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12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout


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Another one to add to "My Favorites." Coach Nicole, your videos are so great! I love it that you don't have silly music and how you just talk in a normal voice. You are the very best fitness coach I have ever seen.
I loved this.
Nice variety and didn't stay too long on any one move. Will definitely do this on a regular basis!
Nice work out but DVD stops and then returns to the beginning more than several times.
You might not be tightening your abdomen enough during the workout...this causes your back to pick up the slack.
This leaves my back feeling more worked than my abs. What's going on???
I enjoyed this, coach Nicole after my morning walk, the side hips up was challenging for me but I did the best I could. Thanks.
Great content, but production quality with echoing and background noise is really poor and makes this video look amateurish. This is a reoccurring issue in the Sparkpeople videos. I hope Sparkpeople improves this in the future.
This was a great video. Nicole makes it look so easy.
I am surorised this great video is totally spoiled for me by the rude back ground noises. Such a shame Nicole looks amazing but from where I am trying to follow along the distracting noises are annoying.
Thanks Nicole. Does anyone in the studio check out the videos before releasing them.
So sad to mess up such a great demonstration Video/
Working on doing it everyday.. And it is doing pretty good..
Can't the background folks in the recording studio simply Shhhhh while Nicole attempts to provide this quick and effective Pilates routine. Nicole must also study Yoga in order to not let their rudeness interfere.
More, more! This is GREAT for those of us who have limited time and an iPad!
I always thought pilates looked so easy ,I will never for a second think so again. it was very hard for me but I stuck with it and have decided to stick with it until I become stronger. and I will stick with it even after im really made me sweat.....
Abs are my weak spot, so this was a challenge, but in a good way. I did feel stress in my neck, but I put one hand behind my head as Nicole suggested and it helped.
Looks interesting and challenging-to me.
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