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I have found that I can do almost any exercise at 55 years old. We can modify our exercise to low impact when necessary. But exercising at any age is so beneficial. It is also FUN!! emoticon

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  • You're darn tootin'! At 62, I walk at least 6 - 8 miles on most days, do Body Pump twice a week, get in Zumba when I can, hike, swim, bike, have two black belts in aikido, and work full time. Age is just a number if you stay active and healthy. - by PUDLECRAZY
    At 59 and holding, I know how important moving your body is for your health. Not exercising will age you quickly. - by TRULYVISIBLE
  • At 71 I have learned how important exercise is. It is what keeps me moving. - by CAM2438
  • I'm 53, almost 54, and find that I am more motivated to exercise and work harder because I do it for health versus being able to wear a bikini. I feel like I can hold my own! - by BIRDLSLAURIE
  • I agree. After turning 50 I realized I don't have a lot of what I had 10 or 15 years ago. So I modify and take breaks as needed. emoticon - by SAGELADY2
  • Yep! I do more at 63 than I did at 53! Completed my first EVER 5K fun run/walk in 59 minutes, at age 62! emoticon emoticon - by TREKPURRSON
  • Wow! I love all these stories! It's very inspiring! I will turn 58 on August 18th and I plan to become more and more active. No excuses! Congratulations to everyone! emoticon - by CKOUDSI617
  • Agreed, I'm 631/2 and I try to walk regularly and am aiming to get some swimming in this summer too.
    - by GINIEMIE
  • I am 70 ,doing more exercise than when I was 50.
    I don't think it is age as much as condition ones body is in. f you are obese, you need to modify your exercises. But even then there are chair exercises or other things one can do.
    I did yoga and pilates all my life with one exception . During the extremely obese years, when I was unable to do but the simplest moves.
    Now I am going full steam ahead. Zumba, circuit train. power lift, water aerobics and walk, walk a lot. I do credit my pilates and yoga for keeping my flexibility and being able to get in shape once I started to lose weight. - by TUBLADY
  • I agree with moderation but yes we can do it. - by HYATTI1
  • Right! I am 55 and exercise at the campus gym. I always go my own speed and stretch more! Several students have commented to me that they wish their moms would exercise! - by SHERRY257
  • Totallllly agree - by STREO2004
    I agree. I am almost 70 and do what I want.
    emoticon - by FRIENDOFBACH
  • Way to go. You are doing great. I also am over 50, although, just (being 51). I mostly walk; but I do plenty of that and I love it. It keeps the stiffness away, and gets me outside and I love all of that. - by CYDNEYLEECH
  • FOX8518
    Way to go! - by FOX8518
  • I'm 54 and find that it's true that you're either in an upward or downward spiral -- the more you do something the easier it is, the less, the harder it is. I got into a great running routine in my 40's, then battled breast cancer, lost ground, and finally got back in to exercising in my recovery after treatment. Now I do ballet, zumba, body combat, pilates, and run. In my ballet class we have a broad age range, from 20's to 80's. One woman is very stooped over from osteoporosis but she still works hard at the barre. As for me, I took ballet one year in elementary school, one year in college PE, then 3 years in my 30's. I started back in this adult ballet class 4 years ago, and I can honestly say I have steadily improved in skill, balance, grace, and flexibility. I never would have thought I could have come so far when I was completing chemo and radiation, and had no energy or fitness.
    You just have to begin right where you are. emoticon - by POLARBEARSCAT
  • I am 55 and have just come to exxercising! - by ANNEDY1
  • I am 55 and have just come to exxercising! - by ANNEDY1
  • I am 53 and have always enjoyed exercise, but now when I think about it I think I enjoy it now more than when I was younger. Live, Learn, Enjoy emoticon - by HOCKEYMOM173
  • Age is a number I choose to disregard most days. My mind says I'm much younger I'm going with that! emoticon

    Exercise feels good! - by JMACLIVES
  • At 53, I am doing more exercise than I did for the past 30 years combined! I also feel and look better. - by CHALLENGER15
  • I have suggested exercise videos for seniors but it falls on deaf ears. I would love to see a person over 50 doing videos for us. I am 68 years young and love my 4 mile walks and Strength training.
    I hope you get around to reading down here. Thanks for the inspiarion, though to may of us Exercise helps not hinders is NO SECRET HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon - by NORASPAT
  • I am not in the best shape of my life, but neither do I want or intend to do all of what I did when I was younger. I am, however, on the way to doing more than I have been, with the help of my SP friends. - by SHOYER
  • Over 60, walking and biking almost every day along with my daily exercises. It makes me feel good inside and out. - by TAKETIMETOO
  • Woohoo! At 67 I still walk 5-6 times a week and feel much better! Something is better than nothing! - by PINK4YOUTOO
  • I am turning 60 this year and love my exercise class. But I am about in the middle as far as age. We have 3 that are in their 80's and although one of them has slowed down considerably(recovering from her 3rd bout of cancer0, the other 2 are going strong. - by CATE195
  • I agree - by CMORISAK
  • At 71 I have learned how important exercise is. It is what keeps me moving. - by CAM2438
  • At age 60+ I have discovered that daily exercise is a must to keep flexible and to keep the arthritis under control! An added bonus - it also keeps depression away! - by 7WORSHIPS
  • I am not 50 yet, but would like to be fit by the time I get there in 4 years. I don't want to think of fifty as a time to slow down and give up. I plan on getting there fitter than I have ever been!! - by CAMAEL100
  • I haven't found an exercise I like yet. I prefer to be doing something that feels like I'm getting somewhere rather than working out on a machine or in a class. - by DENISEFULLER
  • emoticon emoticon - by MASE72
    Whoo hoo! My hubby is 66 and loves going to the gym. When he doesn't he feels bad. He's in better shape that he was in his 30's. Congratulations. - by WRITINGDIVA1
  • Exercise used to seem like work when I was younger. Now, it is play time. The best stress reliever I have. - by JERICHO1991
  • I'm 77 and do the Jane Fonda workout a few times each week. Most people can't believe how limber I am.
    I have spinal spinosis and the exercises help me to stay mobile. - by LEANMEAN2
  • I totally agree. I am 51, Sept 2010 I had Carpal Tunnel release, Sept 2011 I blunted my Meniscus and Feb 2012 I had Trigger Finger Release. This on top of many Medical Conditions. I am just now getting back to a somewhat regular routine and it feels GREAT!!!!! - by DUTCH1811
  • emoticon emoticon - by FLUTTERFLI
    I agree with all of you. I'm 58, had a total hip replacement in November and have had to modify most exercise, but I am still exercising. Has really helped with the recovery too. - by JTCHIP
    As we age we never stop learning. At 62 I've learned that I CAN EXERCISE and not have to endure pain. I can do a Leslie Sansone Walk at Home 2 mile program, do some lifting weights, and still have loads of energy to go on with the day. I'm much happier with myself, my blood pressure has lowered, my eating habits are improving, and I just feel so good all around. I wear my pedometer wherever I go and it only comes off at night when I go to bed. It's just part of me from now on. :) - by SUZZQ4LIFE
  • I am now 67 and wouldn't think of not exercising. I have had to adjust my workouts from a few years ago but i still do everything I did before, just different. - by LYNCHD05
    Thank you for sharing. You are so right! At 58 I'm trying to get healthy and stay healthy. Exercises feels good and is fun. As we get older we see things a whole lot different. We change are idea of what is important. Modification is a great thing!!!! emoticon - by DEARTOMYHEART
  • I think we are more determined the older we get and we can adapt to our physical abilities with more SPARK. - by HYATTI1
  • I am 53 years old and I am more active than many of my younger friends. I walk my 10,000 steps a day and keep a very active lifestyle. I feel much younger now than I did 10 years and 30lbs ago. Just keep moving. - by HOCKEYMOM173
  • SUSANS706
    Exercise is now a daily part of my life! Yes, I need to modify sometimes, but I feel better than I have in years! - by SUSANS706
  • I turned 50 this summer and am now in the best shape I have ever been in my life! I twisted my pelvis last winter while walking. My doctor had me go to physical therapy for 6 weeks. I learned a lot of exercises there and have added more from sparkpeople. I feel great and look the best I have in years! I can now walk 4-5 miles several times a week with no problem! - by AGILLASPIE60
  • CONNIE1-11
    oh yeah you got that right ! at 61 I do more exercise than I have ever done and feelin' mighty fine ! - by CONNIE1-11

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