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I recently went through a funk, and didn't have the spark I'd started with 5 mos. ago. I thought this was a feeling that would return on it's own. THEN, I realized that determination is not a FEELING that comes over me, it's a DECISION! Once I consciously decided to just DO IT, well, here I am!

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  • This so PERFECTLY describes what I have been feeling for the past little bit! The loss of "interest" or motivation to continue with what I had started, and hoping that the initial "spark" would return. I have written out in bold letters on a piece of paper what you said, and I will be hanging it up someplace where it will remind me that this is a DECISION, not a FEELING that keeps me going.
    Thanks for the reminder of this. emoticon - by JOSIECL
  • After all, it's my feelings that helped get me here in the first place:-) - by HIKESHAPPY
  • Great advice! I also think that if people used this reasoning when thinking of marriage there would be a lot less divorce. After that initial magic a lot of people get bored, you have to make a conscious decision to love your spouse everyday. - by RUNNERRUNNER
  • I love this. I just shortened it and wrote it nice and pretty on a piece of paper that I'm hanging in my cubicle. For the past week I've been waiting to get that "feeling" of motivation back and have been consistently dissapointed when it hasn't appeared. This was perfect to be reminded of. And as soon as I make the DECISION to be determined, lo and behold, I feel pretty good! - by ERINLEIGHDV
  • CYNDY_55
    Thank You! Right On!
    ```````````````````````Just Do It...
    And My Spark emoticon Comes Back emoticon emoticon - by CYNDY_55
  • Thanks for your words of wisdom. It's exactly what I needed to hear. I've been in a slump for a couple of weeks now.....I'm glad I read this before I let things get too out of hand. - by JEEP8294
  • I NEVER got a feeling by waiting around -- I build my life around positive responsibilities, like having pets (2 dogs, 2 cats) to feed and walk and groom. They will INSIST on being cared for (my own psyche doesn't seem to do this) so I rely on their nudge. Once I get up and start moving on these things -- seeing how joyous they are with these little pleasures -- I can do the things that take care of me too - by SBOYKIN
  • Agreed. Something a former pastor used to say about worship and prayer, not just for when we were "in the mood" or feeling particular "emotions," but a fundamental part of our duty to God and our internal need for ourselves. Whatever goals we've set we need to determine to do and follow through and do them, regardless of whether or not we are in the mood to exercise or to write down or foods (or whatever we've sincerely determined we need to accomlish to meet our goals) - by PONYTROT
  • And here we all are - determined to move forward, successfully. Thanks! - by LILYBELLE8
    This is absolutely true! I've learned that it's not possible to be 100% motivated and fired up every day - at least not with the intensity I started with. Being successful means knowing what your goal is and making the decision to never, ever give up. Then, day by day, just getting out there and getting things done. It's a matter of priorities and commitment. Thanks for posting this "secret"! - by KALATHIA
  • I know what I did to loose the 90lbs and I try and try to do the same to loose these last 25 lbs. I need to put the effort into finding something different that will work emoticon - by SKINNYSLO
  • How very true...and I agree with several other folks who mentioned applying this philosophy to other aspects of our lives such as our marriages or caring for our pets. Tomorrow I'm going to be up-and-at-'em even though I'm still on my school break. My doggie won't know what hit him when we go to the park in addition to just walking in the neighborhood. :-) - by LAMSCATS
  • This is a great way to act,not minding our laid back feelings sometimes.....just get up and do whatever it is shakes us out of that RUT..........And we always feel great after... emoticon - by BROWNIEISLANDER
    Up until this moment I too was waiting on that "feeling", you are so right that it's a decision! emoticon - by LINDSAYSHERER
  • I am definitely in a funk and this really hit home. Thank you. - by MTNGRL
  • I never thought of it that way. You are absolutely right.
    Thanks so very much for the insight. - by GBSLIM
  • IN102WIN
    I like it and its so true. If you don't make a conscious decision to just begin well you'll never start - by IN102WIN
    You are so right!!! Thanks! - by LOVEXAVIE
  • You are right on the money! ... The feelings will even come when a firm decision is
    made ... and then stick to it! - by 2BDYNAMIC
  • SUESPA07
    emoticon - by SUESPA07
  • I agree with this fully! I have discovered recently that it is all in the attitude. If you feel defeated, you are. If you feel lazy, you are. If you feel like cheating, you will!!!
    If I give a moment to a good feeling, it usually takes hold and eliminates the negative ones. It sounds overly simple, but I have proven it in myself and am a true believer.
    Sandy - by JOYOFMYLIFE
  • emoticon A decision, and honoring the commitment decided. - by SEAJESS
  • I agree 100%! If we wait for the feeling, we will wait a long time. - by SISSIE21
  • Thank you for the reminder and encouragement.. this is awesome advice!! I too am in the same boat, "waiting" for that feeling to come to start.. i just gotta make the decision and then not look back..... just keep moving forward! Thanks again and keep rocking it! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon - by SUZCQT
  • Great advice!

    More proof that what we THINK is more important than what we feel. Feelings follow thoughts!

    Thanks for the reminder! - by PUGLOVER1999
  • emoticon
    In the past, I tended to wait for a "feeling" to come over me after being in a funk. I can't rely on my feelings to guide me when it comes to pursuing my wellness - I have to just stay resolved to work on it everyday, no matter what. - by K_SABLE
    Thanks for the reminder. - by NEWLIZCAL
  • Thank you so much for this! I'm new to Sparkpeople but even though I seemed somewhat motivated to come onto this site, I was waiting for "the feeling" that I've gotten before when I started dieting. Thank you for the reminder, that "the feeling" is completely up to me. - by TSARITSA
  • I'm back, too, and ready to spark! Blog in the works! - by DUSTYPRAIRIE
  • JUST DO IT!!! Great advice! - by OPAL50
  • I really tried to explain this to my Mom, but she never got it. She never exercised again after a bout with poor health. Sadly she died overweight and completely out of shape. I hope to go, like Jim Fixx! - by BERGIE8771
  • I have been in a funk too. I am back today and I am here to stay. I really want this to work and I will do it. Good luck and keep up your great work. - by LETSLOSE11
  • Been feeling down past few days, this was just what I needed.Thanks. - by RUTHDEN1
  • thankyou for the reminder - by ZOEYBLU
  • Thank you emoticon - by EVON541
  • STEPHE21
    Wow, That's just what I needed, I have been telling myself that when I get the feeling again I am going to get right back on track, I have been waiting for a long time emoticon
    Now I know I just need to make a decision and commitment to just do it. emoticon - by STEPHE21
  • Thank you so much! It is just what I needed today. emoticon - by JILLMARI
  • Thanks so much for sharing this. I have been in a funk for the past few weeks and just plodding along through the program waiting for that "good old feeling to return" ... wishing it would return. I just have to decide and do it. Get back on the wagon a go!
    emoticon - by SUNNYE3
  • One of the best advice bits that I will ever see. - by MODERN-AMAZON
  • Wow, that's deep. :) You took control and didn't wait for something to happen to you. Fantastic. I got a lot out of your 'secret'.
    emoticon - by NEWLIFESTYLE101
  • Thank you for your secret entry! I love it! - by DUTCHIEKIWI
  • emoticon emoticon - by LUBAML
    I went online to "Explore the Secrets" this morning because this is exactly how I have been feeling lately. I was looking for the perfect secret and THIS IS IT!! - by JAYNESMOM1
  • Oh thank you so much for posting this!! I am printing this one and putting it on my wall!!! I have needed these words for the past 5 months! I could just kick myself for leaving this community when I really needed it the most!! Thanks again!! - by JASI27
  • I've been in that same place lately. Thank you for waking me up! emoticon - by NANACHAR
  • This is such good advice and advice I need right now. Thanks. - by CAROLYN0107
  • Good for you! Thanks so much for sharing this! I have to remember this MYSELF!!! emoticon - by ELLEBE725
  • I have been waiting to "Get motivated" for some time, you are right I need to quit waiting! - by RUSTYROTH
  • great thoughts - by ITSALWAYSABTME
  • Very well said! Thanks for the reminder! - by MONICAT1977
  • You are exactly right, thanks for posting! emoticon - by MOCHWR
  • Just the reminder I needed! What great insight! - by GABRIELLAH99
    Excellent post!!! Thank you! I fool myself with my feelings all the time. This approach is much better.
  • Thanks for that train of thought. Just what I needed to hear today! - by MAMAPAT3
  • Thanks for the great advice! emoticon - by DB5271

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