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Lose water weight / bloating

Here’s an all natural trick for getting rid of bloating during your TOM. Squeeze half of a lemon into a boiling mug of water then throw the half of lemon right into it. Let your drink sit until it's still hot, but comfortable to drink. Drink your hot lemon water and the extra water you are carrying ...

- Submitted by HONEYBEEGRL77 11/26/2010 in Everything Else | 5 Comments
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Chewing Food Properly!

I hated feeling very hungry, gobbling up my food and then still feeling hungry and unsatisfied when finished. I read an article about chewing food properly and decided to try it. I eat a spoonful of food and set down my fork/spoon until I am done eating that portion. Then I go on to the next one. Ou...

- Submitted by YGUERRERO 8/21/2010 in Weight Loss | 0 Comments
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