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Weights Before Cardio



I got this tip from Self magazine: if you do weight training and cardio on the same day, doing weights a half hour before cardio burns 10 percent more fat. The reverse (cardio then weights) doesn't work.

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    I've been trying to decide which way was best when doing cardio and strength training. Thanks so much for the clarity!! - by PRESSINGON3:14
  • great tip! - by DRTOVAH
  • Thanks for sharing. - by LEANMEAN2
    Thanks for the info. I will try it - by STARMIZER2000
  • I usually do strength training first becsuse cardio really makes me sweat or makes me wet if I do laps in the pool ,so afterwards it's head to the shower. - by J2740LOU
  • Great info. - by DELLMEL
  • I have read both approaches as being correct .... so how do we know? - by NVR2LATE2BFIT
  • good info - by GWINNER1
  • good info - by GWINNER1
    Thanks for sharing. - by BANNERMAN
  • Does it still work if you don't have that 1/2 hour to do cardio? My exercise time only lasts 30-45 minutes (lunch time). - by PROPMAN1
    great idea - by LCRUMLEY81
    Doing cardio first tires me, so I feel I'm not getting the full benefit of weights. Also danger of losing form and possible injury. - by VAINVT
  • Thanks for the tip! This is very good to know :D - by G33K10V3
  • Thanks for sharing. - by LEANMEAN2
  • Now I'm totally confused. I always heard and believe I read on this site cardio first then weights. So which is the correct answer? Lol. - by SHANSDOINIT79
  • I always do weights first. Mostly because I think if I let myself get tired from cardio first that my form with my weights will decline and I could end up hurting myself. - by RAJAHKITTY
  • I thought it was the other way around? I'm glad I saw this! - by ELIZABETH5268
  • JACKIE542
    Interesting. - by JACKIE542
  • I can confirm this too. I learned it when doing the Biggest Loser stuff (books and website like this one.) I asked my trainer and he also said it is was true. I do arms and core the first day, legs another, and full body the last day. emoticon - by DANIE0677
  • If doing both on the same day, I do cardio first as I run out of steam after lifting weights. - by FRAN0426
  • Do what works for you. - by QHAMOM
    great info,I did not know this.guess one can always learn something new,thanks emoticon - by CJOHNSTON2001
  • Coach Nicole and others on this site say just the opposite. If you must do them together, always do cardio first. (She prefers you space them out more or do on different days.)
    - by GOSPARK45
  • what I have been doing is small amount cardio then a short work out either with weights or core then repeat..several times - by MARYJOHANNAH
    emoticon - by CEEMAY
  • I've heard it both ways. Guess I'll be doing some research on this on my own. - by BUTTERFLYCHEEK
  • While learning to be a personal trainer, I decided I like to split my cardio up around my strength training. Some before to warm up and then some after as "active recovery", which reduces the aches and pains often experienced after strength training. I do also like circuit training, which incorporates strength and cardio at the same time! :) I lost 35 lbs walking my groceries home from the store one summer! (also relocating and walking laundry up and down three flights of stairs had to have helped!) - by DONNAKOVAC
    Thank you for the tip! - by SHANNONY84
  • Interesting. I just read somewhere - don't remember where that doing cardio then strength increased the after burn so your body continued burning more calories after the work out. - by ONEMONSTERSMOM
    I always do cardio first because it helps warm up the body.
    Doesn't make sense not to. - by 1ACTIVELADY
  • It might be okay to change up your routine once in a while, but in general it is better to do your cardio, then finish off with weight training.
    In all cases, WARM UP FIRST before doing weights, and aim to use amounts that truly challenge your muscles in order to get stronger and leaner. Muscle takes up much less space than fat. Work from large muscle groups to smaller in order to keep proper form and avoid injury. Breathe OUT during the exertion phase of the exercise - holding one's breath causes a Valsalva maneuver that raises blood pressure and therefore could be dangerous. - by DRB13_1
  • Thanks for sharing this Info! - by PYNETREE
    thanks fot the tip - by LCRUMLEY81
  • Thanks for the tip! - by ROBB1N
  • For me this is perfect!! I hate strenght training and love cardio....:) - by COLOURFULME
  • Thank you for the information. - by YICHE12
  • Wow-surprising! I do cardio first, because if I DON'T do it first, I'll wimp out at the end! - by DARIENB
  • This is what Self says: In a study from the University of Tokyo, participants who did a total-body strength workout 20 minutes before cycling burned 10% more fat than those who simply cycled without weight training. (Note: that could be coincidence about the timing, because strength training helps you lose more fat in general) But Self also says: Lifting taps those hormones that guide fat in the furnace, says Kazushige Goto, PhD (who did the study) He also says the reverse- doing cardio then weights-doesn't have the same effect. - by SNLEWIS49
  • I'd be interested in hearing the science behind this. Doesn't make much sense to me but maybe there's something at work that I'm not considering here. - by SPARKIN_REESIE
    This sounds a bit fishy to me! - by TREEBELLA

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