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I was absolutely intimidated to go to the gym, fearing that it was full of jocks who would just laugh at an old woman. I waited until I lost the weight and did four months of SparkPeople strength training before I got the nerve to join. I should have joined earlier! I found that people are focused on their own efforts, that there are other people like me, and the only people who don't fit in are those who are rude!

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  • I agree! I've been going to the gym for years; at all sizes! All I've ever received is encouragement. There are those who are self focused and some who never connect with anyone but generally people are friendly and supportive. When I see someone new come in; especially if they are carrying a lot of weight, I can't help but admire them for getting there! I know how hard those first few visits can be. - by JOYINKY
  • I, too, was so glad when I got the courage to join a gym but a person's encouraging smile made all the difference. So please remember when you see that fat and out of shape person come in, your welcoming attitude may make them want to come again! - by LSIG14
  • I want to join the Y this week. You have given me encouragement to do it. Thanks so much! - by WENPLUSKEN
  • I too was scared to go to the gym at first. Walking head on into that fear was the best thing I ever did! :) HUGS! - by BEEJAY49
  • Thank you for posting something that I really relate to. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that thinks I should get in shape before joining a gym. I actually have to laugh at the absurdity. You have encouraged me to try my local fitness club. - by DRUSHKA26
    Thanks for sharing. - by BANNERMAN
  • Thanks for sharing, I too are a bit timid of going to the gym. - by AMBER461
  • I also thought the same thing about going to classes at my gym-I thought everyone would be watching me but I realized everyone is just concentrating on what they are doing-now I really enjoy these classes !!!
    Thanks for sharing!!! - by MAMAMOOSE54
  • EXACTLY the same for me! I was nervous at first, actually, I felt sick at the thought of going and assumed everyone would laugh at me - but not so. I'm 62, I've now lost 40lbs and love going to the gym! I'm moving weights which really do surprise the personal trainer - on the adduction machines, I'm moving 95kgs (210lbs) with relative ease; I'm definitely coping with heavier weights than most women there; 250 abs crunches at a time, and, even with painful arthritic feet, I can actually run for mile on the 'dreadmill' - unheard of for around 35 years! It really isn't scary, I feel right at home there and nobody sniggers at anyone, and there are adults of every age and size there. - by CHEBBA
  • Getting there is never easy but once you've made it gets easier. emoticon - by PROPMAN1
  • Glad you finally went to see how much fun you can have while staying in shape. - by KEEPITUP4LIFE
  • Taking the first step is the hardest. Then you learn to go with the flow! emoticon - by MOONGLOWSNANA
  • I am lightyears away from being able to join a Gym! - by PYNETREE
  • I don't care what others think I am there to get heathy. - by DELLMEL
    I agree. As an older woman who spends a lot of time at the gym, I have never felt discrimination or unkindness. People are there to get healthy and I am one of them. - by VAINVT
  • Thanks for sharing. - by LEANMEAN2

    Thanks - by BANNERMAN
    Thanks - by SCOTLA
  • I was too intimidated to go to the gym. If I had not found Curves I probably would have never started exercising and never lost the weight. I only went to Curves for 6 months because my location closed but their set up got me started and I will always give them credit. I have been going to Planet Fitness now for about 1 1/2 years. I also give credit to the fitness instructor they used to have. Taking her body part classes made going to the gym fun for me and I learned so much from her. The machines are great but knowing how to exercise without machines is even better! - by 1LAZYCOOK
  • I'm glad you were able to go to the gym and find it useful. - by ROBB1N
    Thank you for sharing! - by SHANNONY84
  • I joined Planet Fitness march 14th. No one bothers me or looks at me. Everyone minds theri own business. It had a great price 10 bucks a month, 10 down and no contract plus taxes. I go every day, twice a day sometimes.
    I love it. emoticon emoticon - by PENNYPACKER3
  • emoticon - by 2592SC
  • I have never joined a gym, mostly because I don't like feeling like others are watching me when I work out. But after all the comments here, I think I will at least take a tour of one of the gyms in town. - by TERESANAVARRO
    I agree and if the first gym you try out does not feel right join the one that does! - by LJEINVT
  • Thanks for sharing! - by MICHELELYNN777
  • I can relate, for at one time I felt too obese to show up at the gym.. It was all in my head , as soon as I got that part of me on track I have been a daily member at a wonderful gym, There is every size and age and everyone has always been friendly. I try to be as friendly as I can, especially to the newbies. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by TUBLADY
  • Like anything new...nothing is better than a try!
    Congratulations on going and joining and giving those who are afraid a reason to try!! - by CHERYLSBUTT
  • I belong to the Y and there is every shape, size and age. We are all happy to be part of a community that cares about being fit. there is room for everyone! - by LYNCHD05
  • If you have this concern it should be possible for you to stop in for a tour of the facility and discuss the philosophy of the club and its staff.

    If you don't feel comfy during the tour - look elsewhere.

    I am pleased to hear that you eventually made it to the gym and it was a positive place. emoticon - by KATBOXJANITOR
    emoticon I will be turning 65 in june and my supplement insurance gives me free accses to YMCA,curves for women and onother health club so I am looking forward to all that, but for now I use treadmill 20 min.a day plus 10,000.steps or more a day,and it is boring doing it by myself. - by SRDJAN1

  • I agree - by LTMURPHY7
  • I thought the same thing but when I finally went I too realized that no one was paying any attention to me. - by JEANNINEMM68
  • emoticon on getting the nerve to join the gym! - by FITWITHIN
  • I find that sometimes when I really don't want to go and work out, I force myself to go workout anyway, I'm glad I did after I did my workout, my mood is elevated, I'm glad that I worked through my mood to a better mood. My attitude is improved as well as my mood. emoticon - by LDYFXSTS
  • Right on all accounts! There can be a lot of friendly companionship at the gym; I find most of the people either friendly, helpful, or both. Only recently, I have encountered a 'mean girl' at the gym. Honestly, it's like she never grew out of middle school mentality. And yes, she is the one that doesn't fit in. Everyone just ignores her when she gets spiteful. - by PUDLECRAZY
  • I can relate. I have a YMCA 10 minutes away, it took months to get the nerve to go in. I first received a 1 week pass from a friend and started water aerobics which I love. You have encouraged me to move on to the gym and all that wonderful equipment. Thank you! - by REDROSEMARIE
  • I joined Planet Fitness..they seem to be pretty good...and they post that there is no judgement. I think that was what made me decide to join plus the 24 hour access. - by HYATTI1
  • Thanks for sharing your experience! - by NEWHORIZONSR4ME

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