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I keep a chain of paper clips next to my computer monitor at work. Each paper clip represents one pound lost. They are always front and center to help keep me motivated. I remember to say "No thank you" to the office doughnuts.

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Mine are fun little Japanese ones shaped like a turtle. emoticon Helps me remember that slow and steady wins the race!

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  • I love this idea! I just made myself a chain, and will keep it with me. I also found a bright pink one for the 10th pound ( I plan to have added by Monday). I'm going to find colored ones for every 10 pounds!

    Thanks for the idea! emoticon - by NINERGAL63
  • I love this idea! I think I am going to go to the craft store and do it with pretty beads then wear the necklace once I'm done! - by LILSKINNYLORI
  • I do this too - it's hanging off of my computer right now. I went one step further and wrote "one pound lost, 2 pounds lost" etc, and attached them to every paper clip - and I keep the clips that I remove in their own little success pile. :) - by ROYABOYA
  • I like this idea. I'm very visual so I like having that constant reminder right in my face. It motivates me to see how long I can make the chain! - by GREENEYES2510
  • I have a paperclip chain too! I have it hanging beside my fridge. Great reminder. - by SUESMITH73
    what a cool idea!!! I'm going to do this one and leave the chain in my pocket. I work in a school cafeteria, if I keep the chain in my pocket hopefully it will keep my from temptation!! Thanks!! emoticon - by LOVESLIFE48
  • I am trying this. Thank you. - by HARROWJET
  • I like the visual! Adds to the thoughts process - " I just lost x lbs.!" and something to be able to constantly and instantly look at as a reminder of how hard you've worked and what you re working for. - by ELONKA1
  • This is a great idea - thanks for sharing! I especially love the tip about the turtle. I might have to find some and utilize this. emoticon - by HEALTHIERME06
  • PWPAS94
    i really really like this idea as it is a very visual and exact message as to what you have done and what you need to do! - by PWPAS94
  • I do this too. I hang it in the bathroom right by the scale to remind me of my progress. - by LESOVME
  • Thanks for the great reminder.... I did this paperclip chain when I first started with SparkPeople 4 years ago . . . . I'm 13 pounds from my goal, so I'm going to use it in reverse -- starting with 13 paperclips and removing one for each pound -- until I reach0 my goal!!! Thanks - by CAT-IN-CJ
  • Great idea! I'm going to do this, one for at home and one for at work emoticon - by BRUGGESBABY
  • I Love This!!! I just started this myself on my desk. I am even going to set one up at home somewhere! - by DRIGBET
  • emoticon - by BMCKERLIE
    That is such a cool idea - I am heading to the junk drawer right now to find some paper clips! - by JANEWAY45
  • I love the idea of creating something to represent each pound lost. Good idea! emoticon - by LIGHTKEEPER77
  • Love this idea!! I am going to try this too. I like the idea of different colors for 5, 10, pound barriers. - by LENNIEBINO
  • I do this with marbles in two little jars on a shelf in the kitchen where I see it every day (especially when I go to eat something!). There is one marble for every pound I want to lose, and I move one to the other jar for every pound lost! - by METALBABE
  • I love it. Going to do it now👏thank you - by DONNACROSS28
  • This is a very clever idea! I cant wait to get to work and build my chain emoticon - by TRACI_3
    I love this idea, since I am just getting started this week I intended to start this myself. Beside with having gone paperless at work I have a ton of paper clips with nothing to do, the poor things! emoticon - by NEWPJMCGEE114
  • Starting my paper clip chain today - Thank you for the awesome idea!!! emoticon - by SMERKLINGER
  • I just made my chain today! But instead of the weight lost I did the weight I need to lose. Great idea! - by ISSYMISSY
  • BGIRL2000
    I love this idea too! Nice and you can see a visual of your weight. Starting on mine also... emoticon - by BGIRL2000
  • This is a great idea. One for work, one for home. Thanks. emoticon - by DSTERCANDO
  • Great idea, will do !!!!! emoticon - by BEACHGRANDMAW12
  • This is a Great idea! I am going to do the same & start on it when I go to the store Wal=mart & get some in color or shapes. Thanks! - by WHITEFEATHERONE
  • I LOVE this idea!!!
    emoticon - by MRSVB8505
  • I LOVE this idea!!! emoticon - by MRSVB8505
  • After reading this I put together my paper clip chain, and I LOVE it! I keep it on my dresser where I see it every morning. I have yellow clips for every 10th pound. I love getting to add clips to my chain, and seeing it each day reminds me of how far I've come. (And that I don't want to have to remove clips later, so I keep pushing forward!) - by SUSANPEI
  • Wow...this is a great idea!

    I definitely must try it. - by KIMBOURQUE
  • I have one too. . . . It's been hanging at my desk for 5 months with 17 paperclips . . . . I'm on my way to adding 10 more to it!!!! woohoo! - by CAT-IN-CJ
  • This is a USEFUL idea, thank you. I'm thinking I'll get a box of colorful paperclips for this purpose. More eye catching and decorative, too. Probably I need this more at home than at work, so that's where it'll be. Thank you! - by PURPLEDRAGONM
  • this is the first time I've ever heard of this. What a great visual motivator!!! - by BEESONAMY
  • Just did it too. Thanks for the Spark emoticon - by WILZEENYC
  • Just started my chain, thanks for the idea! emoticon - by RH8787
  • Love this idea - by SADAMS7231
    What a great idea! I'm just getting started, so my chain is only 4 clips long, but now it's hanging on my bulletin board where I can see it all day long at work. Thank you!! emoticon - by MSPATOOTY
  • What an awesome idea...definitely going to start something with this in mind...thanks for sharing... emoticon - by BRENDA7511
  • PINKIE78
    Great idea!! Thanks!! Someone recently gave me a container of buttons for crafts. I now am thinking to use these in a glass jar on my desk at work and in my kitchen to remind me of pounds lost. Thanks!! - by PINKIE78
  • I like this idea! I do something similar at work. I printed out a bunch (the number of pounds I want to lose) of cute little pigs and color one in with a different color highlighter each time I lose a pound..kinda of like getting a colored star when you were in kindergarten. Its a good visual for me. I may use the colored paperclips at home and hang them on the fridge. Then not only will I have a visual but it will make a noise swinging on the fridge when i open it to also remind me! - by ITSUP2JUSTME
    This Sparked me! I promptly made a chain and put it near my desk. Thank you! - by PACIFICO2
  • That's a great visual for your success! I think I'll "borrow" your idea! - by MEW4039
  • That's a cool idea. I like that! emoticon - by MALA77
  • I seem to agree with the group! Great idea. Thanks so much for sharing!! I am looking for my first couple paper clips now. emoticon - by FRESHDAISES
  • I started a paper clip chain when i was on weight watchers i think i should start that again and when i hit a 10 lb mark use a different color...thanks for reminding me...happy weight loss. - by GETMESKINNY121
  • Great idea, mine would be 32. Trying to picture how long that would be
    emoticon - by NHEMBERGER
  • What a FUN idea!! - by MOSTMOM1
  • I love this idea! Thank you for sharing. - by BARBIE176
  • I do this too! I love it and find it very motivational. I change up my color at 10 pound increments and use a silver paper clip to indicate 1/2 pound. - by TREEBSKAAR
    Love it. I started one today too oftern we forget our accumplishments. I just started my journey. It will keep me focused - by SANDRAYT
    Fantastic idea!! I think I'll do a similar thing with a bracelet so it's with me EVERYWHERE! emoticon - by AARHTD
  • Absolutely fabulous idea! I'm going to try it! emoticon - by EVANSC3
  • What a fab idea for marking so many great accomplishments. It's like the notches on a bed or gun from the wild west but a whole lot more hale!
    Instead of stickers, I'm going out for a box of coloured paper clips to begin my chain.
    I love it! emoticon - by CIVIAV
  • Thats an awesome idea! - by SUNSHINEORRAIN
  • What a great idea! Thanks! A neat visual reminder. 2-3 days a week I'm in other locations so I am not in my office. I have to find something that accomplishes the same thing and is portable. Thanks for getting me thinking! - by SKINNYGUY917
  • I love this idea! I think I'll make one tonight!! - by TKUCIFER
  • I heard of this one from Weight Watchers but did I try it I think it is time that I give it a go!!
    emoticon - by DARKORANGE
  • That is awesome ! A great idea ! - by RAVEN2FEATHERS

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