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When I feel the urge to have a snack I do not need or a craving, I go brush my teeth and make them feel nice and fresh, That way you do not want to ruin the clean taste in your mouth, and if you did go ahead and snack it would not taste the same as the toothpaste taste would interfere and food would

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  • I don't know, it's different if you're actually hungry. I'm a strong believer that you shouldn't ever feel hungry, or it means your metabolism is likely to slow since you're not digesting anything. If it's a hungry craving, you're better to snack on an apple or anything high in fiber and with some healthy fats in it than to go without. If it's just a sweets craving without any hunger behind it, then yes, this is an awesome idea! - by VENART
  • Great Advice, however it doesn't always work for me. Instead I eat a protein snack... like 6 lices of Oscar Mayer Mesquite Turkey which has only 45 calories. A couple of tablespoons of Fage 0% Greek Yogurt or Cottage cheese or a Granny Apple. All stablize blood sugar and help curb appetite. - by SUNSHINE6442
  • Tom's of Maine Gingermint is a good flavor to do this with - NOTHING tastes good after brushing with it! LOL - by 4A-HEALTHY-BMI
  • Mint gum works just like this for me. I'm amazed at how long I can go without thinking about food once I'm chewing away. - by KELLYBW3
  • This is true. And the mouthwash just really seals the deal. emoticon - by BRAYNZ63
  • Couple of things I use:
    1) Water with fruit punch crystal light, no calories however it tastes like a sweet treat
    2) Extra Dessert Gums... lime key pie and strawberry shortcakes are my favs :) - by CARRIEANDRETTI
  • I am going to try this. It can't hurt. i may have the cleanest teeth in all of Colorado whether it works or not. If it works it is a win win. emoticon - by LANABANANA25
  • I childmind and often feel tempted to snack when the children are eating. I always have some fruit out for them so find it helpful to have some for me to eat too so that I don't end up eating their chips etc!!! emoticon - by KEEPRUNNING
  • Mint gum works great! When my kids bring out the snacks, I bring out my gum. Every bite not in my tummy means less tummy I will have! - by NAKAMURA1
  • I like this- I am the "good girl" all day and lose it in the evening- I'll give it a try in the pm to ward of the urge to do some senseless eating. emoticon - by DENRNAJ
  • Great idea, especially for night time snackers! - by MAEVE77
  • emoticon good idea!! - by LAINYC
  • I do this in the evening after my dinner so i dont eat at night and it works so good - by BABYGIRLLOVE1
  • an effective way to stop snacking urges is by means of increasing water intake. Sometimes we tend to mistaken thirst as hunger, hence we end up eating, when in fact we're just hungry. Also another way that helps me fight the urge to snack on is by brushing my teeth or chewing a mint gum after having a meal. This helps me to veer away from thoughts of eating once again :) - by TRUDYFOODY
  • Pickles!!! ...the cheap dill spears... the vinegar kinda sits odd in your stomach and can lessen your cravings... unless you are pregnant... then you may want some ice cream with that. :p - by UNCOMMONANGEL
  • Great idea! emoticon - by NEWLIFESTYLE101
    i do this to keep me from eating right before i go to bed - by DEWAR_NANCY
  • snacking has helped me a lot! . I'm spending this time to really write down what i eat here on sparkppl.. i attempted to write it down before and didn't because i was snacking so much. I hardly snack now and i see the difference in my energy. - by DREADBABY
  • As others have said I do this in the evening after dinner to dissuade me from snacking while I unwind in front of the TV. - by HEAD-UP
  • i prefer taste of food to taste of toothpaste. i want food after brushing my teeth - by MINNIE
    That is a great idea. I know to brush my teeth after I eat to keep me from eating more, but never thought of brushing my teeth to curb a craving. I'll have to try it next time I have a craving for snacking when I shouldn't. Thank you for the idea. - by JOJOPHOENIX
  • I'm going to try it! - by ADEVINE175
  • ALA1959
    What an awesome idea, I will ensure to immediately start it today, thanks a bunch emoticon - by ALA1959
  • I wish I would have read this yesterday! My son opened a package of pretzels which made me remember that we had potato chips, which I have no will power over! Brushing my teeth might have worked. - by KPA1B2
  • This is a great idea. It's a non-calorie way to make you feel healthier! - by INFOANNE
  • i have been doing this for the last few years, mainly in the evenings. i will do it right after dinner if i dont have room for dessert. Or i will do it after ive had dessert so i dont snack any more after that. - by BATTISTOLI76
    If I'm actually hungry, I will eat a snack. If I think I'm hungry, I'm usually bored. I'll floss my teeth!! - by MSFROGGIE
  • And when the toothpaste isn't around...10 calorie starlight mint... - by 4EVERNESS
  • I've done this too! :) - by KARIANNE8
  • I've done this before and I will do it again, especially to help me NOT to snack after 8:00 PM! I would post more, but I have to go brush my teeth! emoticon - by MOONGLOWSNANA
    I think about having to write it down and that makes me more conscious of what I choose to eat. - by RTROISI
    I do the same thing at work when the kitchen puts a plate of brownies in our break room. I keep a tooth brush in my locker. I can't chew gum at work so this is a helpful thing for me. - by CHELLESGOALS36
  • That is interesting way of subsiding the desire to snack on something that you are trying to avoid. I am trying to find a way to resist the cravings that I have for certain foods too. I am sure I will find it. Thanks - by NEWOMAN12
  • This is a great idea. I also drink way too much coffee, and am trying to quit smoking without going back any lbs.

    Sounds like this could be great. Trade the menthol cigarretts and snacking for a healthy mouth:)

    The Toms of Main Gingermint as one of the comments suggested. - by FIT2BME39
  • Night time, after dinner is when I tend to want to eat. What I usually do is brew a cup of Sleepytime Extra Tea. This stuff is awesome. Its a safe herbal tea that relaxes me and makes me sleepy. Usually I sip this while listening to some relaxing music on my Ipod and I forget about eating, get sleepy and go to bed! I add 1/2 packet of Stevia and it makes it a little sweet. emoticon - by RACHELLE52
  • This works for me especially when I'm wanting to snack out of boredom, stress, or some other non hunger issue. emoticon - by DAYSPRING-STAR
  • KAT64KAT
    Another one when your away from home, Carry the Listerine breath freshener strips.
    They are little rectangular strips, They come in a little plastic pack it's easy to carry in purse or pocket. you pop one in & it freshens your breath & curbs that appetite. I have TMJ, so this is great because I can"t chew gum. emoticon - by KAT64KAT
    At night when I usually give in to the snack monster I clip and organize my coupons and check out different sites to add to the coupons I have this way I'm saving money and my waistline - by B_MAXWELL
    I only get hungry in the kitchen. It takes the steps there to ruin my weight and have me fighting for it! - by SQUARE1ATE
  • Great idea thats what I do at night - by RHODESAPRIL1
  • KLB425
    I find the peppermint (or other minty flavors) easily deter my urge to snack.....the minty flavor is so overpowering it takes a while for the taste to subside and by then I have found that I am usually not that hungry for whatever I had been craving before. - by KLB425
  • I have never heard of this but it sounds interesting. I'll give it a try because I do get some serious cravings and sweet tooths. - by 2TIGRE
  • lol, I just posted the same thing- guess its not such a secret - by CARISSAMJOHNSON
  • Thanks 'll try this emoticon - by RARA2256
  • oops! i just posted the same secret. should have checked here first! but i love doing this - it's a great way to ward off snack cravings. - by KITHKINCAID
  • awesome
    - by FOREVER4ME
  • Yeah, this is a good one. I just have to muster up the discipline to do it. :) - by BONITA-GORDITA
  • DAISY2203
    Oh yes this is a great idea and it works wonders! I also sometimes will do a good LONG rinse/swish with Lysterine Total Care which also makes me not want to eat.

    emoticon - by DAISY2203
  • simply yet effective. - by FLUFFYSUE1
  • Love it! - by ROBYNSKIC
  • I did'nt heard about this before but i will give it a try thanks for sharing. emoticon - by MARIA5000
  • emoticon - by DIANE929
  • I have done this too! emoticon - by SUNRISE14
  • I do the same thing when it comes to food. I also let this secret out to other people too to work for them. - by HOPE2BE
  • I do this close to bedtime and it really does work for me! emoticon - by TWYLA053
  • another thing you can do is to chew sugar free-gum. It will keep your mouth busy and there's no way you can put anything in your mouth that way :)) - by PHROSE22
    I will have to remember this one. I wish I would have that about this yesterday when I wanted Chocolate. - by JMURPHY73

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