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Do 1000 Steps Per Hour



Just do 1000 steps per hour and by the end of the day its easy to get in 10,000 steps.

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    It takes me 8 minutes to walk 1000 steps and I also do this every hour. I average 22,000 a day. - by BRITNIWHITSON
  • emoticon - by DELLMEL
    emoticon Thanks for sharing. Keep positive everyone, put one foot in front of the other and lets get walking!!! Running works too! emoticon - by LOVINGKATE
  • I thank you for your suggestion and it's great this works for you. I must try it.
    What bothers me is the negativity of people who automatically say they cannot do it. To each their own. Stop bitching and pulling apart something that works for someone else. For all of you out there that are TOO big or TOO busy, instead of making comments on it not working for you, take the time and find what does work. The time it took to put down someone else could have gotten you an extra few steps in today! - by FIFTYTOFAB
  • At my weight, condition, I am happy to get 1,000 steps in a day. emoticon - by PYNETREE
    Thanks for sharing. This doesn't work for me. - by BANNERMAN
    If the Leslie Sansone dvd I have, is any indication of 1K steps per hour.. yes, the 30 minute walk/jog one is perfect, but it takes half of the 'said' hour to achieve this. - by MOTLEM
  • KYOSHI216
    I always wanted to know, why 10000? I've worked two jobs for a very long time and didn't get close to 10000 steps. They were not sit down jobs either. I don't like pedometers. - by KYOSHI216
  • Might be easier for folks that don't have full time jobs. - by LUNA_IS_MY_HERO
  • Good idea. Time for me to purchase a pedometer! - by ARTISTGATOGIRL
  • Sometimes you can get in some extra steps easier than you think. While you are standing there brushing your hair or teeth while getting ready in the morning, march in place. At the sink washing dishes, cooking at the stove, folding clothes out of the dryer. Waiting for the microwave to beep. When you go to the store park further out in the parking lot than you normally would so that you have to walk more steps. Bringing in groceries? Do it one bag at a time instead of 3 or 4. Putting laundry away, put away each piece instead of a stack at a time. - by PERKYDEBI
  • It's a nice idea, but not exactly doable for me while I'm at work - like others here have said. I do as much as I can during the day, but yesterday was really the first day in weeks that I've gotten anywhere near even 5,000 steps. - by CARLYSTUR
  • Yah, right ! - by BLPRETTYGIRL1
    great tip - by LCRUMLEY81
    Great idea - by MHALLM
  • Also it takes me 20 minutes to walk a mile so that's 1.5 hours of walking to get in 10,000. Conversely, 1,0000'steps would equal ten minutes of walking every hour for ten hours - is that doable for most people? - by GLENMORRISGIRL
  • The average person walks 2000 steps per mile, so 10,000 steps is like walking 5 miles. Most of us won't casually accomplish this but will haven to work darn hard to achieve 10 pop steps. - by GLENMORRISGIRL
  • It always bothers me when people say, "just do..." doesn't do much for me. How do you possibly get in 1,000 steps in an hour 10X. I need to hook up my pedometer and see how many steps I take in a normal day and go from there. - by SJKENT1
  • I like the idea of walking in the mall. You can add up lots of steps - by FATFIRL
  • Thanks for sharing - by LEANMEAN2
  • What are your suggestions of things to do each hour? - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • Great idea! - by GRACIEGIRL93
    Thanks - by BANNERMAN
  • Yes. Its amazing how those steps add up! - by CECELW
  • I walk on my treadmill or the mall, or the walking trail. It takes me about 1 1/2 hours to get 10,000. I average a 20 minute mile. emoticon - by WATCHINW8
  • I have a desk job and my goal is 10000 steps daily. I do Leslie Sansone or Biggest Loser walking DVD in the evening and that helps me meet my goals. One day I had 16000 steps on my fitbit. I love it. Whatever your goal just keep moving!
    emoticon emoticon
    Muriel - by JOYFUL452003
    Good idea! I like it. Must Try? - by ROSCOEKR
  • What a great idea. I think I'll start with 1000 steps every 2 hours and work my way to 1000 steps every hour. - by SUZHOO
  • I so miss walking. I can barely walk around the house much less do ten thousand steps a day. Good luck to all of you. Maybe when the ortho gets both my braces I can do more. - by CLIMBERS_ROCK
  • How far is 10,000 steps? - by ETFON4
    Dang...... Keep Sparking - by SHANNONY84
    must try - by LCRUMLEY81
  • This is a great idea but I have sit down job where almost 8 hrs is sitting answering 10 telephone lines. It's hard to get up and get in 500 steps a day let alone 1000 an hour. I love the idea however I'm not sure everyone would be able to do it. emoticon But, I have to tell you it still sparks me!! - by DGFOWLER
    I was averaging between 6,000-7,000 steps per day but seldom 10,000. I don't have a desk job so it is easier for me then most, but 10,000 steps every day is a challenge. To get the steps in to reach my goal I needed to push myself. My goal every morning before work is 1,000 steps, then whatever I get through the day which usually amounts to another 5,000-6,000. When I get home I slip in a DVD and workout, I use the On Demand Fitness, I march in place during commercial breaks, and a light jog. I don't stop until I reach 10,000 steps. - by TEATIME66
  • Good suggestion. Some might be able to try it but I'm sure that not all can, but thanks for the thought. - by LEANMEAN2
  • emoticon terrific ideas - by PRECIOUS1166
  • I make sure I walk when I am on the phone, even just marching on the spot and that gets my steps up a lot - by LYNETTEMOM
  • I'd like to know, too. What in the world do you do, all day, everyday, that you can get in 1000 steps in an hour, every hour x 10 hours? Tthe only time I've gotten in 10,000 steps in a day was when I was at a Fair or Disney, or a place like that, where I just walked almost constantly all day and into the evening.
    Thanks for sharing. We'll all keep trying. - by J2740LOU
    emoticon Great suggestion! - by CEEMAY
    Good idea but I don't know how I' ll do it. The most I did was maybe 7000 + steps as recorded by my pedometer. I would like to do more. Mostly , I do as much as 4000 steps per day emoticon - by JGMARIE80
  • Yes! Good idea! - by MONTREAL12
    What a fantastic idea. emoticon - by SLIMWANNABE10
  • I don't know about achieving 1000 per hour in a desk job, but it's a worthwhile goal. I use tricks like (1) walking to a co-worker's desk instead of emailing or IM-ing, (2) walking to the printer every time I send a print job (if it's a big print job, I get in some wall push-ups while I wait), or (3) taking the long way home - find a long way back from the restroom and take that route every time you go (if you are doing 8 glasses of water a day, that should be good for a few walks!) - by PATIMAGE
  • OK, if you have a job where you can move around at - by FRAN0426
  • great idea, thanks - by GRGAP86
  • TERID816
    A great goal, but not really doable at most jobs. My average stride is 28". That's 2.33 feet. Multiply that by 1000 = 2330 feet. Divide that by 5280 ft/mile = 0.44 miles. Let's say I walk those 1000 steps at an average walking 16 minute mile pace = 7.04 minutes. Most jobs allow a 15 minute break 2X daily and frown on constant break taking, so let's assume that if we walked both 15 minute breaks. Now that's more doable. 10000 steps for my calculated stride would take approximately 31 minutes, which is just a tad over the total of my two breaks - now how to fit in trips to the restroom! - by TERID816
    I like it!! emoticon - by RITAROSE
    I also bounce my legs whenever I'm sitting down. I figure any moment burns some calories. - by IAMTOLOSE
  • emoticon - by GR8AUNTCYB
    emoticon emoticon - by HIGHNOON
    Great idea! - by SCOTLA
  • Good tip. Check progress every hour to focus here - by TONILISA2
  • How does that work...? Do you just walk around really fast for an hour solid? emoticon - by PYNETREE
  • emoticon - by ROBB1N
    that's great goal to work for - by LCRUMLEY81
    Gonna give this one a shot! - by SDAILEY4
  • emoticon - by ELAINE571
    Great idea. About how many minutes does it take to walk in place, without moving about? It's too cold for me to go outside! - by DANDYDONNAJ
  • emoticon - by CHAIRUL
  • CONNIE1-11
    emoticon - by CONNIE1-11

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