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After having a couple of days of not logging in, I realized that rather than looking at logging in SP as a big task or something that requires a lot of time/effort just treat it like maybe your Facebook or email. When you check your emails, do a quick login to SP, blog/post/browse/read as per your convenience and whenever possible multiple times a day. When it seems like a small casual task you wont dread doing it.

And we all know how much being regular on SP helps!

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  • I am thinking more about staying on track. Rethinking the
    things I eat. Need to think more about serving size. Need to
    get connected to more people. emoticon - by IDAHOFLOWER
  • ALANE121
    Today is my first day with Spark people and am excited! I have a thyriod condition and struggle to loose weight. I hope this program will help me to have more motivation to loose more wieght. I have already lost 10 pounds but still struggle with wanting to eat unhealthy. - by ALANE121
  • I up and on early so I touch base with everyone. My friends & family and my Spark friends I've made on here actually do feel like family. Everyone is just plain nice here. It seems like there's a shingle hanging outside that says "Wanted" all nice people!! - by -SHOREIDO-
  • I am new to SP today. I really need to lose twenty ponds and return to the person I was before I buried both parents, lost my husband, sold my home, moved to another and changed careers in the economic slump. Some folks do Retail Therapy, I did Food Therapy. I am now settled, happy, back on track, have great friends and am doing my art again. I JUST WANT TO WEAR THE WARDROBE I OWN THAT REFLECTS THE TRUE ME AND FITS A SEVERAL SIZES SMALLER PERSON! LOL emoticon - by LIGHTLIFE7
    i have lost 63 lbs in a year and have kept it off since july. spark has really kept me on track and has helped many people i have referred.thanks again!! emoticon - by LESLIEH54
    I've been trying to loose weight, work in a high stress job i tend to overeat to compensate for the stress level. Really have low self esteem what can i do to improve this? - by AELLIOTT21
    My first day on sp I put in all the food I ate that day. omg I had no idea I was consuming that much sodium (3053) and calories(1899). Never mind how low all my protein potassium calcium and magnesium counts were. I like being in control now. I have my 11 yr old grandson to answer to now because we put in my food together. He reminded me I forgot the beans and the salsa today.....thanks
    We also do the exercises together. He is quite an athlete and I want to see him as an adult on some NHL team! - by KATHRYNSCH
    I have never heard of anyone who has lose 5 or 10 lbs a day must of been a miss quote but that who be awesome I need to lose 44 hope I can do it good luck to all - by GOODJOB2
  • I have been trying to log in sometimes I don'tThere is so much to take in
    with the imformationTrying each day to be strong.. emoticon - by NANNYHANSON
  • hi i have been on your program now for bout 6 0r 7 years have been strugling with loosing weight just about 5 months ago just started loosing weight i think i loose bout 5 0r 10 pounds every day is that to much your truely wendyf3 - by WENDYF3
  • With advanced Osteoarthritis I believe the only way to relieve some of the pain is to get the weight off removing some of what my joints have to bear. This is probably the most important diet I have been on. - by 123BECKY
  • emoticon - by MARGIE4230
  • Hi, I came back to Sparkpeople, because I am tired of continously saying I need to lose weight. I need to stop talking and start acting! emoticon - by DEBBITX
  • I've just signed up and am looking forward to losing weight with new friends. - by QUICKBRUTUS89
  • I really like the web site, but your app is not so good. I wish I could look at my page from my phone app. But either way it has helped me stay on track with my calorie counting! emoticon - by 1MCWILL
  • I agree!!! - by BABYGURL76
  • Hope to get more involved with all the stuff on SP , there seems to be a lot to do and see .Will get better organized as I go . - by ANNESPINNEY
  • Well said.
    - by POPSY190
  • emoticon - by CONNIEF9
    I agree emoticon - by SHARLARN1
  • I have been exercising and trying to stay on track! - by TPETRIE
  • I have just learned a new word that is so needed in my life all around. Consistency, MY NEW M emoticon ANTRA. - by DINIE123
  • I went on vacation. Glad to be back tracking. - by 53CHER
  • Keep up the good work, my friend! I hope you have a Wonderful & Blessed Wednesday! LYL! emoticon emoticon We're all angels in the Lord's eye's! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by LOULOU1709
  • My computer was down for 2 days, and I couldn't log on. I really hate it when I can't log on, it not only makes me start all over but I miss my friends also! I hope everyone has a Wonderful & Blessed Wednesday! LYL! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by LOULOU1709
  • I try to spark at least twice a day - by MARIONJEANA
  • I have been with Sparkspeople for about 4 months. I am doing a great job according to me. I am in no hurry to lose the weight that I need. I figure that it took time to put all the weight on, it will it take some time to take the weight off. I move like the tortoise, slowly but I eventually get there. I have lost over 30 pounds. My suggestions are: make sure you log your food intake. Drink your water daily. This will help you feel better & help to motivate you. Keep moving. I do my daily walk & thank God for my health. Enjoy your journey. YOU CAN DO IT. emoticon - by JAYWALK123
  • I am having so much trouble with my computer. It looks like I am coming in the back door to get on Spark People. - by GRAMMAP1
  • You are right on the money! thank You. emoticon - by LINDA719
  • VICKIE528
    I. Wish. To. Enjoy. The. Fun. Here - by VICKIE528
  • I just joined in the past 30 minutes. I'm going t do my utmost best to follow this every day and I know there'll be days I can't get to the page, due to, well just LIFE! So here I go. 40 pounds and a bit starting N O W. All the best to everyone! emoticon - by SMOKY11
  • started spark people again. your post is so true. people r always on their computers. might as well make it count! - by LOUSRERE
    Trying get my password sent to my eml cant figure out how? emoticon - by BLGORDON1
    Trying get my password sent to my eml cant figure out how? emoticon - by BLGORDON1
  • I have been in and out of the hospital again but back on track for this week - by PRINCESSBRAT70
  • i have been sticking with my diet its kind of hard .Considering how i have been eating and quiteing smokeing. but i am motivated .and i have to the middle of april to loose25 pounds. - by GODATRUTH
  • I had to change my information to log in.Now i can't log in on my phone's guys screwed me up. I need someone to call me at (516)444-0699 cause the writing is only screwing me up. emoticon - by KILLAMAC
  • Thank you to all those who emailed me with notes of support and welcome, I have managed to drop from 237 to 226 lbs and feel confident with the trackers and my focus is easy to blame stress (i have for many years) ..the issue as I have found it is a matter of decision, action, review and results - Spark provides the review and impetus to action ...and I am very grateful. - by MANCHESTERJAC58
  • I've started doing this during the day, it works! - by SISTERUBU
    I have been with SparkPeople for about 4 years. I must say that it is getting so full of advertisements and slow uploading that I am ready to start looking around to another system for logging my food and activities. It is a real shame that we have gone from a system for the people to one that is more interested in generating income from advertisements. emoticon - by DWJANEC
  • I'm looking for a vegetable carb counter. I keep getting referred to you, but I can't find one on your site. HELP! - by SPARKBARBARA2
  • I'm a diabetic, is there any way to keep track of sugar intake? - by AMMY313
  • emoticon belong to a special team and love the ladies on it. emoticon - by HOUK46
  • New to spark people... Week one lost 4 lbs... emoticon - by MELITTA61
  • SIOL55
    Logging in first thing in the morning seems to keep me on the right track all day. - by SIOL55
  • SIOL55
    emoticon - by SIOL55
  • COLETTE5551
    I am very excited about this. I lost 7 pounds the first week. One thing I need to do is stay off the scale. This week so far I lost 1 pound. I really want at least 2 to 3 pounds a week but we will see
    . I love this program. Thank you!!! - by COLETTE5551
  • just love Sparkpeople,,I log in everyday it really makes me feel better knowing i'm logging in everyday . - by JMO070163
  • Welcome to all the new people. Stay close and you'll begin to see changes happening!
    emoticon - by DEKA2010
  • It is a slow process , but I am doing a life style change not a diet. I am very proud of myself in some areas. My water intake is getting better everyday. Not at 8 glasses a day, but I am drinking 4/5. I am moving around more . Maybe not everyday, butat least 4 times a week. I will do anything from walking outside to using my gazelle to doing jumping jacks/ crunches to even visiting local gyms with my friends to see what they offer. Having a little bit of a hard time with food. I do really well all day then at night I need a snack. But not a good one. It will come!!! No self control the last couple days, but like I said this is a life style change. I have only lost one pound. This time around I am not dwelling on the amount of weight lost. I feel good and for the most part I am proud of myself. I know in the past I have not succeeded because I have compared myself to everyone else . And started feeling sorry for myself. That others has have lost the weight fast and I am very slow. - by TEAMSAT04
  • I am trying to log in each morning to focus my day before my good intentions get hijacked by lack of planning. There is much to learn on the site, so I am taking baby steps...but starting the day by logging in really helps me focus on my goals - by WORTHYOFCHANGE
    Thanks for showing. - by BANNERMAN
  • ALANE121- I also have struggled with losing weight due to a low thyroid condition. You will find the SP calorie tracker really helpful and the daily nutritional reports that keep us on track with eating healthy foods to support thyroid function and generally good health. I did an online research of foods that support thyroid function and always include those in my daily intake. Otherwise, I focus generally on eating a balanced diet and feel better now that I have eliminated nutrient deficiencies. Consistent exercise 4-5 X per week is another huge factor in weight loss and maintaining a strong metabolism. Good luck with your journey! See you in the chat rooms! emoticon - by PRICHETTO
  • BERNHO57
    I just joined yesterday. You who have said there's a lot to take in are sooo right. I'm not as computer savvy as I need to be. I think I will journal my calories in a notebook that I can carry with me. I lost weight years ago on Weight Watchers. I really liked having the group support. That's one reason I joined Sparkpeople to help me lose weight and get my BP down so I can stop the meds, Here's to a successful journey emoticon - by BERNHO57
  • emoticon - by TPETRIE
    this is my first week yes it helps seeing everything you eat but I know my problem is I don't get enough exercise so I'm great full to the exercise videos I'm always looking for new recipes and meals healthy to loose weight help plan out my week for family that's another reason why I Love Spark People because they have a meal plan - by KMAYDEN
    This is my first day--one day at a time. - by NANADORIS8
  • Im new and have posted to 3 different groups and cant find them posted. What am I doing wrong? New to rooms!! - by PALOMINO777
  • emoticon Did you VOTE TODAY? PLEASE take the time to exercise your right to vote. - by NELDAMAE
  • emoticon Did you VOTE TODAY? PLEASE VOTE for the candidate of your choice. Bonnie E. - by NELDAMAE
    emoticon - by SWEET-T
  • I read on Sparkpeople about using Alli to help burn fat ?! Hmmmmm - by DEBBYNATION
  • Did you say you are loosing 5 to 10 pounds a day ??? - by ANNESPINNEY

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