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3-Minute Leg Stretching Routine on Mat


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I have really been enjoying your videos and getting so many wonderful ideas ... not only for me but for the fitness classes I teach!
Simple and clear instructions. I was so into the stretching of my "stubborn muscles" until the noise in the background was my least concern. I appreciate Nicole and the value given in her video. I am so inspired and motivated to include this 3min. routine in my work out "wind-downs". Thanks Nicole!
This felt wonderful. I will keep this in my library.
That was great. I am building a night time stretching routine for when I watch my favorite shows. Any suggestions?
That was great. I am building a night time stretching routine for when I watch my favorite shows. Any suggestions?
This looks to be a great stretching routine. Unfortunately, I don't think my hip joints can do this without pain. However, hopefully down the road, I'll be able to do it.

This little gal sure puts out the greatest helpful videos!
I have very tight leg muscles and ligaments. I have used this stretching technique before. It is excellent and even stretches the lower back. A yoga strap is helpful in the routine.
Wow, didn't realize how tight I'd gotten of late! Thanks Coach Nicole!! I'll be doing this regularly for my own good!!! ((HUGS))
This is something I plan to try. But I just want to say that I don't understand why people decided to complain here about the voices in the background or Nicole sniffing. So, people are around...not a big deal. And it could be that she is dealing with a cold or something. I can really relate right now and I don't appreciate people criticizing her for that. She makes wonderful videos that are motivational, very clear instructions and she should be commended. Thank you, Nicole!
I kind of enjoyed hearing the laughter in the background! Great video!
I agree, all of the videos from SP have tons of noise in the background. It's a touch distracting from the great info contained in the videos.
I'm going to try this soon. I need more flexibility.
What was with the noisy people in the background?
I like the ideas for these exercises but yet, the noisy breath intake was very distracting for whatever reason it was happening and the background noise took away from quality.
As for ads, this is free because of ads. I will put up with advertising to get all the free benefits that Spark People gives us!
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