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3-Minute Leg Stretching Routine on Mat


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Idid the 3 minute leg stretchingt and felt good
I love spark people and Nicole, but can anyone PLEASE give her a tissue.
She is always sniffling while explaining her exercises.
I would like her to hold stretches longer too. What's the rush?
I'm 66 and have been doing these stretches for several years. I found that the knee/chest stretch aggravates my low back pain. Instead, I "march" my knees to my chest, alternating knees. Circling the extended leg from the hip, one direction and then the other direction, helps loosen the joint.
As usual very good stretch. I'm not a runner, but my legs always need to be stretched out! Once again thaks!
Ever since you changed the page format, I find that most videos are blank. I have yet to figure out if it is my machine, but I notice from the comments that everyone else seems to see videos instead of white squares.
Thanks for a doable exercise for beginners.
I've been doing the same stretches + the stretch of the top thigh (lay on side grab ankle up to buttocks). Great routine.
Thank you!
Felt so good! Thanks!
you left out the quads I do them on my side
This is something I can do... will do, thanx!
wow! its amazing what you can do in three minutes, thanx! so doable
Reminder, if you have knee problems, never place your hands over your kneecaps when pulling your knees to your chest - place them on the back of your thighs as close to the knee as possible...
This can also be done on your bed ..
Loved the warm-up video.
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