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Sharing the sayings,Quotas you receive or have heard that keep you positive and on Track.I am going to use the ones I receive from my Angel calendar each day as they help me stay focus and always see the brighter side to whatever I may be facing.

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You need nothing but to read ,share how it helps you or one you have to share that helps you as well.

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  • April 7th
    Our prayers is that you will call upon us for guidance,and that you will surely follow it as it is given. - by BELLE!
  • April5th
    You have much to offer the world,Dear One! You are multitalented beyond your scope of understanding. - by BELLE!
  • March 28th Your unquestionable power rests upon your decision,your intention,and your commitment. - by BELLE!
  • For Fathers day we have
    Peace is stimulating and quite exciting when truly experienced and understood.
    My wish for each of u that at some point in your lifes u have had the joy of a male figure that gave u that type of peace. - by BELLE!
  • I would LIKE to WISH ALL of the Great Dads out there a wonderful FATHER"S Day! - by BELLE!
  • June1st
    Allow us to fan the flames of your divine light so that you can step up to your life's purpose without hesitation ,delay,or compromise.
    You are born to take this power out into the world and experience it as the life-changing force that brings great joy to many.
    June 3rd
    You are meant to move forward in large, sweeping motions,and subtle,soft breaths.
    June 4th
    Your soul knows that uncovering its natural happiness lines in extending its happiness outwardly,like a spring bubbling forth with its precious gift of water. - by BELLE!
  • I fell behind with to much going on.So Iam going to try and catch up now.

    May 29th
    All Stress is self-imposed,since all stress-inducing situations are elected by your own free will.You also have the free will to reduce or eliminate stress.
    May 30th
    Pain is a time deceiver, covering the holes in your schedule that ache to be devoted toward your life's purpose.
    When you feel stress, call upon us angels,and allow us to open doors of self-made prisons that you have barred yourself behind.
    - by BELLE!
  • May 26th
    When you meet your soul mate do not seek to capture this person but enjoy and delight in there Heavenly gifts. - by BELLE!
  • May 25th
    Each partnership comes to you for a specific reason and purpose. - by BELLE!
  • Sorry been busy and fell behind.
    May 23rd
    Do you not realize that we angels love you eternally,and that we work tirelessly to bring you through periods of restlessness,sorrow,and peril into the light of joy.
    May 24th Everything is built in your favor,Dear One,and we await your decision to stand in the light of this joy. - by BELLE!
  • May 22nd
    You are a shining example of God;s handiwork, encapsulated in a being so lovely that all of Heaven breathers deeply at the sight of you.
    - by BELLE!
  • May 21at
    You are as holy as any of Heavens's creation's. - by BELLE!
  • May 19th
    Forget not your heavenly Creator,Who steadily resides within you now.
    and May 2oth
    You,Who have the power of all of Heaven;s spheres within you.need never believe that you are a victim of outside circumstances. - by BELLE!
  • May 18th
    If you notice seven instances where you see love being expressed during the day, depression can be eradicated. - by BELLE!
  • May 17th
    Only through casting your inevitable cares and worries to the true source of love--God- can a partnership remain on the highest plane possible. - by BELLE!
  • May 16th
    You are supplied, you are home,and you are safe,now and forever. - by BELLE!
  • May 15th
    Your soul needs no progress,for it has never left God's side, and has never forgotten its holy self and wondrous gifts! - by BELLE!
  • May 14th You have the power to create or eliminate stress,debt,and pain,Today, choose peace. - by BELLE!
  • May13th
    Use your spiritual gifts to shower the world with Divine light. - by BELLE!
  • May12th
    Admire everyone's beauty freely, and drink in the perfume of the Spirit that is all around you. - by BELLE!
  • May 11th
    Be assured that we are always available to assist you,and know that your prayers will never be denied. - by BELLE!
  • May 10th
    Hold the thought that you would like God;s loving assistance,and it is done. - by BELLE!
    May 9th You can engage in prayer during anytime moment of the day simply by holding in mind the intention to call Home to Heaven.
    - by BELLE!
  • may 8th Prayer simply means "reconnection," and reconnection with the Divine is your lifeline to endless inspiration and vitality. - by BELLE!
  • May 7th
    You have no worries that you cannot thrust into our loving and awaiting arms,Dear one.Give them all away. - by BELLE!
  • May 6th Simply cast your cares t=unto us, and let us cart them away as a janitor would carry about you garage. - by BELLE!
  • May 5th
    Throughout the day,reach up and inwardly connect with us through the thoughtful prayer and mediation. - by BELLE!
  • May 4th
    Each Moment spent in prayer is like a coin put into a bank account. - by BELLE!
  • May 2nd Allow prayers to bring you closer to the light that is God,in whatever way the moment moves you.

    May 3rd Be in the moment with your prayer,and accept whatever thoughts or feelings accompany each moment.
    - by BELLE!
  • May 1st
    Simply call upon us,and we will guide you without hesitation,without interference or control,and always with love. - by BELLE!
  • April 30th
    Use music to elevate your frequency as often as possible,Since it bathes you in shimmering light that deflects negativity. - by BELLE!
  • April29th
    It is possible to find joy,no matter what your outward circumstances appear to be. - by BELLE!
  • April 28th
    Joy keeps you strong and provides you access to creative wisdom. - by BELLE!
  • April27th
    This is out affirmation for you:"My heart and mind are are now filled with joy.I am a mighty reflection of God;s happiness." - by BELLE!
  • April 26th
    No matter what the material or situational intention,approach it with the desire for joy. - by BELLE!
  • April25th OOPS the last was for the 24th I was a day ahead,
    The "0bject" of your intention cannnot be wrong or apart from God's will,because God-and Gods will-- only knows joy. - by BELLE!
  • April 24th
    The pleasure you seek is attained the instant you allow yourself to enjoy the gift that is already given to you. - by BELLE!
  • (2nd half of Choices to long for one post) understanding and compassion, we all move closer to the peaceful existence that can be ours, here and now. "Nothing changes if nothing changes." We can be the change agents who will make a difference.
    I posted this from my dear friend Angelhealer - by BELLE!
  • Choices
    The world can begin to change. All it takes is for a single fearful, angry person to shift her perception about a situation or a person, and then make a better choice about her own behavior. The idea that one person can make such a difference may seem far-fetched, but indeed, that is how any change, large or small, begins to materialize.
    What this means is that every one of us, together and individually, can impact how the circumstances of the world continue to evolve. We can determine whether or not we will experience peace in our personal lives and, by our actions and example, bring about peaceful resolutions in the lives of others, near and far away.
    Many will say it can't be done there will always be cynics among us. But those who believe in the miracle of change live among us, too. Whenever any one of us recognizes someone else anger for what it really is and responds with - by BELLE!
  • April 23rd
    God's will,which resides within you always,directs you toward happiness by remaining you that you are already immersed in joy.
    - by BELLE!
  • April 22nd
    What you set your sights upon, with clear intention, is what you steer toward.It is what you draw into your life. - by BELLE!
  • April 21st
    A positive intention will bring you your desired outcomes,and a pessimistic intention will always block you. emoticon - by BELLE!
  • April 20th
    Always remember that you are the director of the movie script in which you find yourself. - by BELLE!
  • April 19th
    At every moment,there is a person or situation who could benefit from your application of Divine light,love,and vision. - by BELLE!
  • April 18th
    You are an entirely free agent,no matter what appearances may seem to prevail. - by BELLE!
  • April17th
    There is nothing and no one preventing you from enjoying your life purpose. - by BELLE!
  • April 16th
    When You place your faith in the Creator within and above as the Source for which you have been waiting,you can move ahead easily. - by BELLE!
  • Through gracious receiving,you know that you are amply blessed. - by BELLE!
  • April 14th
    Be open to receiving the good that come to you each day. - by BELLE!
  • April 13th
    Your intentions create your experiences,so hold intentions to only see,feel and experience your highest good. - by BELLE!
  • April12th
    You have Angels assisting you in your healing,teaching,and service work,so do not hesitate to call upon us to support you. - by BELLE!
  • April11th
    Search the horizon for opportunities to serve,and they present themselves readily to you. - by BELLE!
  • I would love to hear more from all of my positive thinking friends out there or those have found positiveness from something that has been posted.Please share. - by BELLE!
  • April10th
    Giving from a place of abundance,where you know ther you have much to give,brings joy to all. - by BELLE!
  • April 9th One of the reasons why we angels are so joyful is the we are continuously focused upon giving service. - by BELLE!
  • April 8th
    Every Moment of your life is a chance to serve, and thus is an opportunity to be joyful.

    - by BELLE!
  • April 6th
    You have the power,with your focused intention ,to create a career that is rooted in your life's purpose. - by BELLE!
  • April 4th Easter Sunday
    God Cannot thrust solutions onto you,but, He does await your prayers for guidance to help you reach your own happy endings. emoticon - by BELLE!
  • April 3rd
    Myriad solutions await your beck and call,if only you will set your mind on the dial of "solution's"instead of "problems'. - by BELLE!
  • April 2nd
    The power is yours at any given moment. - by BELLE!
  • believing what you know and knowing what you believe may seem like opposites but they have something in common: Conviction and commitment. Commit to your Higher Self and realize your dreams. - by JOMOMMA17
  • April 1st
    You only need to be clear about what it is that you want ,pray for guidance,and then motivate yourself to take the necessary steps that are guided. - by BELLE!
  • March 31st
    If there is something that you desire,you have the means to attain it. - by BELLE!
  • March29th There is no force opposed to your own.In this,your will and God's will co-exist in prefect harmony.

    March 30th
    Becoming natural means that you trust and follow the guidance of your heart. - by BELLE!
  • March275h Your clean and unwavering decision for health cannot be obstructed,Holy Child of God. - by BELLE!
  • March 26th
    Your access to health is eternally available.and you need merely claim this because you desire more available time and energy for holy purpose. - by BELLE!
  • Thanks my friend. You are so wise!!! Blessings, Jetta - by IMJETTA8
  • March 25th Thought I have to share is
    Healing,when properly understood,merely means casting a firm decision in the direction of your Higher Self's Priorities.

    This one helps me not only with my healing but also with helping me make more affirm decision in what i eat and do today. - by BELLE!
  • I am so sorry team I have MIA I have just been simply over loaded but that is no excuse for not being here.
    Bring forth miracles,Beloved One,try showering light from your heart,your mind,and your head,showering and blanketing all the many dimensions with this gift of illumination. - by BELLE!
  • May 28th
    Wherever you find stress,you will also find feeling of victimhood. Your God-Given power ensures that you can never be a victim except in belief.
    - by BELLE!
  • May 27th
    We angels kiss you with gratitude,as God's Divine grace and love shines upon you. - by BELLE!

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