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3-Minute Leg Stretching Routine on Mat


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Thank you, Nicole...your workout videos are awesome...very motivating and inspiring.
This was great, just what my legs needed today!
love your videos Nicole.
Looks like just what I need!! Thanking you for all the help!
Great stretch. Made my back feel good.
By the way,
(1) the only ad I saw a miniscule one for GoBites although I am sure they do change from time to time. If you object to the ads that keep this program free then just download the video.
(2) The sniffling someone objected to was Nicole breathing in little gasps through her nose as she was trying to work and talk at the same time.
(3) And, I certainly agree with the person(s) who thought the background noise was objectionable and disrespectful.
Great stretch, feels good, thanks! Love the FREE exercises.
I do these exercises. It helps with my lower back pain and it does stretch out those muscles.
Thought video was helpful but thought chatter in background was also distracting and even disrespectful to Nicole.
I will try in the morning. Getting ready for church now.
I watched the video and didn't see any advertising...
The routine was great but the sniffling and the background chatter were distracting
Loislane33 - GO GIRL. I love FREE and will put up with a little bit of advertising for the FREE site.
Thanks Coach Nicole for another great short video to keep in shape.
Good stretches
I don't mind advertisement and I am always checking them out to see if there is something I can use. I want to keep this site free
For everyone complaining about the advertising . . . what do you think is paying for this free site? Or any other free site, for that matter? They could pull all advertising, but then you would have to pay a fee to use it. Which would you prefer?
good stretching exercises, though i will pull from under the knee as someone else suggested for their older clients.

i do also resent having a 30 second commercial forced on me before i watch a 3 minute exercise video, so i will not be watching it again.
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