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Jillian Michaels said on the Biggest Loser to vary your caloric intake: eat on the low end for two days, eat in the middle range for three days, eat on the high end (even going a little over) on two days. This keeps your body guessing. I did this all last week and lost 3.5 lbs!

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  • This is a major component of the 17 day diet. It has really worked for me. If I don't mix it up from 1200 to 1500, I plateau. Really paying attention to calorie variation has helped me past two humps so far. - by STAGE_61
    That's good advise! I've noticed every once in a while if I over eat, I will g o back to my regular weight within a day or two at the most and often times will lose an addition .5 to 1 pound. I think it does help to mix it up. I've never done a 'planned' mix up but I think I will try it and see if I get the same kind of results that you did. - by CCOLLINS11
  • That's a great idea! I'm going to try it next week. Thanks for sharing. - by RHVICK
  • Sounds like a great plan! I am going to give this a try! Thank you so much for sharing!! - by NOLAHORSERIDER
  • Thank you for being so kind enough to share what you have learned. It makes perfect sense to me, and I will give this a try.

    Nancy Jean -
  • I love that! That sounds like a motivator to me! emoticon - by ALLENJOSEPH
  • Worth a try! - by MAWMAW101
  • I think I will try this. - by CATE195
  • Makes sense. I've used up my two days of high end calories and now need to work in the others. Guess I'm working backwards, but it should do the same. - by MAIZIEPAIGE
  • Thanks so much for this I'm going to try this intentionally. I do use this strategy but think I'd like to work at it more. - by WBERRY57
  • Definitely emoticon will give this a try! - by MICHELE142
  • This makes things much more interesting, as well. I'm going to do that this coming year and observe what happens! emoticon - by SUSANSKI
  • I have also had success varying calorie intake. My rule is to eat at high end or slightly over every 4 to 6 days and near the low end the 8th days. I've been doing this since January and have removed 65 lbs of excess baggage from my body. - by LLCARTY
  • This is a great secret. I have been doing this and have lost 3 pounds but I didn't know it worked because of varying my calories! Thank you for sharing:) emoticon - by JAVNMICH1969
  • Amazing how that works, isn't it? - by HOTFLASH416
    I like this idea. It seems that I naturally have days that I'm not as hungry, so the concept would work for me. emoticon - by MAIJAMARTA
  • Good advice. Thank you. - by JOANN25
    This is very encouraging. - by HEREANDHOPEFUL
    Interesting I may try this and see what happens! - by URNSELLER
  • SOMAR12570

    This sounds like a good idea. I will try it. emoticon - by SOMAR12570
  • I just checked my calorie intake for the past month...I've been doing this and didn't know it! I have been at the same weight for 4 days now in a row. Today and tomorrow I will eat the middle or high range and then go back down to my usual and see what happens.. This is great to know! So glad you shared it! :) emoticon - by NOLAHORSERIDER
    Going to try this this week!! Just might get my losses boosted again... - by BACCAGIRL
  • I change up my caloric intake every three days and found this helpful in keeping my body guessing and found I can lose a pound and half every two weeks which my doctor says is find since I am taking chemo. This has helped me very much. - by HARTINGL52
  • Great tip! I'll try this too!

    Thanks! - by SUEARNOLD1
  • I discovered this variation on my own, over the 3 year path to losing almost 200 pounds with 85 or so to go.
    My diaries revealed it. It truly works. - by TEAROSE22
    This is very true, and I've heard this many times over the past couple of years. It really does work, and also helps you not to feel so "deprived" as you might if you kept to the minimum calorie limit ALL the time! - by GEORGIANBAYB
  • I will try this. Keeping fingers crossed it helps. emoticon - by LSWEETING63
  • I agree completely, I have found this worked for me as well. Good advice! emoticon - by DEBBIE2072
  • Interesting aspect. I never heard this but I do tend to vary in caloric intake. Most of the time I stay on my low end, occassionally mid range and almost every weekend I go over or at the high end. I have hit my ultimate goal weight several weeks ago and am actually hovering at about 2 lbs below it so this idea may really be working for me and I didn't know it!Thanks, I'll start watching more closely. - by SKYVALLEYGAL
  • sounds like a good idea, I'm going to give it a try - by KITT52
  • Thanks for sharing! - by MARINEMAMA
  • Nice! I will have to try this! - by STAY39
  • I think this is awesome! Thanks - by IMSUNSHINE
  • Definitely sounds like a good way to mix it up ... force some variation in my routine - by DLMALM
    Thanks for the tip. I am going to give this a try, - by FHORTON
  • Definitely will give this a try. Thanks for sharing! emoticon - by MSROZZIE
  • Sounds like a plan! - by MOTTAMAMALOU
  • This has worked very well for me! Got me over my hump this week!! WooHoo!! - by JASI27
  • this one sounds good!! I eat very close to 1200 per day, and Im allowed up to 1590, I might try this one out! - by XTRAS194
  • I'm going to give this a try to bust through this plateau. Thanks! - by KSCARPETTA2
  • This sounds reasonable. - by CAROLYN0107
  • I think I was doing this without even knowing LOL! So I guess I will keep at it. - by WOLFMYJIC
  • I"m gonna it at some point (soon) They do say that the body gets stuck if you do the same thing everyday. - by JASCAT0507
  • I like this----will definitely give it a try from coming Monday!!! - by KOMAL53
  • I'm gonna have to try this next week since this week is over. Thanks!!! - by THERESAMARIEM

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