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Break the routing - Get Results!

I have learned the lesson on how to break the routine and lose the weight in other word the infamous plateau.

I exercise 3 times a day which include walk for 60-75 minutes and then in the afternoon cardio for 35-40 minutes.

Decided to then the days I do cardio in the afternoons do long...

- Submitted by CHICA_BORICUA 6/16/2011 in Weight Loss | 1 Comment
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Climbing hills on a bike

To make climbing hills on your bike MUCH easier, do this:

Get a good pace going before you reach the hill
Sit back in your seat, try to keep a steady pace and when you feel your legs slow down, drop to a lower gear. Also, gently rock the bike side to side.

- Submitted by NWEITE 7/30/2010 in Exercise | 0 Comments
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