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3-Minute Leg Stretching Routine on Mat


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Thanks Coach Nicole. Love these stretching videos and my body thanks you too, especially my lower back! :))
If you can't get down on the floor .. Lay on your bed .. It works for Me !
ty very much for a good short video
I don't mind the background noise as Nicole's voice is still very clear. I have also had 3 back surgeries and a cervical surgery as well. These stretch exercises are great even through I need to modify a portion. They are well worth the time spent and do feel good afterwards.
I do most of these realy makes me feel good,I do them in the mornings,great to losen up and get moveing and I have had to major back surgerys,give it a try,go at your own pace,thanks for the vido !!
Lovely video, can't believe some people are so ungrateful to mention the noises, sniffing and adverts on this free site. It didn't bother me at all, she clearly works in a busy studio and I didn't even see an advert. Great ideas thanks :-)
Another great video. Thank you, Nicole and Spark People!
I really liked these stretches. The one that twists the lower body is great-at least for me-for reducing those saddlebags if done consistently. .
To those who gripe about the ads...a question.... would you really rather PAY for Spark People???? Be grateful.
Nice job.
I was able to do this...modified for now!
Can I do this if I have lower back pain?
I HATE the advertisement--same every day---
I have really been enjoying your videos and getting so many wonderful ideas ... not only for me but for the fitness classes I teach!
Simple and clear instructions. I was so into the stretching of my "stubborn muscles" until the noise in the background was my least concern. I appreciate Nicole and the value given in her video. I am so inspired and motivated to include this 3min. routine in my work out "wind-downs". Thanks Nicole!
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