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Alway Eat A Protein With A Carb.



While it is the most helpful thing to know about eating with diabetes, I am surprised how many people don't know this "secret." ALWAYS combine a carb with a protein at every meal or snack.

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Since protein is absorbed into the system slower than carbs, it helps slow down the carbs, therefore reducing what is commonly known as the sugar rush.

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  • I believe it should be "Always eat a Protein with a Carb" meaning that while you can have a protein by itself, you should NEVER EVER have a carb by itself. - by LITTLEWIND53
  • This is NOT a panacea, but . . . if you overdo the carbohydrates in a meal, try drinking several glasses of water, which seems to help to "dilute" the syrup floating around in your bloodstream. (The best advice, of course, is don't overdo the carbs in the first place.) emoticon - by ADIPOSEROSE
  • This may not be "medically reviewed," but it's physiologically true. Just to clarify: you can eat proteins on their own, but as any diabetic (and especially any hypoglycemic) should know, you should always try to combine a carb (say, an apple or a pear) with some kind of protein (a slice of cheese, an egg, a piece of meat). Proteins take longer to digest than carbohydrates, so they slow down your metabolism of the carbs, too. Glucose spikes (the kind you might get from drinking a regular Coke) cause an over-compensation of insulin in those who still produce it; the trick is to keep your blood sugars as level as possible throughout the day, which is why you want the low-glycemic whole grains that don't cause spikes vs. the processed white breads, pasta, and rice that do. - by ADIPOSEROSE
  • I do have a tendency to forget t his.
    Iris - by IRISSTUART
  • I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip. I'm new at this and don't really know what I'm doing. I don't even know how many carbs I should be having to lose weight, but I will remember this one. - by CLYPOL
  • of all the research I had to do on diabetes I never ran across this until I read the Insulin Resistant Diet. It is so basic, and so effective, It is difficult to understand why it isn't one of the first things we learn.
    Thanks for sharing sucb an effective tool. - by HUNGRYWOMAN2
  • Great reminder for those of us who have drifted off track a little! - by LSIG14
  • Thank you kindly for this information. - by DIETER27
  • My oldest son has Type I Diabetes and has a protein snack twice/day to keep his blood sugar level. - by PATRICIAANN46
  • I was a potato chip snacker, I have been snacking on pork skins instead. My bs levels are down. Any other options? - by GREENSAPPHIRE
  • BOBBBI_61
    I knew about this for when I was @ the hospital for when I became a diabetic,
    but sometimes a person forgets to do this ugh. and glad you brought it to my,
    attention again. - by BOBBBI_61
  • I am pre-diabetic and want to do everything I can to never reach the diabetic status. This is great advice. Thank you. emoticon - by CGASKEW44
  • Thanks for the reminder. - by FIONA-SKYE
  • There is so much I need to learn about eating as a diabetic and appreciate this one about eating protein with a carb. I am going to ask a lot of questions on my next visit to the Diabetic Clinic this month. Thank you! - by MJOHNSTON71
  • This is a wonderful tip, even for a long-term diabetic like me. Thank you for sharing it. - by MONTANALADY46
  • I looked it up and Diabetic Acidosis is caused when you burn fat for energy, not proteins, so I was wrong on that one. But there is a lot of research that says you should not go below 20g carbs in your diet. We all need balance in our diets. - by PINKLACEHAT
  • I will have to check on the advise to eat protein and no carbs, I know there is something called Diabetic Acidosis and I believe that is when you use proteins for energy instead of cards and I think that is very unhealthy too.

    I do agree with eating a carb and a protein together. - by PINKLACEHAT
    Thanks for the info. I knew about protein, but its easier to ignore, will get back in stream keep healthy>> - by ANNJAG1
    I'm a diabetic who takes no meds any longer. I forget to eat any protein at breakfast. I'll eat cereal, but no eggs or cheese or peanut on toast. I will try to remember you're piece of info! Thanks so much and have a blessed day! - by LOULOUWLG40
    As mentioned, proteins take a long time to turn into energy, and don't raise our glucose level at all. Likewise fats. Likewise low glycemic index carbs.

    So folks, "eat protein with your carbs" should be turned into "knock off the high glycemic carbs, and eat lots of proteins and fats as your primary energy source". emoticon

    Those of you who enjoy your disease, please ignore this advice. - by JWCOLBY
    Insulin resistance is caused by too much carbs, forcing our bodies to produce too much insulin. Yes, too much insulin in the bloodstream is the CAUSE of insulin resistance, but that is triggered by our eating too much carbs. Stop eating carbs, and the body stops producing insulin in response to those carbs.

    Now, think about this... insulin dependent diabetics are told by their doctors to "eat carbs all day long, and inject insulin right after eating those carbs." Hmmmm..... emoticon doesn't that trigger an alarm bell? How about "eat very few carbs, and those must be low glycemic index carbs". Voila, no more insulin injections required.
    - by JWCOLBY
    Did you know that carbs are not necessary? That's right, you can live your entire life and never eat a carb and your body will tick along just fine. Carbs are difficult to avoid, and are not bad for us in moderation, but this whole "eat carbs every chance you get" is precisely what got us diabetics into our disease in the first place.

    Carbs CAUSE hunger. More precisely, carbs are turned into glucose, which triggers insulin, which pulls the glucose out of the blood stream. When the glucose falls too low, the brain says EAT, which we interpret as hunger. Want to know how to not feel hungry? Don't eat carbs!

    - by JWCOLBY
    Wow. Thanks for that tit bit. I will remember this. - by YOLHOL
    What kind of protein can I have if I am having cereal with a banana for breakfast" - by SLIMISTA
  • I just learned about this -- and it certainly makes sense. Thanks for posting it! - by ASPENHUGGER
  • I didn't know about combining a carb with a protein. Thanks for letting me know! - by POUNDSAWAY13
    I know about this but it's hard to teach old dogs new tricks. I sometimes load up in proteins and forget my carbs. Now that I 'm tracking my food, I know which goals were met and which aren't. Thanks for the reminder . emoticon - by JGMARIE80
  • great advice, that I sometimes forget! Thanks for reminder. - by FISHER011
    Thanks all -- I appreciate all tips on gluten-free and vegan tips for diabetes control. Mary's flax crackers and Tofutti Herbs & chives makes a great snack. Tofutti "better than cream cheese" in 2T has 60 calories, 5 grams fat, 2g carbs, and 1g protein. I'm new to pleased it that it exists w/ an amazing community. Thanks! - by MARTIFUN
  • Something to keep in mind, thanks! - by MFLYNN8
  • Great advice. - by SUNSHINE6442
  • Thank you all. My blood workup hasn't come back yet but the first one showed signs of prediabetes. I figure reading up can only help and these blogs do. emoticon - by ROSEBUD1954
  • I didn't know that, but it makes sense. Although I am new at this, I try to do this
    at every meal. Thank you for reinforcing to me that I am on the right track. - by SUPPLEMENT
  • I didn't know that, but it makes sense. Although I am new at this, I try to do this
    at every meal. Thank you for reinforcing to me that I am on the right track. - by SUPPLEMENT

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