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so often we are told to have a walking buddy, to make it fun, but for me, i stay more motivated if i walk alone, i cant walk and talk without getting winded faster, so its better for me to walk alone

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  • I enjoy walking alone as well, kind of peaceful time to share the quietness and joy of your own space! - by MELODYSPARKLES
  • Right on! - by SAPPHIRETYGER
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    emoticon GLAD I'm not the only one

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  • I agree. Walking alone is great. I love to listen to my ipod and I can't if I am walking with someone else. - by CLIPGIRL
  • Agreed! When I walk with a buddy they want to talk and then I don't get much of a work out but when i'm alone with my music I really burn it up. - by LRUSSELL6
  • Due to a back condition, I can't walk very much. I used to and really enjoyed it. - by LEANMEAN2
  • I prefer walking alone too. I can walk faster and I love having tht time to pray and/or meditate. - by GWINNER1
  • Me too. I zone out to tunes which makes me go faster.
    I will walk with a buddy to motivate her but the pace definitely slows down. - by REALKIEKEY
  • I love when I get the chance to walk alone - by SJKENT1
  • I agree! - by HERA22VA
  • I feel the same way... its my time to zone out to my music... fi a friend wants to walk I will walk with them.. its bonus exercise for me... but I still get my run in at my pace.. - by XRAYLADY65
    Amen. As much as I like walking with people, its nice to walk by myself. I find I enjoy and notice my surroundings much more when I walk solo. - by HANSBRINK
  • I get a lot of good prayer time in on days I walk outside - by CECELW
  • Walking alone has its pros and cons. Somehow, if I walk alone...i walk slower. Usually any walking buddy i've had walks a bit faster than i do so...i have to up my pace. Not a 'bad' thing. Sometimes walking alone is good cause I get to think through whatever situation is at hand. emoticon - by PROPMAN1
  • I find it better to walk alone with my music emoticon or emoticon , too. Unless the person I am with is focused on 'walking', I am inclined to follow the pace and conversation of my friend instead of setting my pace for her. - by J2740LOU
    emoticon - by KATTYLYNN1
  • I walk along sort of anyways. I love walking with others, but walking alone definitely sets my own pace. And I have a toddler in a stroller in tow anyways to keep me company. She enjoys the animals and the sites, and I enjoy the break from the house. - by RUNNING-TURTLE
  • I like walking alone too. But not really alone because I walk with the dog(s). I choose when, the route, pace , and distance. If I need to stop and catch my breath (asthma) I'm not holding anyone up. Walking outside and enjoying the changing scenery is good for the soul. We never miss a day ! - by WHIPPETWALKER
  • I do indoor walking, with Leslie Sansone videos. And I prefer to be alone, too. I even kick out Hubs while I walk.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon - by CLARALAW
  • I also like to walk alone and speak to the Lord about my problems. - by KHALIA2
  • JULIA_211
    I like walking alone too, my own pace. emoticon - by JULIA_211
  • Give you a chance to thank the Lord for everything he has done for you. Praising him for a beautiful day as you walk. - by DELLMEL
  • Same here. - by JD394471
    I too walk alone. It gives me time to clear my mind and talk to God. I make myself take breaks at work every 2 hours and try to take about 2000 steps each time. This is enough time to commune with God and refresh me before going back in my office. emoticon - by GRACEFUL32
    Do what works for you and keep working it~ - by SHANNONY84
  • I like walking alone too!!
    - by CAMAEL100
  • I like the idea of walking with others for the safety in numbers........but then I would worry was I walking too slow or too fast for them. And here in the country where I live there has been bear sightings around our area so I guess if I want to get steps in I turn my Health Walker towards the patio windows and watch the SMALL wildlife feeding in my yard......LOL. Of course if a bear got after me like he did the neighbors donkeys then that would be considered aerobic exercise!! - by GRAYGRANNY
    very true - by LCRUMLEY81
    I also like to walk alone unless you count my dog. He keeps me great company. I tried walking with someone and found I was walking slower because I didn't want to walk too fast for her - by MARILYNNBARR
  • Walking is my quiet time, my ME time. I prefer it to walking with others but inevitably people invite themselves to go with me. I find that I walk faster if i am alone and it is my time to clear my mind. And I agree with ALEANERME2, if I am alone, I can walk at whatever pace I want too...depending on how I feel at that time. - by GLORIAMAJDI
  • WOODLAND SPRYTE: You may have to just be honest with your lunch time walking buddy and just explain to her that you are trying to improve your health and need to walk at a faster pace which won't allow you to carry on conversations.

    And you never know, maybe she feels pushed to walk faster than she is able and this will solve her problem as well.

    Good luck with it. - by SMALLONE22
  • I agree! I ran into a friend last night while I was out walking, and she said that I should call her so that we can walk together. I feel selfish, but I don't want to walk with anyone. I enjoy walking alone. I want to be able to set my own pace and vary it as I want. I like to think and listen to my music and not have to talk. I can work out at a harder pace if I'm alone. - by MALAMI518
    I solve a lot of problems by talking them through with myself as I walk. Some days, that's the biggest motivator to go for my walk. - by SKINNYMINI2011
  • Sometimes walking is the only time all day that I am alone. I'm not a loner by any means but I do crave my alone time. - by HIKERJOHNSON
  • emoticon - by B28680
  • I actually don't like having a workout buddy. If i do, i tend to rely more on them to keep me motivated or keep me going. I like to workout alone so that i don't have anybody to blame for when i don't workout besides me. - by TAREN584
  • I totally agree!!! My lunch time walking buddy is much older than me... and walks a good bit slower. Anyone know how to dump a walking buddy? =( - by WOODLANDSPRYTE
  • I like walking alone because I don't have to adjust my pace for others. I can go as fast or slow as I need to for my fitness level. Plus it gives me a chance to clear my head and organize my thoughts. - by ALEANERME2
  • Walking alone gives chance to meditate - by WALIDGAZALA
  • I agree, walking alone is my time for me. I do some of my best thinking when I am walking. - by KRICKET57
  • I, too, walk by myself. It's peaceful.! Perhaps a little music now and then. - by COTTRELL11

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