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I've broken more plateaus more quickly by eating more rather than less. Borne of discouragement - "If this isn't working, I quit!" - I've found that if I eat a little more over the week, even treat myself a time or two, and that jiggles my metabolism back into losing. Works every time!

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  • Isn't this whacko!! But I use the exact same method to get "unstuck." Some people would rather lift tons of weights and eat less. I am not into self-punishment, so I'll take a break for two days then start back on my eating regimen! Works every time...and I like it that I get a little "vacation" from having to be so good all of the time. - by TERRELLC1
  • I agree! I actually do this about once a week. A fluctuation in calories helps the body break the "usual"!

    Thanks for sharing! - by BEACHGIRLKIM
  • my problem last week was not eating enough and I did not lose - this week I have moved my calories up to 1400-1600 (have done this before) and I lose weight. My body seems to think that if I don't feed it enough that it will hang on to the food as a dry spell is coming and it doesn't want to starve. Anyway, what ever works, use it and go forth. - by ALWAYSME-JAN
  • This just doesn't work for me. Many people suggest it but I end up gaining weight and this will really frustrate one. I'm thinking this may work for those under 50 better. - by 1234MOM
  • SBATES63
    I try and have a higher calories day (1800-2000) once a week, so my body doesn't think it is starving. It works for me. - by SBATES63
  • MAUR28
    I am hoping this is true- I have the same mentality! I've been working so hard at this, eating right, exercising and I havent lost a pound in 3 weeks! so what do I do?- pretend like I am 2 and have a tantrum and go on a binge for a day! Hoping it shakes things up a bit! - by MAUR28
  • This has happened to me too. - by MEEBELO
    I hope this is true for me. I notice that I've been several hundred calories under my minimum for a while now and my progress is slowing down. Time to hit the meal planning again. - by MAGGI-TT
  • This is an interesting idea. It's a little scary to think about eating more to lose but worth a try! - by MGEDDES1
  • Being close to my final goal I have hitten a plateau, in fact I didn't think about this solution! Thanks for your suggestion! emoticon - by NEREA_72
  • While not consciously performing this method, I am pretty sure I have unintentionally done this in the past with success. emoticon - by OUATEONE2
    This is referred to as calorie confusion or cycling - the jury is still out on whether it works for most people, but hey, if it works for you, go for it! - by ELIZADUCK
    Yes, it totally works!! Totally wild. emoticon emoticon - by LISASGONNADOIT
  • You know on jolting the system....I have never tried it, however makes sense. I am losing pretty consistently but thus tip means a lot for backup. - by TEAROSE22
  • It sure works! - by TPETRIE
  • I agree. Sometimes you need to eat a bit more to succeed. I often find I need to eat more fats to regulate everything. We learn to adapt to keep our metabolism going. - by TPETRIE
  • Thanks, AlysonL, for posting your secret of success! I've actually done this before, and it has worked. Plus, it's a great motivation booster! - by JGTO120
  • Sometimes I have eaten a little more for a while, the eat less again... And I lose! - by PSHOWS
    Most fitness sites and articles tell you to do this.. you HAVE to have a cheat day or cheat meals each week.. your body needs to have a fluctuation. Even calorie trackers tell you to stagger your calories. If your NET is 1400.. your week should look something like this : 1250, 1400, 1450, 1300, 1350, 1500, 1400. I am having trouble with this myself because Im not hungry and eating more makes me feel bloated/too full. Im barely breaking 1200 net. I did over eat a few days last week for the holidays.. and today my waist was an inch smaller emoticon lol so I know I need to eat more! - by JORDANSMOMMY23
  • Great Advise - by MIRAMIRA3
  • I'm on a plateau and am trying to increase exercise length and intensity. Weigh-in coming up. So if this hasn't worked I'll try the "free day" so many talk about. I'm really nervous this will not work. (the extra work out effort is only making me lose energy, so I can see I need to eat more) I just talked myself into trying this. Thanks - by LORILEEPAGE
  • This makes me feel better about that GIANT bun I had to eat yeserday that took me over my calorie limit. Great advice :) - by ELLIE1980
  • Yes! Like ALWAYSME-JAN said, I think my body has a trigger-happy starvation mode. And in general, I stick to the lower end of my calorie range and have pretty strict habits -- it's just easier for me to resist temptation if I practice my "no, thank you" often. :-) So every week or so, I'll have a free day, or a free dinner, which keeps me from feeling deprived, and seems to kickstart my metabolism again. Thanks, it's good to hear the reassurance! - by JENJEREH
  • I wonder about the science behind this. There has to be a physical reason for this effect. I am on a plateau right now and will try it. Thank you for the suggestion! - by CHARLOTTE1947
  • CARO123456
    nice idea - by CARO123456
  • I've just incorporated this in my diet/exercise routine. I'm listening more to my body and I hope this will help. Thx for the info. - by DARK_ANGEL10
    I need to remember this. In my past times when trying to lose weight I have hit plateaus quickly and often, which is frustrating. With SparkPeople, I have continued to lose and was concerned about when a plateau would hit. I will be ready when it does. Thanks for the suggestion. - by LISAALEEN
  • i am at a plateau this is about the only thing i haven't tried. thanks i will try this - by LORETTAST
  • i am at a plateau this is about the only thing i haven't tried. thanks i will try this - by LORETTAST
  • great suggestion, i've just started so i will definitely keep this in mind. - by PRECIOUSME1
  • I am sure going to give that a try!!
    Thanks - by DUTCHPETE641
  • I have to like ANYTHING that lets me eat MORE!! Great suggestion. - by BOOGEDYBOOGEDY

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