a workout in months due to this secret. 99% of the time I exceed 10 minutes. - by FRENCHTOSD
  • Nice job Mary! So easy to forget when I am feeling lazy or sluggish - but it is so true!! Thanks for the reminder. emoticon - by SWISSMISS10
  • Absolutely. Thats so right - by GERRYCAM1
  • This is so true, dragging my butt to the gym, out the door or just to the floor for crunches is actually the hardest part of my routine. But once I get moving for about 10 minutes I am in it to win it and afterwards I feel as if I can do anything! My energy is boundless! - by ALWAYSCHANGING
  • This is so true! I hate getting out of bed especially on cold winter mornings but once in the gym and started it really makes me feel better and by 6:30 in the morning when I have an hour or hour and a half of workout in Wow do I feel great! emoticon - by KNOXIEII
    Thank you,. - by BLOOMING52
  • This is so true! - by MOVE-DAILY
  • GREAT secret MaryMary -- thanks for sharing!

    - by SPARKGUY
  • You nailed that right on the head! - by SCIFILESLIE

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