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Keep an eye on medication levels as you lose weight

I began to feel light-headed and faint sometimes after losing weight although I was eating and exercising in the recommended ranges. In fact, my improved health meant that I was over-medicated and my doctor reduced my prescribed medication to my new weight and metabolism. Great news!!

- Submitted by WALKINGANNIE 5/13/2010 in Weight Loss | 2 Comments
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Don't forget your vitamins!

I used to forget my daily vitamins & meds. Now I use a 7-day plastic vitamin box, and I put the box on my laptop. When I start work in the morning, it's the first thing I see. Not only does It remind me to take my vitamins & meds, but it also reminds me to start the day with a glass of water!

- Submitted by ROXELLS_WARRIOR 4/12/2010 in Healthy Eating | 1 Comment
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