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Treat your dollar bills like your spare change. At the end of the day take your singles and put them in a piggy bank. You will be surprised at how fast they add up I then deposit mine in the bank at the end of every month.

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  • I have fallen in love with the Caramel Frappes from McDonalds. A church member gave me a recipe for them. Now I make my own at home. However, when I do, I charge myself $2.00. If I don't have $2.00 in my wallet at that time, I don't get to make one. Then I deposit my $2.00 in my little Tootsie Roll Bank that I got from the Dollar Store. Just this month alone, I have already saved $14.00. emoticon - by NEWATTITUDE2010
  • loose change and dollars add faster than we think!! - by SUNRIDEZEPHYR
  • i put $5 notes in a jar on the top of the kitchen shelf - every day and see it get more and more filled. the visual impact encourages me to do it more emoticon - by PHILHALL
  • When I joined Curves, I opened a separate checking account for the Monthly Draft to pay the membership. I put all my $1 bills in that account and it more than covered my membership fee for the first year. After that I received a Free Year for losing my first 100 pounds. Then she hired me, and Employees get a Free Membership. - by LJCANNON
  • we have a huge culligan bottle that at the end of every day we put our spare change into and that is our vacation fund. I also have a little wallet in my purse I use purely to put all my spare change in so I can the deposit it into the jar weekly. - by MISS_614
  • Super idea to add even more to it.. even if it's a dollar more a week that's still $52 more a year then you had to begin with. Thanks for sharing. Donna - by DGFOWLER
  • I don't do this with all of my ones, but I used to throw in a few bills here and there - whatever I have in my wallet that I know I won't miss. The advantage to just adding a few here and there is that they end up buried in the change, so you don't even know its there until you go digging through the change. It's a nice bonus when your feeling strapped for cash. (Kind of like the random cash I'll find in my winter coat pockets when I first take them out for the season.) - by BOHOBONFIRE
  • I have two piggy banks that I always put change into. Sounds like a good idea to roll them and deposit every month. I will start doing it! - by DOITTOIT2
  • I've been doing coins forever (I am the person who picks up the discarded pennies *grin*); the only coins that rarely get deposited are the quarters because those serve as laundry money. I will probably be able to do better with that once I get my own home and appliances. - by DRAMAQUEEN1913
  • i have a huge ceramic piggy bank that i stick dollars, fives, and change into... dont carry much cash so it will take me a while to fill up... but someday :) - by 11PHILLIPS
  • I do this with loose change. It does add up. - by HALLELUL
  • NAGEM26
    I do that with spare change and sometimes dollar bills. We cash them in every 6 months to a year and it adds up. - by NAGEM26
  • Great idea. I always use the money that I make to pay for anything the kids want or need. Well I'm out of work, and the kids had already planned to go to camp. Well I just rolled enough change to pay for one of them to go, so we don't have to take it from the bill money. emoticon - by AFTERMYKIDS
  • I choose to stick with change. I have a lot more will power to leave the change alone whereas the dollars would get spent if I needed money to tip the pizza person, singles to carry to church for the offerings, etc. I once saved over $300 in change and had no urge to spend it. I eventually had to use it for an emergency. - by DANIRY
  • Great idea! I think I'll do this at the end of the week. I also use a debit card, and don't usually carry around a lot of change. However, I do carry my "lunch" and emergency spending change with me. I can replenish this each week; after putting the unspent money for the previous week, in a jar. I can even challenge myself to save more each week.

    Kudos! emoticon - by MZSPB1
  • I do this as well! I just counted up my loose change and had about $40. Loose dollars don't seem to last as long because I know they are there and tend to dip in them when I need a few dollars here or there. - by KSTYLEFITNESS
  • I've always done this with my change. Then I roll the coins and take them to the bank to be deposited into my savings. I hadn't thought about adding the $1's to the jar. (It is funny I came across this tonight as I just rolled coins last night.) - by SWEETPEA05
  • SHERRY217125
    I have been saving my loose change in a water cooler jar for a while. I need to start putting 1's and 5's away too. - by SHERRY217125
  • I used to do this and need to get back into the habit. I would put anything smaller than a $5 in the jar. Since I started using my Debit card for 99% of my purchases, I dont carry much change or bills anymore. - by LONEWOLFE31730
  • i put the notes in a glass vase and watch it fill up - the visual impact adds to the feeling of success. emoticon - by PHILHALL
  • This is a great idea. I have been doing this for years putting my singles along with loose change into a water cooler jug and I was amazed at how much I was actually saving. emoticon - by LADYDEE54
  • I do my change this way and I used to do dollar bills but my grandkids kept getting them out when they needed something so I stopped. I may start that again. I always said I was gonna use that money to go to Disney World with my kids but they're grown now. - by SUTHRNWMN
  • emoticon for the ideas! I have always saved change in a beautiful old wooden piggy and then give myself a treat when it's full. I also have a box where I keep a supply of larger bills. I try to keep at least $200 in there for urgent needs. Now, I think I'll empty my wallet of $1 bills and change every day and find a special purpose for my $1 savings -- such as a spa day when I've lost another 10 pounds. Yay! emoticon - by CHERMRTN
  • ihave been doing this for yesrs and it really adds up. emoticon - by DIETER27
    I have 3 places where I keep extra money. I just forget them until I need money. I can have over $500.00 in one place. - by NAOLEE
    emoticon - by NAOLEE
    I save all of my change and then use it to pay bills at the end of the month or I use it for recreation - by LAQUANTA30
  • I like this idea. I already have a change and gold dollar jar. My daughter uses it as her donation jar. I think I'll start a new one for vacations. - by YULLABELLE
  • MOBIUS56
    I save one dollar bills all year. Then add it to my savings. - by MOBIUS56
    great idea!!! - by STARSHINE67
  • My daughter is a hairdresser. She saves her $1 bills and has saved hundreds each month. she used it as her emergency fund or towards something she's been saving up for such as vacation. : ) - by LADY_KATHY
    When I was working I would divide my paycheck between bills, bank & myself. I would always carry my pocket money which I knew I could spend freely. When the next paycheck came I would take all the money I had left and put it in a jar. Then I would divide up my new paycheck & start over. I saved enough of "my money" to buy my family great gifts for Christmas! emoticon - by WIGGLYARMS
    My Grandmother is forgetful so she never misses the change I pick up from her and put in my purse. The amount can range from coins up to several dollars so it really adds up. Way to go me! - by DEBRADOKHT
  • great idea! - by WOLFFMOTHER
  • I need to stop using my Debit Card for everything and use cash more -- Than I would be able to save the change. I really belive if we stop using the Debt cards for everything we wouldn't spend as much as we do. - by TWEAVER8
  • Thanks for sharing everyone! emoticon - by SEWFITSINGER
  • Great idea! - by RUNNER4LIFE08
  • Thanks for sharing. Great idea! - by FRANCESLUCAS
    Good idea. - by BLOOMING52

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