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Figure Out What You Are Hungry For - It Might Not Be Food



Hunger isn't necessarily for food!

When I am tired, I am hungry for sleep.
When I am thirsty, I am hungry for liquids.
When I am feeling down, I'm hungry for support.
When I am feeling lonely, I'm hungry for people.

Don't eat food when you need friends, or fluids, or sleep!!! Recognize what your hunger actually is for, and satisfy it with what it is craving.

Ice cream rarely gives you extra sleep, quenches your thirst, or gives you a hug!

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  • I have also heard a reference to HALT. I am Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. I ask myself these things before I eat. - by WHITETURTLERAIN
    This is exactly what I needed to read today. The next time I want ice cream, I'm going to ask someone for a hug. - by SUGARBEHONEYPIE
  • These are great points. My husband actually read a book about water, and how most times when people "think" they are hungry, it is really because they are thirsty. Instead of eating first, we always try to drink a full glass of water and see how we feel. Sure enough- the book was right. - by ROCKGODDESS309
  • So true, thank you. Very inciteful. - by JOYOUS1917
  • Excellent words and I really need to remember them - by HAPPYSOUL91
  • This is so true! - by BEBAUGH1
  • My brain tells me to eat out of habit but I am not really hungry at all. - by BEBAUGH1
  • Sometimes for me, it's a combination. I'm tired because I need nutrition. Too tired to figure out what, so I make a bad choice because it's more instantaneous. Having a well thought out plan ready has helped. - by ANGELHUGGS37
  • This is great!! emoticon - by 5GRAMMYDIANA
  • I'm going to repeat this to myself when I am tempted! emoticon emoticon - by AKGIRL362004
  • I have never thought of it this way; it makes so much sense though. Thanks for this.
    - by ANWILLIAMS492
  • Great secret! - by TRISHLEW421
    Thank you! Simple advice can be so obvious yet so easily overlooked. - by GAJHAWKS
  • I teach a mindfulness class, and in it we talk about the "Seven Hungers." They are: Eye, Nose, Mouth, Stomach, Cellular, Head and Heart Hunger. All have their quirks, and most can be satisfied (often better) with things other than food. Great reminder, thanks! - by METALBABE
    So true. What i needed. - by EAYFIT
    That's great. Here is a hug! emoticon - by IDLETYME
  • This is a good message to the Emotional Eater in me. I need to not let my emotions get the best of me. Good advice!!! emoticon - by HIMELISSA2007
  • thank you for hitting the hammer on the head and doing so in such a clear and concise way! - by CHARLIE1357
  • Emotional eating - replacing inefficiencies with food - a moment on the lips, too long on the hips! I have stopped just reaching when the thought hits and starting thinking about why, what, and how I will feel after!

    Great thoughts - by DCWILLIAMS831
    this so true and i love this thank you emoticon - by GAUSTIN8
  • Great info! I understand totally what you mean, I just get out of sync with my own needs and get lazy and reach for food instead. Thanks for the reminder!! - by SRODMAN
  • I've eaten less food since tracking my water because I realise that, half the time my stomach is calling, it's thirsty and not only hungry - by ASMARTERWAY
  • JMB369
    I first learned this concept about thirty years ago when I took a Behavior Modification class for weight loss at the University of Pennsylvania. This was such a good reminder for me. I especially tend to eat when I am tired or bored.

    Tired? Take a nap or do 15 minutes of exercise
    Bored? Keep a jar full of activities and grab one. Call a friend, get out colored pencils and color a mandala; clean a kitchen drawer; grab your camera and photograph something interesting around the house or garden; walk around the block with the dog; brush the dog; get the picture. Short, easy, but engrossing. - by JMB369
  • That's exactly it! Thank you! I often grow hungry when I've become tired of what I'm doing. Monotony makes me hungry. Maybe I should try to fill it with a little bit of activity. - by MOVINGFORWARD81
  • Amen to this!! very motivating emoticon - by BRIDGETTEANNB2
  • I really like that b/c would get a cup, (being honest) a bowl of rainbow sherbet 3-4 nights a weeks. Sleepy or not, trying to fill what ever inside was void. Never filled it of course. Thanks, - by BROWNIRISS
  • This is very profound! - by LEE_CHASSE
  • This is so absolutely true!! I started a book once called Love Hunger. Those were exactly the points in that book. It has been my goal to go back and start that book again, but this time finish it. I'm sure there is a treasure of information there for me. I tend to be an emotional eater.
    Thank you so much for posting this! It just motivated me to pick up that book again and ask myself why I'm snacking in the evening. - by SHARIKAYE
  • I needed to hear this especially tonight, I am an emotional eater, I eat especially when I'm tired or upset. emoticon - by MABELOSER
    WOW... I totally relate to this. emoticon - by WUBIKINS
  • I needed to hear this----I use food as a suppliment for ills it can't cure. Thanks! - by MARG1961
  • I love this. Never thought about it like this. Making a note of it for reference. emoticon - by LCOOK447
  • PINKIE78
    This is so true!! I also love that wonderful insight about ice cream not providing the things I'm really craving. Thanks!! - by PINKIE78
  • PINKIE78
    This is so true!! I also love that wonderful insight about ice cream not providing the things I'm really craving. Thanks!! - by PINKIE78
  • This is so simple but so very true. Never heard the part about emotional eating needing a hug! emoticon - by BODDIEBUNCH
  • This is so true. If I only could remember it every time. I think I need to stick it on the fridge to see it all the time. Thanks for sharing!! emoticon - by CHRISGORGME
    Makes sense! Now to stick to it! emoticon - by TSHIRT24H
  • I agree with all of the comments. I eat for many other reasons than hunger. Fix that, and the rest is a lot easier. I have put a picture of myself when I was at a healthy weight on my frig. It helps sometimes. Maybe a picture of the heavy me would work better. - by TCREECHAN
    I really needed to read this tonight! The last few days I've been doubting my diet plan because I'm not losing the weight like I'm suppose to. And it's because I'm always snacking. This made me realize I'm snacking more because I need some friendly support. Thank you! Definitely posting this on my fridge next time I want to snack. - by NERDY_MAMA
  • I love this poem. Thanks for sharing
    emoticon - by CCABRAL-V14
  • This is so awesome. Things to ask myself before I succumb to eating something or drinking something I really didn't want or need.

    And, not only does the ice cream not fill the void, but I feel bad about eating it afterwards. Thanks so much. - by GLOFRY1
  • I have also heard a reference to HALT. I am Hungry, Angry, Loney, or Tired. I ask myself these things before I eat. - by WHITETURTLERAIN
    This is great advice. What makes this difficult at times is our readiness to face the truth. Of course, the truth sets you free from mindless eating. The key is to develop the habit of reviewing the mental checklist to get to the root cause of those cravings before we eat. I suggest that we apply the basic habit forming principles actively each day, one day at a time, for 21 days, and see if that behavior doesn't become second nature. I am sure we can do it, if we put our minds to it. Good luck to us all! emoticon - by SHORTYCALDWELL1
  • Wow. That Sparked me so much, I put it on my Facebook page, and credited you :-) - by SATCHMO99
  • Very insightful - by BLEGNER1
  • Wow! This is so true but I never thought of it this way. Thank you for the new perspective! - by HECKSYEAH
  • Excellent advice! Thanks! - by JACEUG
  • WILSON1926
    very informative....thanks - by WILSON1926
  • Some really good stuff!! Thanx. - by RICU1952
  • I really needed to read this! I was in denial. Thanks for sharing!! =] - by SWEETSFORCHRIST
  • These are words to live by, thank you emoticon - by EDUKESS
  • Excellent words! I copied it down on a sticky note and stuck it to my fridge! Thanks! - by CANDYGIRL1980
  • You are so right. emoticon - by MELTFATBESVELTE
  • Thanks. - by MAEDAE2
  • Very well written. I think I will share your secret with my team. Thanks. - by CAROLYN0107

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